This is patricia and i am traveling for history, as you can probably tell im using a different um, a different item to uh record. I typically use my rig but uh. This is a new piece with a sturdy tripod and uh actually partially made of metal wow metal. I still cant seem to figure out where im supposed to look, though um, clearly not in the center, where i just want to be looking but ill figure that out at some point all right so um. I wanted to offer you a a review of something now. This is a little more niche, perhaps than book recommendations or video recommendations which ive been offering um im gon na offer a recommendation of this right here, and this is the rig i use whenever i go out to film a youtube video um and uh oops. I forgot to remove a piece that it did not come with there. We go all right, so let me tell you, let me read to you um what the amazon listing says about this and uh and then ill uh offer some information about it for personal use. So, first of all, let me pull this up over here on my other phone holy cow all right, so this is called the palouse uh see its a smartphone video rig kit made by palooz capital. P? U, l? U z and, according to the description here, pull smartphone video rig kit, palooz, smartphone, video grip with microphone, video light, cold, shoe, tripod, head and mini tripod for iphone samsung and most phones within 7 inch screen and they mean the blue area.

And then they have a variety of pictures of it, including the white versus yellow lights, top being white bottom being uh yellow they show us the retractable mobile phone clip. This is what holds the phone in place. Ill show you that when i am showing you the rig, i show you another way to hold it. I never hold it like this, because i use a cane my right hand its, showing you uh pictures of different ways. You can set it up as well as telling us that between these two, these chords right here they give you two of those chords. One is for either a camera or a dv camcorder or you have a chord for the uh cell phone, which of course i am i use, and then they show you all the pieces it comes with and yes, there is assembly required, but its really easy to Assemble this thing and i hate to put stuff together. So, if im telling you its easy, i can assure you its simple simple, like i dont know what okay now i bought this. As i said on amazon, the original purchase price was 59.99. This thing is not worth 60 bucks, folks, its not worth 60 bucks. Dont pay. 60 bucks on this thing. Actually, the new price, the new um, if you buy it new, now price its 46.98 and uh. So when i got it, yes, it was 60. It was on a lightning deal and that was a 19.

20 reduction and then, when you put taxes back on that, it came to almost forty four dollars. Is that thing worth forty four dollars? No, its not and ill explain why practically everything on here is plastic. Let me start with the stuff i dont like about it: the metal stuff, the uh, the plug that goes into my phone into the headphone jack for the microphone um, some other things i i dont like about it uh. Well, i, like i, like the metal part there, but everything else really is plastic. So this piece here that slides unscrew this and then this piece slides and and gets stuck. It takes some finagling to get the phone in there. It came with a plastic washer for this piece here, so in the summertime, when it was hot it actually bent from the heat it did straighten out again, but since its so unreliable, i decided instead to buy a metal washer, but it didnt make it uh slide. Any easier it its sliding, of course, its sliding pretty easily right now since im showing you, but as soon as i get down here, it doesnt it doesnt want to slide. Can you can you hear that? Because it actually does come all the way down to rest down here, um. You know as far as here, where the where the bottom blue is and this blue here, but i will agree that the material is very soft and its not going to scratch my phone, which isnt a case anyway, but still but plastic its a plastic screw its A plastic washer like i said: i replaced it with a metal one and um.

What else do i not like about this? The tripod base this space right here has gotten loose, so i actually have to have it all the way, splayed out and resting on a couple, little boxes and inside this um um whats, the name for this thing well. Well, just call it a c clamp, its not really a c, its, not a c clamp, but its um yeah. I cant think what its called, but i have to have it all the way out all the way out, because otherwise, it slides down and thats. Exceptionally annoying, i dont actually know what this thing does back here. It seems like it should be able to push or pull this this little thing, nope nope, nope, doesnt twist i dont know what it does, maybe its for holding it in place. I dont know um and then the only other thing that uh is not the fault of this of this item itself is that the grip is kind of big kind of kind of uh thick for my hand, i have small hands and um theres that and something Else to consider which you may not consider may not have considered, and that is the position you know i i hold it with my arm at a 90 degree angle, and i have to say that has become painful over time, so something to think about. If youre going to be out on the road filming outside, as i do and using this thing because i hold it like this filming um, so thats kind of unfortunate now some things i do like about it – love the microphone.

This microphone has not failed me. Yet let me knock on wood when i say that yeah um, this has been an awesome microphone easy to use. I bought a windsock for it recently and that was that furry thing you saw on here: um it it plugs in easily to my phone um. So its a fantastic microphone uh. What would i like? Better sound quality sure, but i cant afford it. So this is what i have instead um. I really like the fact that it came with so many things: the microphone and the light bar. This is uh and i have um both covers the white cover and the amber cover. Now, when you see it covering the battery pack, it takes four double a batteries which ive not had to replace yet, and i do use it when i go out lets say im in a cemetery and you guys have the magic, the magic of my camera, making It seem like its lighter than it is, and i cant read this the headstone. Well, you know i cant read the headstone, because i use a light on it, so thats a beautiful thing, but i can just take this off im not going to now, but i could take this off and switch it out for the bright white one. Now i prefer the bright white one for ease of seeing things, but the amber one is good for um people and uh just to show you its an easy switch on top of here this right here, an on off switch and there we go nice and bright.

I dont want to blind you easy easy, easy easy to use in in the moment now on here there are these these um, these circles that look like quarters us quarters, and they are, you can remove them. This is the position i chose with the light on the left and the microphone on the right. If you can see microphone, this is uh when its faced the other way. This is my right, and this is my left – see right, left um. You can also put something in the center if you like, so you know there are these three sections right here where you can slide things in or not. I chose not to have anything in the center because id like to be able to see through there. You also have options for the sides theres this and theres – that not for these things, but for other pieces of equipment. You may want to attach so a lot of places to attach things on here, so thats fantastic, its really its really wonderful. So, but is it worth what is what is now 47? Now? No, no! No um! I think its worth really maybe about 30 bucks, but i bought it at with tax. Like i said, 43 bucks 44 bucks, but i have more than gotten my use out of this thing: ill go out and film anywhere from one to seven videos on any given day. Seven is pushing my vocal cords, but uh.

So three to five videos is what i typically do. Uh are typically what i do in a day when i go out to film, keep in mind that theres travel time between videos, usually theyre, not usually most things are not lined up in a row every now and then i luck out, though, but overall not so, But this this palouse, this palouse rig, has been really its much easier for me than trying to hold my phone, because typically my pinky will get in the shot. Oh thats annoying isnt it now. Yes, yes, it is, but but do i recommend it? I do recommend it. Actually i mean i, i think its worth like. I said about 30 bucks, giving all the plastic and in fact i had to buy a metal washer uh, because parts that just should be metal are plastic plastic, plastic um. That just means theyre going to wear out faster, but i do recommend it its really worked out well for me overall and for someone whos new doing this. This was the least expensive option i could find at amazon and um. Why not? But this microphone, i tell you this microphone alone – has been quite good. Overall ive told you before about the the lavalier style i purchased, that you know clips the clips on um ive had terrible problems with that recording or not recording, stopping recording and starting again. What is up with that, but this this has always worked and again um ill knock on wood but anyway, but if youre a burgeoning youtuber, if youre going to be out and about in the field, ive dropped this when i fell the other day.

Oh, when i fell on friday after filming those two snows that snow storm, i videotaped two two videos of that snow of oakley uh on um see 27 26, 25 february 25, friday february 25. I slipped on some ice. I fell and uh. This thing uh fell in the ground, hard, probably as hard as i did – um and its in good shape. So i guess theres something to say about some forms of plastic. Is there now no cracks? Nothing im not hard on my stuff, honestly, it it sits in a bag. It sometimes comes into the house, so i dont know dont know what to tell you, but anyway, its its not a bad product for the price. It was the lowest price i could find on amazon for anything uh similar to this. It came with the life bar and the microphone, and i really couldnt afford to buy and didnt really want to buy um a bunch of pieces. You know i wasnt sure, really about youtube and all that stuff and well its its, and you know i can turn that in easily. I can turn it to someone else easily its fantastic uh. So anyway, if youre looking for something inexpensive to start your burgeoning uh youtube, career or um, because im over 300 videos up now yay um, then this could be the answer. You seek. P? U, l? U! Z is the brand so anyway, if youre enjoying my videos, i would ask that you subscribe to my channel.

I do uh publish videos every day of the week, sometimes twice a day. In fact, ive got to ive got some snow squall videos to come up to go up shortly. Um i just filmed them. There was an emergency alert for these snow squalls. I have to say it was coming down like i dont know what around here. So anyhow, if you like my like, i said if you like my content – click subscribe, click on the notifications, bell and uh and um youll be notified each and every time i upload a brand spanking shiny new video. Just for you now that happy dappy note. This is patricia, and i am traveling for history.