This is basically what id call a statement phone that aims to be the most powerful and practical, hey guys. Whats up youre watching the ej tech show im sahil, and this is my review for the iku 9 pro, which is priced at nearly 70 000 rupees for the 12 gb ram variant, as always, if you do enjoy the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe To the editing channel for more tech reviews, Music, the most eye catching part of the icon, 9 pros design – is its rear panel and youre either going to love it or hate it. Offering a matte glass finish. It feels really smooth to the touch, but the 3 strike. Bmw, theming and white color scheme wont be to everyones liking. There is a dark cruise colorway model up for grabs as well. If brand crossovers fail to impress you, but no matter which color option, you opt for theres, no escaping that camera module its a ginormous, rectangle aluminium, shaped cutout with a glass cover that spreads across most of the top half of the rear, surface and houses a triple Camera system now the good news is that the phone doesnt really wobble too much on a flat surface, but all that extra glass requires additional protection. Haiku does provide a silicon case for this very purpose and completely matches the aesthetics of the back panel. So you wont have to worry about hiding the phones design when you slap it on which i think is pretty cool.

The back also curves nicely into the aluminium frame and every corner of the phone looks very polished, theres. Even some nice attention to detail, like the blue accent on the power button on the bottom youll find a sim card tray, a usb type c port and the main loudspeaker. The earpiece on the top doubles up as a secondary speaker. Of course, then theres. The screen, which is curved a little bit more of a curvature than what ive seen on other flagships, but i dont mind it too much and those edges seamlessly melt into the phones body. The screen is fairly large at 6.78 inches and is accompanied by slim bezels. All around theres also a 16 megapixel front camera placed inside the hole, punch cutout at the top center at around 210 grams. This isnt exactly a small phone, but it feels surprisingly light in the hand – and i found it easy to use for long periods of time by the way, its worth, noting that theres no ip68 rating for dust and water resistance on the ico 9 pro now, this Isnt necessarily a deal breaker, but i feel like it should have been included at this price point from a marketing perspective. The ico 9 pro isnt being pitched as an outright gaming smartphone, but both the hardware and software have been efficiently optimized to offer a great gaming experience. For instance, with the ultra game mode, you can enable game frame, interpolation and display enhancement, both of which are powered by a separate display chip game display enhancement, makes colors look more vibrant, while frame interpolation adds more frames, resulting in smoother motion.

Aikos monster mode is still here enabled this, and the cpu is immediately set to maximum performance. The company also sent us their official game pad to try out which can be used as a mini controller by attaching it on the left side of the handset. I have to spend a few minutes placing buttons over touch screen controls, so the controller can trigger them, but once setup its a lot of fun to use and gives that competitive edge during gameplay. Apart from the gaming friendly features, the iko 9 pro is also the first high end phone to launch in the indian market, with a new qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor, built on a 4 nanometer process in terms of cpu benchmarks. Geekbench awarded the iq9 pro a very respectable 1241 points in single core tests and 3685 points in multi core tests in 3d marks wildlife, unlimited, the iq9 pro scored a solid 1092 points with an average fps of 60.40. I also put the phone through 3dmarks wildlife. Extreme stress test, which gives a good idea about the chipsets graphical prowess under long periods of heavy load. Unsurprisingly, it performed very well with nearly 78 stability but look benchmarks aside. This phone is a gaming monster. I was able to max out the graphics option. Call of duty mobile without any dropped frames and always experience accurate touch response. The phone does get a bit hot with extended gaming, but performance always remains stable. This basically means that the liquid cooling system is doing its job well, effectively.

Moving the heat away from the chipset to the outer shell. As for the actual phone stuff, the ip9 pro is a great everyday performer. It has responsive haptic feedback at every turn. Apps open up in a jiffy and multitasking is faultless, mostly thanks to 12gb of lpddr5 ram, which can be bumped up to 16gb through virtual round expansion. The 256gb ufs 3.1 storage is not expandable, but i think its more than enough for a reasonable amount of usage. The 6.78 inch e5 amoled display on the icon 9 pro is impressive by almost every metric quad hd plus resolution 10 bit color 300 hertz touch sampling rate, hdr 10 plus support and 1500 nits peak brightness. The panel also uses ltpo 2.0 technology, with adaptive refresh rate for improved power consumption, it sinks as low as 1 hertz when youre just browsing through the photo gallery and surges 220 hertz when youre playing compatible games that require high refresh rate overall. This is a fantastic display for both mobile gaming and binge watching content on netflix. In fact, hdr videos really benefit here with rich colors, inky, blacks and great contrast. I also found the tech used underneath the display, just as impressive theres, a large 3d ultrasonic in display fingerprint scanner in the icon 9 pro that delivers an incredibly quick fingerprint enrollment process, one tap and youre done, and once your fingerprint is enrolled, it delivers one of The fastest unlocks ive experienced on a smartphone just 0.

2 seconds. As for audio, the phone gets still speakers, while they offer decent stereo separation max volume level. Doesnt get very loud. The phone also skips out on a headphone jack, but iku was kind enough to provide a 3.5 millimeter audio jack adapter in the box. Iq9 pros 4700 mah battery turned in a so so performance in my daily usage at the qhd plus resolution, with the dynamic refresh rate option enabled i was able to get around five and a half hours of screen on time and actually the battery life depleted faster. After i played a few sessions of call of duty with the monster mode turned on. Ultimately, however, it doesnt matter how low the battery dips, because the iko 9 pro supports ridiculously fast 120 watt charging tech. This is one chunky brake and you can feel its overwhelming heft as soon as you pick it up in your hand, now igor says that you can get a full charge in 20 minutes, but in my testing it took exactly 25 minutes to go from zero to One hundred percent now this isnt exactly a bad result, but both oppo and one plus phones with 65 watt fast charges can also be fully topped up in under 30 minutes. So when you compare it like that, then the 120 watt charging doesnt seem all that exciting. However, in icos defense, the main usp of this charger is that initial burst of speed that most other brands in the market cant really compete with.

To put this into context, the ico 9 pro goes from 0 to 70 percent in just 15 minutes, and that is very impressive. Even a 5 minute recharge can easily extend the battery life by up to 2 hours, and, if you ask me, this pretty much makes the concept of overnight charging obsolete. The only negative for this insanely fast charging speed is that it gets warm while recharging, though not uncomfortably hot. The phone also supports 50 watt uh fast wireless charging and iq is launching a 50 watt wireless charger. Alongside for 4 499 rupees aiku really wants the 9 pro to be an all rounder, and this becomes apparent once you take a closer look at the camera hardware. The primary shooter on the back includes a large 50 megapixel samsung gn5 sensor with gimbal stabilization. This is accompanied by another 50 megapixel, 150 degree, ultra wide angle lens and a 16 megapixel portrait lens with 2.5 x optical zoom. The main camera takes some great looking photos with punchy. Colors dynamic range is also good, although pictures can be over processed at times that large sensor size results in a shallow depth of field, which means you can get a decent level of background blur lower light capabilities, arent quite as impressive, but it remains solid enough, especially After processing and since the main sensor is on a gimbal, you can get stable night shots with it quite easily. Most of the time, i didnt really feel the need to use the dedicated night mode, but it comes in handy during very dimly lit situations.

The 2.5 x optical zoom, available on the portrait camera, manages to retain a respectable level of detail. The only downside is that images look noticeably different compared to the 1x lens featuring far less vibrant colors. This is natural, given the different hardwares, but the difference is way too apparent, especially in landscape pictures also taking regular portrait. Shots of human subjects was a big struggle for this camera edge detection is just not up to the mark, and on top of that, the camera algorithm has this really bad habit of over whitening skin tones at 2.5 x, zoom im, assuming a software update, will fix This issue down the line, but if you want a more natural look, id suggest sticking with the 1x when taking portraits the ultra white camera, performs much better and that whopping 150 degree field of view fits in so much more into a frame, while the ai does Over sharpen colors, they still look great. The dynamic range is also white and distortion on the sides is mostly kept in check here. Additionally, aiku is offering four different modes to capture ultra wide shots with a longer depth of field effect. These include fisheye crystal ball, asteroid and rabbit hole, ill admit they deliver a very unique and cool perspective when shooting. But after a certain point, i didnt really use them all that much in the video department. Iq 9 pros rear camera lets you record at up to 8k at 30 frames per second 4k at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 60fps.

Footage comes out really crisp and vibrant and the gimbal technology works wonders to stabilize shaky footage. However, you will notice that every time the camera pans or turns it does give off a robotic movement, making the footage look a bit choppy. Finally, lets talk about the 16 megapixel front camera. It clicks very nice selfies both indoors and outdoors. The front cameras. Portrait mode is far better than the one on the rear camera, but there is a lot of aggressive skin smoothing happening here even after turning off the beautification mode. Also the front cameras: video recording – is capped at 1080p at 30 frames per second, and it would have been nice to see a 4k video option here. The iq9 pro runs: android 12, with vivos fun touch os 12. On top its still one of the more aggressive android skins out there, but vivo has toned down this version from previous iterations. There is a decent level of customization on offer and i do like vivos new widgets, such as the nano music player and system cleanup tool. Unfortunately, the phone does come with a fair bit of bloatware, but most third party apps can be uninstalled to get a cleaner experience. With regards to software updates, iku has promised two years of android upgrades and three years of security updates on the iq9 pro im, hoping that the company will increase its long term software support in the near future, especially if youre spending this much on a phone.

The iq9 pro is a powerful android flagship with a top of the line. Processor ultra fast charging, stunning display and a premium build a few small issues like lack of ip68 rating and a not so great portrait mode. Dont take away much from the overall package. However, the biggest challenge for the icon – 9 pro – is its current pricing, which starts at 64, 990 rupees for the 8gb ram model and goes all the way up to 69 990 rupees for the 12gb ram variant.