I have some thoughts and theres still one frustrating thing. I want to get this out of the way right now. I actually made a tick tock video about this yesterday, so i think i may have ranted about it in the past heres the thing the s22 ultra quad hd plus screen 120 hertz refresh rate its not set up that way out of the box. So if you grab this phone and youre, not tech savvy, if you dont notice that its not on 120 hertz, you wouldnt think about it, youd be like hey im getting better battery life. This works pretty good right. Well, go into the display settings very quick and easy to do. Go in there go to display and ill walk you through this real quick. So you go to display settings all right. Were there when you go down here, you see two things. You see motion smoothness straight out of the box, its on standard. You want it on adaptive, so you can get that 120hz refresh rate hit, apply, go down and then here on screen resolution by default straight out of the box, its on full hd plus right here. In the middle, you dont want that unless you really want to say battery, but if you bought, if you paid all this money for the phone run, it the way its supposed to 120 hertz quad hd plus, if not buy the s22 plus and save a couple Hundred bucks, so there we go set that youre good to go.

This is important because also, if you transfer your data over, i use samsung smart switch everything its supposed to transfer your settings, your apps and everything over. It still does this by default. So, even though my previous phone was set on 120 hertz quad, ac plus, which is the fold three, it still dumbs it down. It also turns the screen timeout time down to 30 seconds, and it also turns on adaptive brightness, so go in set that stuff up. How you want, because they do that for a reason, its to give the illusion that youre getting better battery life because theyre like hey its on them, they should go check it out right. If they dont know better, then hehehe then theyll get better battery life and theyll praise our phone anyway. So enough about my conspiracy theory with why samsung does things i like phones. So far, if you want one, definitely i would say: go pick it up. The only thing is is its very frustrating coming over as a note user. I know im talking to note users right now. You lose out on the sd card slot. Hopefully you pre ordered it and you got the free upgrade on the storage. I have 256. It starts off at 128 and 8 gigs of ram, but if you did the pre order, then you got the 256 and the 8 gigs of ram. So if youre watching this today theres still time, you can still pre order it and get that benefit.

Of course, the dates are pushed out quite a ways. Now you probably wont get it tall sometime late in march i havent looked, but if you go in there, ive got links down in the description you can check those out affiliate links. You can go pick one up still if youre watching this after its done after the phones come out, then all those pre order options go out. The window youre stuck paying 11.99 for a 128 8 gigabyte model, so thats why the whole pre order thing is kind of important anyway phone itself. The screen is absolutely beautiful. Like this, this screen is probably the best phone screen ever the 120 hertz feels really zippy and its just beautiful ive been using the iphone 13 pro as a primary phone for the last little while and also using my xperia one mark iii, both of those have 120 hertz displays both of them. Have nice ammo, led screens. This one makes them look not nearly as nice like. You use those and theyre fine, the 120 hertz on a samsung. I dont know what it is. They probably theyre the ones that make all these panels. So this probably they get, they reserve the best of the best for them. It looks really really nice. Its super smooth. The s pen is nice and especially its running android 12. theres, an expanded, quick settings menu here now, theyve added a thing or two and i kind of like it.

I never really liked the small little one before the little spindle. I like the way that they did this so youre covered there. Of course, if you use the stylus, you can press and hold it itll. Take you into the camera. App double tap, flips it from back to front and then, if you press it once itll take a picture. If you press and hold itll start to record video or you do a long, shutter press, so those are some cool things you can do. I, like that thats one thing ive always appreciated about the samsungs, is the the remote shutter capability. You can use it that way. If you want to go out, if you want to vlog, if you want to record remotely, i like that, then of course, youve got the brilliant cameras on the back pretty neat, i like the way this looks theres a lot of different camps on this one. A lot of people seem to not like it, i actually like it. I think it looks nice. I think it looks clean and minimalistic. It reminds me a lot of like the note 10 plus. The whole thing reminds me of a note 10 plus its like: they took the note 10 plus and the note 20 ultra kind of combined it, and we got this – i i think it turned out pretty good its very heavy. This is a dense phone. Some of the other phones before felt maybe a little lighter in the middle like.

Maybe it was a little hollow inside. No, this one is dense and stacked from front to back top to bottom. It is very heavy, but it also has a nice curved edge display ergonomics on it are good its a big phone like i cant really use this phone one handed. I got to hold it and then use the other hand thats. Just the way life is when you have a gigantic 6.8 inch screen. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner works better than the pixel. Unfortunately, the pixel 6 optical fingerprint sensor. I dont want to dig it too hard. I love my pixel phone. I love my pixel fans. This is good, though, like i appreciate what google tried to do, but they wanted to try and make a more secure optical fingerprint sensor, and it really just takes more time and makes it laggy, whereas, finally, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that samsung has well its gotten better And better and better over time, it works pretty good. Of course, it probably wont work as well. Once i put a screen protector on it, i did buy one its some, no name brand off of amazon, its called rerun. It had a bunch of stars, theyre, probably fake, but i paid like 10 for this comes with a couple of them in there ill, install it and see how it goes. I wanted to get my normal one, which is the uh, the spigen like liquid, something i bought it several times.

For my note, phones and its fine, they do get a little dingy over time. These, these pet style, wet style applications screen protectors they work. Well, usually, i havent had too many problems, especially with the spigen one over the years, but yeah theres nothing as nice as going without a screen protector. Unfortunately, i worry too much about scratching it. So i just cant live my life that way. Maybe if i had the insurance on it – and i said what actually no i cant even do that – i cant let me revisit that. I will not use this without a screen protector on it. It will hurt me. I get one micro abrasion and its like. The whole phone is lost, like ugh its dead to me anyway. So its got a baseline 128 gigs of storage, eight gigs of ram. I have the higher model. Hopefully you do too. I really like the 256 and the eight i think, thats a pretty good balance for me, but if i were recording content with this, i would want more than that. My iphone 13 pro that i use to shoot all my videos that im recording with right. Now. I got the 512 in that and thats pretty good for me, im happy with 512 if im going to be recording videos, because i record 4k 60 for all my videos and i store a lot of videos. A lot of pictures. I dont even have to worry about it.

I airdrop the stuff over. You can see why i use an iphone mostly. This is the first time that ive been rocking two android phones, since the iphone 13 pro came out thats how significant the s22 ultra is. I have always been a note guy. My very first one was the note 4 and then i had the note edge and then the note 5 and then the note 8 and note 9 note. 10 ive had all of them since the note 4 and they just keep getting better and better in most ways. Now, of course, they still manage to keep this one. At 11.99 no screen protector, no sd card storage, no power, brick in the box, i mean they keep taking more and more things away and they give us faster, faster charging. I hate that argument. Theyre, like okay, were doing this to save on on e waste. Well, yeah, you are saving on e waste, but the thing is: is this supports 45 watt charging, the last free charger you gave me if you remember, samsung was 18 watts which takes absolutely forever to charge this phone because it has a 5000mah battery, so they will Sell you a 45 watt charger, though rest assured anyway, so the phone itself its been really enjoyable. I like the screen, its brilliant ive, still just been kind of obsessed with the screen its gorgeous. Even though ive been using my fold three relatively often, i use it every night to make my videos when im making my thumbnails and all that jazz.

This one looks nice theres, something about a pristine, really high quality slab phone from samsung. It looks nice, so i havent really been able to test out the camera. Yet what i have seen my observations from the pictures other people have been taking. It takes pretty good photos. I really like the skin tones. It looks very natural, but with a little bit of nice saturation to it, it doesnt feel some phones are just too real. I take a picture with my sony. It looks true to life, but it doesnt pop as much i dont know. I do like a little bit of artificialness thats. Why ive always kind of liked the samsung screens people hated them because theyre over saturated they look too good. They dont look realistic. I mean theres a little bit. There theyve toned it down some over the years. This one beautiful display looks great uh. The only complaint i really have with this is. When you see the camera, it does still have the shutter lag, which im not crazy about one day. It would be really nice if they would fix that pixel doesnt have the shutter lag, iphone doesnt have the shutter lag, my sony doesnt really have shutter lag, maybe one day samsung can get rid of that and weve been complaining about it for years, so other than That i dont really have a whole lot of complaints about it. I got a great trade in deal on it if you can get one thats the best way to get it if you pay full price its going to hurt the wallet more, but of course, theyve got good financing deals basically everywhere.

I dont really know anyone paying cash money, full price for one of these phones but im looking forward to testing it out more ill. Let you know, as i spend some time with it, im going off to barcelona in a couple of days for mwc, while im there im going to shoot some pictures, hopefully get to see some of some of the nice beautiful barcelona well see, hopefully not get mugged Or robbed or anything bad, but while im there, i do intend to take some pictures and thatll be a good test for me to test this out. I got a long flight to get over there. I think ive got like 13 hours of flying to do so. There will be plenty of time to test the battery out on this phone plenty of time to test the camera. This is just some initial stuff to give you some of my thoughts on it. If you like the note youre going to like it, the colors are probably the best ever. This is the first time i think ever where theyve come out with a note and ive not been okay, i hate all of these colors the last time i liked the colors was the note 8, with the orchid gray and the black. Now we have the different color options, plus the exclusive samsung options like the red one and the sky blue and the graphite. Those look pretty sweet. I am not going to lie so i got the white one.

I like it. The burgundy ones, also nice, the green. The colors look good. I will give samsung credit this go around. They did a good job with the colors, so im going to wrap this one up. Thats, like my initial day, one thoughts and impressions on it been enjoying it so far, but its been a day. Im going to test out the battery test out, the camera do a full review all that stuff. I got to give it at least a week for the battery and all the adaptive stuff to settle in ive. Had some people saying whats the battery life do a battery test. You cant do that until youve had it for about a week. So if you see people who just got the phone today saying the battery life sucks pay no attention to that. On the first day, the second day you get the phone youre downloading a lot of stuff youre stretching out the processor youre using it a lot more power than you normally do, because youre downloading all these things using 5g using wi fi. It really is taxing the first day or two, i say: look dont pay attention to the battery or the or the heating. If you get some heating, the first 48 hours, totally normal as long as your phone doesnt catch on fire, give it about a week to settle down, then well. Look at some of that stuff and well see how it goes.

Youve got adaptive features for battery the processor, everything in there theres so much ai and machine learning. Thats controlling the experience to stretch out your battery life and to give you optimized performance, give it some time to work itself out so thats all ive got. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave those down in the comment section, i will get back with you if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and little notification bell.