Pro 5g Music lets get started with the internal specs. It comes with the diamond city 1200 max processor by mediatek. It features 12gb ram and a 7gb virtual ram, which is extendable and seen in some of the mid range to the premium. Android smartphones, 4500 mah battery, supported by 65 watts super wook charger that charges to 100 percent in 31 minutes is almost a no brainer. If you are someone who is always on the move and a heavy smartphone user for the display, we have a gorgeous looking 20s to 9 6.5 and screen that supports 90. Hertz 1080 is to 2 400 pixel ratio, which is an amoled display, giving you deep, blacks and smooth motion screen visibility. Outdoors is pretty great and the amoled display works well with the colors adding on to the performance of the processor. It does great for gaming considering the fact that the renault 7 pro isnt targeted at gamers, what the new processor brings to the table is more than just for gaming thats, where the camera integration comes into play for 5g, we get 11 bands which ensures that the Device has clear and better connectivity when 5g enters the market. This device has a design that comes with two colors, namely the starlight black and the star trails blue star trail blue, has to be the device. That is the highlight which shifts colors ever so slightly with change in angles. The dusted brushed back finish adds to the premium look of the device, topping it off with a metal frame for the beautiful looking finish.

We have a 32 megapixel selfie shooter, which is the sony imx 709 sensor, which happens to be the first smartphone to incorporate this sensor. The reason this is a game changer has to do with its larger size, increased low light capabilities and incorporated with the diamond city. 1200, the ability to process images that this sensor has its something, unlike any other, we have something called the portrait video mode. This has to be one of the best versions of the portrait video modes on any smartphone, yet with clear blurs another feature called the ai flare, which blurs out light on the background with some character, but it does cap out at 1080p. Renault 7 pro also incorporated the stabilization on the camera, which has improved handling shakes by miles. The low light performance with its large sensor is no joke, as it does a kick ass job at dimly lit spaces quite impressive. We have the usual portrait, video mode, ai, color mode and even ai flare effects. As for the design of the ai camera bump, we see two main sensors that are prominent here: a 50 megapixel and an 8 megapixel ultrabyte, two other small sensors are seen here, which is the 2 megapixel macro and color temperature sensor. Now the kicker and all of this has to come with a new design feature opted by oppo the halo, looking light around the camera module. This works as a notification led and even for charging these settings can be controlled on the settings panel back to the camera.

We have ai filters which do a crazy job of images with some unbelievable performance on the hdr images. We get the hdr videos here as well. Just click on the ai to access hdr mode, which ensures the subject is well lit, even in the case of huge dynamic changes where you are facing the sunlight and there is a person standing in front or even in the case of over exposure. We have a really impressive feature on the renault 7 pro, which is pc, connect, download the pc connect app on the windows system, and you will be able to access your smartphone from your system. You can share pictures or videos into your system with simple, drag and drop feature. We wish all smartphones had this feature. That was our review of the premium. Looking oppo rino 7 pro 5g. Let us know if you are interested in this device down in the comment section below what was your favorite feature if you wish to purchase this device, then look no further. Click on the link in our description head straight to our pullback website and get your opporino 7 pro with the poor waker protection pack. There are easy emi options and 2 hour fast delivery features to ensure that you get your orders delivered in no time. Thank you for watching dont forget to subscribe hit that bell.