Now this phone only goes for 299 bucks very inexpensive, its on verizon, its a 5g phone. It has access to their ultra wide bands. You can get those extremely fast speeds. Try cameras fingerprint sensor on the back headphone jack at the top there dual speakers like i said you got fast charging via usbc, its a very very nice phone for the price that youre getting and its also got. This huge 6.7 inch display lets. First, look at comes inside of the box, so you got your quick reference guide to learn how to use it. You get your charger here and the charger is right. There you get that which is rare. You get a usbc cord and a charging brick very, very rare – to get those two cool things that this phone has, that a lot of phones, dont have like i mentioned earlier. It does have that headphone jack, so you can plug in a pair of headphones and listen to your hearts content wired up. Also it has bluetooth anyway and then the other thing is, it does have external storage you can put in here. So it has a micro sd card expansion, so it comes with 128 gigs of storage, which is you know sufficient enough. But if you want to add more yourself, you can add up to a one terabyte card, also snapdragon 480, four gigs of ram, so youre not gon na get like a crazy high performing phone, but for this price it does.

The job fingerprint sensor lets check that out and see how well that works. I love these ones on the back, uh theyre. Definitely in one of my favorite locations, i like these better than the ones that sit on top of the display, and you can see it works very very accurately and very quickly at that. So very, very nice. This 6.7 inch display you can see you get the camera built into the phone, very modern, look to this whole phone. It is a plastic phone, absolutely fine with that. Due to the fact that you know you drop it its not going to crack the grab. The grass or the glass so its very, very im fine with that camera bump isnt crazy on here put a case on this youd be cool uh to use it holding in your hand its fairly light for the most part, its got a little bit of have To its not too crazy its a fairly thin phone, since it is so big, you get a nice kind of thinness to it and it runs android 11 and has their own kind of tcl interface built up on top of it. But for the most part, its fairly plain android, you get your home screens. You got your google feed here, which runs pretty well. This display is 60 hertz. So if youre used to hearing a lot of, you know refresh rates its 90 120 240. This is 60 and you can tell on some of that and well get into that in a moment, but otherwise it runs pretty smooth on the display heres, the app launcher that you have.

You do get a lot of customizations built into this because it is an android phone. You got your wallpapers in here. You can add your own photos as the wallpaper there go back in there real quick. You got your themes, so the themes arent anything too crazy. You can do round style, icons or square style, icons or freestyle. If you want just hit apply, you also get your widgets just like any other android phone, so these are apps that sit on top of your home screen. And then you have your home screen settings on here where you can add and change things as well ill run into here. Real, quick and ive done a video on like the first 30 things to do on a tcl phone ill link that down below. But generally you know kind of basic android feel to it installed. Apps uh well run through that really quick. I only installed a few apps on here, but you can see they installed. This crossword puzzle game, but the cool thing is about it. I didnt install it. They did, i can come in here and i can uninstall that app. I dont have to live with it, even though its pre installed, you know i can get rid of it. Heres a verizon app, i dont know if i can get rid of it. I cannot so i can disable the digital secure app. If i want from verizon if need be, but there are uh, you can see theres nothing.

This i didnt install got slots whatever. That is, but again i can uninstall it so theres a few games that are installed on here. You have your pluto tv didnt install that again you can probably uninstall so its not a huge deal to have a couple of apps on installed on here that you know you might not want, but otherwise a pretty clean phone for the most part there and then Lets talk about uh performance, you know, like i mentioned it, has a 60 hertz refresh rate, so i noticed coming from. Like a galaxy, you know high end galaxy samsung galaxy phone. I noticed it doesnt feel as smooth and you have to take into fact. It has only four gigs of ram, it has a snapdragon, 480 and uh. It has a 60 hertz, refresh rate display and again you cannotice a little bit its not like the smoothest device ive ever used, but its also 299 bucks. So i wouldnt you know dive too deep into that in terms of the beauty of this is that you know you get this beautiful display this big display, while having pretty decent performance and ill open up instagram here got instagram loaded up now i will go into The cheese brothers they keep popping up because i keep contemplating on buying some cheese curds from cheese brothers. I love cheese curds, especially when im in canada theyll go up there, but yeah you can see. It goes to instagram fine, so like if its stuff like that, if you want to use your social media, you can see it loaded up that app super fast, its going to be great its going to be really good, and you know so, if you love to Do just basic kind of stuff on here its going to be absolutely fine.

Youre gon na have no problems with using the phone to its potential and ill even throw in this tom hero game. Let me just uh lower the volume, if its not already loaded, well load the game up just so you can see from cold. You can see its loading up. I dont know if you play this game. If someone plays this game occasionally, i thought id throw it on here, its kind of fun all right. So here we go with little tom foolery here for the game. You can see it loaded up pretty quick and these games arent too graphically intense games, but they still are fun to play and they look pretty dynamic on the screen. You know they give you a nice bright. Look to this, the phone uh and its running. Absolutely fine on here oops and i already died that quick, so there you go, but ultimately its going to run fine, so performance again, youre not going to be able to do everything optimally super fast, all the time, but the basics, social media. Things like that. Opening up your camera, things like that dont feel, ultimately, all that bad, you can see. Google opened up pretty quick, well bring up android polices website. I was one of the few things i do. You can see it loaded up in like two seconds, so it runs it pretty good. You know performance, you know it for basic and daily stuff is going to be good.

Next lets talk about the display, youve seen it pretty much from the from the onset bringing it outside. You can definitely see it. It uh its not the brightest display but again 299 bucks, its an lcd display, so its not oled, but you know most phones were lcd just up until a couple of years ago. So keep that in mind. So here he goes videos playing in 1080p thats the highest resolution itll play at. I look super red and i dont even know. If i was that red in that time, but um you can see it fills up the phone beautifully. You get the cutter right there, which doesnt bother me at all its been there for ages with a lot of the phones on android, its a great looking display im very happy with the display. Its definitely one of the strong points about this phone is the display on here, and you can see remember this is performance, its running that absolutely fine, the the viewing distance and the view from the side, not the best, its a little a little mirrory, a little Darkish i want to get to a point, but its not too bad overall and if youre curious, i only have this at about half brightness Applause sees me. Music Applause next lets check out the cameras, well check out the front camera and the three cameras on the back here and ill. Let you know what i think of them before we do that.

Let me show you the camera software. You have auto mode video portrait, ai color, which basically will uh kind of what it does is what ive noticed it does anyway. Is it puts the person in color and looks the background in black and white? You get a pro mode if you want to take advantage of the camera, which is very rare, to see a lot in these pricing of phones, which really really nice is the higher end feature to add into there a lot of the time. But yeah lets check that out and you can see uh. Ultimately, this phone can only do 1080p, video on the front and the back cameras fyi. So if you wanted to do something higher than that, unfortunately, this phone cannot Applause, whats up tcl, v30 front camera. 1080P. 30., im gon na go outside for a second im curious to see how good the stabilization is on this, but this is like one of the cool things about this one. Priority mentioned it in the video i like how big it is its flat display very cool. Oh, its really windy house would be interesting to see how much the wind picks up on the microphones and, as you can see, i was walking around and stuff. So what do you think? Let me switch to the back, who doesnt like a little ultra wide on their cameras. This is the ultra wide camera on the back again. 1080P.

30. Those are the macs on here, so you got to live with it, not too bad, though most people probably dont. Even change the resolution of their video anyway, no matter what phone they have, they probably dont, even know but still yeah. This is what it looks like and lets switch to the main camera, all right, heres, the main camera going right here. This is um a 1080p 30 as well, obviously like i said, and walk it around a little bit microphone outside. If you can hear wind its because its outside its a little windy for san diego its generally, not this windy, but then im going to pull it back in rain in the the love a little bit here and just uh take a sweet. Little look outdoors there. You go see the cloudy skies check all that out. So let me just talk about the photos and videos. I thought the photos for the most part came out pretty good, like i was pretty impressed with them. Overall, the colors were good um, no problems with that. For the most part, i thought the video looked pretty good, but the problem was obviously the stabilization is basically non existent theres, no its so its pretty its a bumpy ride, those those photos so youre better off, not walking around like i did and just staying stationary. The other thing is, i thought the audio sounded pretty good that it captured with the microphones on this.

So overall, who is this phone for? Who should get it? I think its a great first phone for kids, i think its a great adult phone for someone thats a little bit older and doesnt – want a phone thats going to break the bank, but still takes decent photos. Can record video is easy to use with this fingerprint sensor on the back? Has a headphone jack, expandable storage if they want to add more storage at a very reasonable price with the sd card. The performance on this is fairly good, with what youre going to be able to do with daily tasks. It has 5g um theres a lot of nice stuff to like about this phone that people would want in an experience for a phone uh for the most part. So if you want to pick it up ill link it down below its available currently at least – and i probably forever i guess only on verizon, so you have to be a verizon customer but its its a freaking, pretty cool phone so check it out.