If you want to get a mid range smartphone, that makes photos as good as a flagship, but is there a catch, lets inspect hey everybody! Welcome back to the channel im your tech mishka, and we continue to inspect fresh and cool tech. So uh thats, the smartphone, were gon na try out today, but i just wan na show you right next to redmi note 11 pro. So this poco and the redmi note 11 pro are very similar with major difference here around the camera and whatever the structure is, and also the other major difference. Besides, the color of the poco weighs three grams, more most likely because of the extra plastic used for the camera surroundings, but its also having a glossy back which covers and captures a lot of fingerprints but other than that because were going to give it the same. Special treatment, its going to feel like a deja vu and if you have missed the full review of redmi note 11 pro go ahead and check it out were certainly going to try to cover the most important topics here. For the poco x4 pro and figure out is it a wealthy choice, looks like poco x4 pro is going to step up against ryomi 9 pro, which comes with very similar spec sheet, and i would appreciate, if you share with me, which of both you prefer and Why, at a price tag close to 250 dollars, they seem to be the best value choices for smartphones in 2022, with a huge remark that this year im bitterly disappointed in quite many of the new phones.

For instance, the total fiasco around oneplus 10s pro band test. The lack of a new image sensor with the galaxy s22 ultra or the very incapable, snapdragon 695 when it comes to video processing. There are a lot of things that the industry should sort out. The unboxing feels pretty much the same way as it does with the redmi note. 11 pro, since most dimensions are virtually the same, the box has the same kind of design and accessories. There are some papers in the decent protective case. I do appreciate the fakxiomi offers such an advanced protection, because this type of case is going to keep your phone safe in case you drop it on the ground. Apparently, safety is being prioritized over aesthetics, but this is always the more important part about using a phone to actually keep it in one piece: the 67 watt charger. This is one of the two flagship grade components on the poco x4 pro and a cable. Unlike most other xiaomi made phones, this one did not arrive with a pre installed screen protector. I had to do this on my own im, not sure if all the batches of the model are going to be the same though design is familiar. The major highlight of most poco phones is the enclosure of cameras which covers the whole upper side of the back of the phone similar to the idea used with me, 11 ultra and google pixel, since the area happens to not be the usual spot.

Where you place your fingers, it doesnt have much of impact on the ergonomics and looks like poco are trying to keep consistency across their models design. Before i make my comments about the performance and show you some real live results: quick tour on the spec sheet; 6.67 inch, amoled display covered by grille glass, 5 snapdragon 695 system owner chip, 6 or 8 gigabytes, ram 64 or 128 gigabytes storage micro, sd card slot; 5: 000 milliamp hour battery 67 watt, fast charging, 108 megapixel, main camera, 8 megapixel ultrawide camera and various connectivity options and standards, including 5g. Of course, all of that weighs exactly 205 grams. So out of everything, besides this fresh new look, which kind of borrowed from the redmi device, but you know you see these beautiful lines which are kind of changing under the light that looks good captures fingerprints though, and you can use a protector in order to avoid It kudos to poco for including such a good protector. You can see that besides the edges, they are so well protected. I i would say, even if you drop it on the ground, theres zero chance something to break unless theres a sharp object, which kind of impacts. The display anyhow, so there are two flagship grade components: the charging, the 67 watt turbo charging, which, according to poco, is going to give you 50 battery within around 15 minutes and the second one thats. The main 108 megapixel image sensor, which is the hm2 by samsung and a very similar edition, is used with the s21 and s22 ultra.

However, a bit bigger in terms of scale, therefore dont be surprised by the lovely image quality. It is indeed amazing, and these photos are a lot better, not only than most similar priced phones, but also better, even than some flagships from last year. The ultrawide camera is okay. Well, since the focus is on the main camera, the supporting other options are not that spectacular. The ultra wide image sensor handles well most of the situations in daytime with some remarks. In certain cases, if you dont have a stable hand, youre gon na notice, softer image and potentially out of focus areas. As for the macro camera, it is just acceptable being only 2 megapixel. You wont be able to zoom in that much in micro mode, and i would go for a zoomed in image from the main sensor now with the tripod, as opposed to a super macro mode. The already well known weakness of the processor inside, however, is notable with video recordings. Snapdragon 695 is a good mid range choice supporting 5g on a budget, but qualcomm have decided to imply some limitations about video processing and well 1080p. 30 frames per second is the maximum. This has been good achievement for smartphones from four or five years ago. I can already sense the amount of dissatisfaction surrounding the sd695 because of that, but clearly this is currently the only up to date, mid ranger from qualcomms portfolio, which is suitable for such kind of smartphones.

I wouldnt be surprised to see the rise of mediatek chipsets in the mid range segment this year, because lets be very honest, the dimension line performs really well. What we have here inside is by qualcomm, and the snapdragon 695 is not that bad. I mean in terms of processor performance. Gpu performance is good, but there are a lot of limitations with the video recording, because, theoretically, if we shoot in 1080p with high bitrate, it should be good. You know sometimes even better than more basic 4k cameras, but the truth is that here the video footage looks choppy and not on par with the expectations. In many ways, ive seen your comments online. This snapdragon device feels like an underachiever so to be straight and short about the qualities of these 108 megapixel camera. It would take marvelous photos, doesnt matter daytime or nighttime, and it was over a subpar video quality, meaning that if you dont buy this phone in order to shoot too many videos, im pretty sure youre gon na notice, mostly strengths, about the camera performance. Speaking of the rest of the components due to the mess around video recording ive been skeptical about the system on chip performance in general, but it actually surprises me with very steady performance and lack of overheating and therefore throttling. This is indeed one of the most annoying parts around these processors. If they get too warm, the maximum frequency is going to go down in order to let them cool down.

In the case of poco x4, pro even after 30 minutes of intensive stressing, the cpu has remained in the green zone. So, although youre going to find this statement surprising, this phone is actually pretty good about gaming on a budget, not only its gon na run. Most of the games, but you can actually play them at a maximum resolution without skipped frame so whatsoever. This is quite a nice surprise. Ive really enjoyed the performance with asphalt, 9 or real racing, or even shooters, like call of duty theyre as smooth as if im playing with me, 11 ultra since gameplay is the topic no way not to mention the display qualities: 120hz refresh rate, very nice, looking excellent Angles of visibility and even covered by grille glass. Besides the screen folio on top of mind, of course, battery life is also very decent. A modern cpu, combined with battery friendly operating system and turbocharging, is what a lot of people are going to appreciate. Poco x4. Pro. Definitely delivers it charges a lot faster than all samsung galaxy flagships from the past two years and looks to compete with brands. Like oneplus real me about quick charging capabilities, there are, as usual, a few versions of the phone with different amounts of storage and ram. So if you bought the cheaper option – and you prefer to further expand the storage, you can use a micro sd, its a hybrid slot, though, which means you can either use two sim cards or a sim card and a microsd speakers, another great strength.

They do sound. Fantastic and while poco highlight the high res audio capabilities, there is dolby atmos icon in the quick settings, so it is supported and youre going to love the way these speakers sound now the elephant in the room, the software. It is android 11, with the miui 13 skin. I was hoping its gon na launch with android 12, but apparently not it will for sure arrive, though, when exactly hard to say, i did notice some more bloatware as compared to redmi note 11 pro the bloatware is removable. You can get rid of most of the apps, especially the games. The rest of them like facebook and spotify are perhaps something youre going to use anyways youre going to get the same rate of miui experience as it is with the redmi or xiaomi product lines. With the differences here, we have the poco launcher, which is lighter and, in my opinion, better edition of the regular miui launcher. Of course you can replace it by any other type of launcher that you prefer highly customizable full of features. There also is the themes engine, one of the very few android editions which have the possibility to actually make the phone look. The way you like it. The phone performs well snappy most of the time. Sometimes i did notice minor animation issues when clearing apps from the cache, but its been performing mostly well excellent for web browsing, photo editing, social media and so on.

This phone may not be designed to compete with the flagships, but the user interface is definitely fun to use and very responsive, of course, in terms of apps and software options are countless because you can use any app from google play store. So the golden mean is this: what the poco s4 pro is all about: im still not that convincing to be really honest, its more or less the redmi note 11 pro, with a slightly different outlook: three grams of extra weight, a little more bloatware and slightly better Price, so take it to relieve it, and if we go like 12 months back when poco x3 pro was released well, it still seems to be a very reasonable choice. First boy has a lot better performance, a bit more features and well, it lacks 5g and the really good 108 megapixel camera, but really gives you a lot of room for discussion and thoughts. Whether you should stay with the poco x3 pro or this, which i wont say really feels as an upgrade, especially if you dont care about 5g connectivity.