With this here find x5 pro are no different ive been playing around with it for the last few days. So i wanted to give you a little bit more information than you might have already seen from your standard, unboxing and first impressions, videos of my experience using this phone. In the time, my sim has been plonked firmly in this device and spoiler alert in a lot of ways. This phone can go toe to toe with the very best the likes of the galaxy s22 ultra its the real deal subscribe. If you like this sort of content and want to see more and follow me on twitter and instagram, if you want live updates from mwc next week, because the tickets to barcelona are booked right, so oppo are one of the companies who have benefited from the current Huawei situation huawei were growing such a strong global smartphone presence that they were absorbing huge sales numbers from their competitors, the likes of samsung, for example, but the fact that huawei are now pretty much flexing with one arm tie behind their backs. Due to the google ban. It means quite simply that, even though there are ways of using huawei smartphones without the out of box google services experience, their reach in the west has significantly been hindered now. This obviously is a huge negative for huawei and their subsequent customers, but as one door closes, another opens right now, although oppo were already a huge brand in their own right, theres.

No doubt theyve profited from this situation. Of course, once you have those new customers, you need to make sure your product is good and, on the whole, oppo have done a fantastic job. The findex series of phones, for example, have been one of the most inventive bleeding edge set of devices available to buy and the find x5 pro is no different Music, hugely powerful with the latest qualcomm snapdragon 801 chip and 12 gigabytes of ram. That can be upped to 19 gigabytes, using virtual ram just getting crazy. At this point um, i do wish that they had included an option to have larger internal storage from the 256 thats available um or the inclusion of an sd card slot which is weirdly available on the budget or light model. But the 256 gigabytes should be enough for most people and as well as brute strength. This thing is a billion dollar work of art available in either black like this one here or white, the ceramic material looks absolutely gorgeous. I personally love ceramic on smartphones, as not only is it twice as durable as strength and glass and better for reducing scratches, but also it just feels seriously premium in the hand. One feature of the build thats really clever is the smart antenna, 3.0 tech, which is a 360 degree antenna system that works out how youre using your phone either upright and scrolling, for example, or sideways gaming. Again as an example and adjusts where the signal is being received from so areas that are blocked are not used for faster and more reliable connection, dual 5g sim slots and more 5g bands for more coverage.

Now you will notice the oppo and hasselblad text on the rear panel more on that shortly and oppo have continued where they left off with the find x3 series when it comes to the rear, camera integration in a sense of evolution and not revolution. I evolve, but i dont revolve and thats, certainly not a negative like its predecessor, the x5 pro is absolutely stunning, so the same fluid like slopes up to the lenses and the only real difference being, but this is quite key. There is this 75 degree. Crater shaped camera module where the bottom is angled to apparently better fit your index finger when holding the phone, its meant to eliminate smudges from your finger on the lens, and not that i had a massive issue with that on the find x3 pro. It is a nice touch and i quite like the kind of non symmetrical look to it. It looks very futuristic. The outer lens material is made of glass, some smartphone, even in flagship territory, still use plastic, and this can, amongst other things, help with color accuracy and reducing haloing, for example, but camera design is all well and good right. It doesnt really matter if the actual camera doesnt perform very well and theres a real pros here, and also a couple of cons that youll probably need to know about. First, in terms of camera specs, we have a triple camera array: 50, megapixel primary wide 50 megapixel. Ultra wide and a 30 megapixel telephoto and all three lenses can capture one billion colors.

The ultra wide angle has a 110 degree field of view, which is actually not quite as wide as a lot of its competitors, so you will be able to fit slightly less into the scene, but there is next to nothing in terms of distortion and being high. 50 megapixel, the details you can capture are vast. Amazing if you want to blow the image up or crop parts of the shot. Now the telephoto lens, surprisingly being a really high end flagship, is still only two times optical zoom. I personally would love to have seen a periscope lens, for example, five ten times optical um, but according to oppo and their research team um. When theyve asked you guys the consumer, the idea of focusing more on the ultrawide seems to have been a higher priority over focusing on zoom. Let me know what you think in the comments which area would you have preferred to the hair? Which area would you have preferred them to focus on now? There is 5 axis optical image stabilization, and this can be felt when taking quick snaps of friends or pets when there is little time to set yourself still maintaining that nice sharp focus and should help in low light. For example, when you have longer exposure times and speaking of low light, oppo have focused very heavily on low light performance photos and, in particular, video. There is a 4k ultra night video mode, providing superior noise reduction, color reproduction and higher dynamic range so really looking to reduce the grainy nature to the dark areas and also keeping the highlights nice and crisp.

And for those of you who like to film in next to no light theres, also a ultra dark video mode where you can film in as low as just five lux, which is the equivalent of a pitch black room with five candles. One meter away. Oppo are also claiming that a lot of the improvements this year are down to the new mary silicon x, imaging mpu that sits alongside the qualcomm chip and focuses on camera performance, and this is only aided by their brand new three year. Partnership with hasselblad now just to clarify this partnership with the world renowned camera developer is only on a software basis currently but thats, not to say further down the line within the three years. We may see some hardware tweaks as well, and that would be very nice to see. But in terms of the software upgrades, we have a new hasselblad pro mode, providing full controls over the settings for optimum results, a hasselblad style ui, including the famous orange shutter button and shutter sound. You also have access to a few master styles. Providing specific looks to your image and there is a hasselblad x, pan mode which recreates a vintage shooting experience reminiscent of the iconic hasselblad x, pan series of cameras they were famed for providing these super cinematic ultra wide images, almost like two photos, stitched in the middle Together in a unique 65 by 24 aspect ratio, we love that kind of look when we go to the movie theater, but one look that would go and miss in a movie theater.

Is this ugly mug being snapped by the 32 megapixel selfie shooter? Now this front camera, amongst others, has this really cool new feature where it can automatically detect how many people are in your shot? So if its just you itll be on 80 degrees and if theres more than you more than you, if yeah theres more than one of you, if theres a group of you, for example, it will automatically switch to a 90 degree field of view. So you can fit more in your shot. Now you can manually override this um if you wanted to capture more of the background in a selfie and its just, you um, but yeah thats, a really nice little tweak. In addition, oppo claim more texture, more detail and more dynamic range and overall, the color science across photos and videos seem to have had a really nice reform and images and videos really do pop and speaking of color color os 12.1 with android 12. Underneath what a segue that was color os 12 has seen some really nice upgrades from 11, with a focus on decluttering and making settings and apps easier and more eye catching to use. Text and icons have been spaced out and scaled up. Everything is much more color. Coordinated – and there are some really lovely themes and wallpapers to customize your home screen and speaking of customization, you can, amongst other things, create 3d emojis choose from a whole host of always on display, features and theres an improved lineup of privacy settings that can tigger your Fancy now navigating coloros is aided by the fact we have here, one of the best smartphone displays of 2022.

No doubt it has a displaymate, a plus rating, although which flagship smartphone doesnt these days. They all seem to have a pretty amazing display at this point, but its there with corning gorilla glass victus on the top and a 6.7 inch w quad hd, plus curved amoled 120 hertz panel, underneath 1300 peak brightness 10 bit color depth, hdr 10 plus and its Ltpo, so we can go from 120 to just one if it needs to reduce me, i was gon na say, refrain and reduce at the same time, and it just came out like that to help reduce battery consumption was what i was trying to say, but theres A really cool feature here, where the display can actually split into sections. So if you have windows, open youve got a whatsapp or youtube or whatever, and those different sections would need a different refresh rate for better consumption. For you, different parts of the screen can change the refresh rate accordingly, so one part can be one hertz and the other can be 120, for example, and thats. A really really ingenious feature again to help reduce battery consumption, but still give you the optimum performance. Of course you shouldnt really worry about battery at this point, when we have a 5000 mah battery cell and super vook 80 watt fast charging which can charge to 50 in just 12 minutes, 12 minutes and youve got half a battery. I mean thats thats, pretty impressive.

You also have 50 watt air vook wireless flash charge, which is naught to 100 in about 50 minutes and oppo have also stated that their new battery health engine, smart charging technology, still provides around eighty percent of the original batterys ability. After sixteen hundred charging cycles, which is the equivalent of about four and a half years, charging your phone every day to still have eighty percent of the original battery ability. The reason why i think this is quite important is many people worry about the battery life over the duration of a couple of years. When you are using the new fast charging technologies, it should hopefully put your mind at rest a little bit now. If you are going to be testing that battery with heavy gaming sessions, etcetera, the multi tier cooling system should help theres a 75 larger vapor chamber covering that battery and soc and a 3d graphene film covering the motherboard and charging coil and a dedicated ultra thin graphene. Film for the screen and display ic wi fi 6 bluetooth, 5.2 ip68 rated stereo speakers wrap up one of the most complete smartphones on the planet. Right now is it better than the likes of the galaxy s22 ultra the iphone 13 pro max xiaomi 12. Pro, for example. Let me know in the comments what you think id love as always to hear your thoughts, and i will be hopefully doing a lot of comparisons coming very soon. Click here to watch my impressions of the galaxy s22 ultra the iphone 13 pro max, for example, and remember to subscribe.

If you like this sort of content, it is free to do and follow me on twitter and instagram. Like i said, if youre interested in live updates from mwc next week, i will be there and i will be telling you whats new and whats hot and whats, not thats it mate thats. What weve got were done.