Chepest OnePlus Degin SmartPhone,Realme C31 Unboxing & Quick Review || In Telugu ||

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Infinix Zero 5G Indonesia Resmi Rilis April‼️ Unboxing & Review | Hp 3 Jutaan Paling Kenceng 🔥

Namun Kalau menurut saya pribadi ponsel ini, pastinya, bakalan, diluncurkan, pada pertengahan bulan April mendatang, dan kalau kita, lihat, dari, peluncurannya, kemarin, infinix, Zero, Fauzi, hadir dengan tampilan box yang cukup, simple kemudian, dalam paket penjualan di sini, kita langsung, mendapatkan, ponsel, dari, infeksi review serta, ada, beberapa, bocoran, Dari spesifikasi dan kemudian ada adapter […]

realme GT 2 Pro Review – GT= Gak Tanggung!

Ketika mencoba produk tersebut, Enno Boy, gila, tuh, gue, bener, bener, kejut, ketika, gua, menemukan, fakta, bahwa, sebenarnya, jingting, disini, bukan, kepanjangan, untuk, Grand Turismo tapi enggak tanggung sebelum, kalian, nonton, ulasannya, jangan, lupa klik, subscribe dan subscribe dan juga klik like atau dislike supaya, membantu channel kami di Tengah algoritma YouTube yang, makin, kompetitif […]

Samsung Galaxy A23 Unboxing and Review – Upgrade but…

Now lets. First celebrate the fact that theres a charger in the box, the headphone jack, is still here, and this looks like an upgrade in a couple of ways from its predecessor. But a TFT display Come on Samsung., Hello, guys, Im Izzi and welcome to the channel.. Now lets get started So the […]

Galaxy S22 Review: 1 Month Later!

I could play games on it. I could surf the web, i could talk to my family and i could watch movies with no hiccups whatsoever and thats. Why i say that this is the perfect phone for people who want power without spending over a thousand bucks, because this phone is still able to […]

VIVO Y33s 💥 | নতুন আগুন 🔥 | vivo y33s unboxing | vivo y33s price in Bangladesh | vivo y33s review

5 millimeter, headphone port type c port operated ips panel, full hd plus resolution display resolution, hazardous visual art, pixel density screen to body ratio, 90.6 person, a smartphone, tj content watching experience. Full hd plus display display a price on iconic smartphone, branding, amulet ja, j and one sensor above 8080 samsung and sensor. […]

Samsung Galaxy M02s Review: I'm Impressed!!

All of these mainly meant for people who are on a budget but are still looking to buy a smartphone and, according to me, the galaxy m02s is probably the best budget smartphone that you could buy and ill be explaining. Why, in this video, the galaxy m02s has a very neat and clean design? […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Long Term Review // Is this The Phone You Should Buy In 2022?

This is samsungs entry level phone in their galaxy s, lineup it retails for 800 for 128 gigabytes. If you are new to my channel these type of videos, i dont go heavy into specs. Ive talked about specs in previous videos, so make sure you hit the playlist down below. If you want to […]

Surface Duo 2 Long-Term Review: Revisiting A Different Kind Of Foldable

Just last week on this channel. We were exploring what it means to blur the line between smartphone and computer, but i guess the reality is that ive been thinking about it since about 2007, when i realized during an otherwise uneventful, walk around my college town, that i could post a new live journal […]


Nem oa03 essa aqui, o terceiro representante da famlia galxia 03 e honestamente tambm, o melhor ele foi lanado com, preo, bem salgado, a verdade 1299 reais mas eu t mente no momento que eu estou gravando esse vdeo j possvel encontr lo por at 850, reais ele, traz Algumas deficincias como ausncia de um […]