6 inches 90 hertz display and snapdragon 68 chipset powers it in terms of storage. It carries 6gb of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. The camera setup looks impressive, with a 50 megapixel primary sensor, but is it really that impressive, the real me nine eyes, design is quite stunning and the phone comes in two different color options: prism, blue and prism black. The device has a flashy back that has a prism effect. Those who desire a phone that stands out can go for the prism blue selection, while others who prefer normal could opt for the prism black, which offers a more subtle appearance. The nine eye houses, selfie camera inside a punch, hole cutout and a somewhat thick lower bezels. The phone comes with plastic frame and body that is rounded at the sides and corners to help comfort your hands as you hold it. The volume rockers are located on the left side of the frame making it highly convenient to use. The phone has a capacitive fingerprint scanner that is integrated on to the power button and it is placed on the right side and it will work quicker than you expect. Theres, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, along with a microphone usb type c connector and a speaker grille that are located at the bottom of the phone and the stereo speaker setup, along with the larger display, makes the real me 9i, a good device for enjoying media and Games the sim card tray is on the left and sports 2 nano sim card and a micro sd card.

The phone weighs only 190 grams, which is quite reasonable. Considering the phone houses a 5000 mah massive battery on the back, the real me 9i packs a triple camera setup and the camera module is similar in size and design to the real mess gt. Neo 2.. Real me, 9i has a large 6.6 inch screen with a 90 years, refresh rate and 180 hertz of touch sampling rate. Speaking about the brightness, even in a bright sunlight, you can comfortably see whats on the phone with the brightness set to the highest. The adaptive refresh rate on the phone saves the battery and allows the screen to dial down to as low as 30 hertz to save the power. The lcd panel of 9i offers pleasing color and cant even compete with the oled, except for the deep blacks overall. The phone do offer a decent picture quality and the viewing angles do not distort colors even at sharp ends. It may not be as good as a 120 hertz panel and even an amoled display, but the display of the realme 9i is a desired one. The smartphone has a triple camera setup, consisting of a 50 megapixel primary sensor, 2 megapixel macro sensor and another 2 megapixel depth lens for the portrait shots with real me. 9I. You can capture high quality images and daylight shots. You can get excellent details in the photographs when using the 50 megapixel mode, which you have to turn on in the camera app.

Otherwise, the phone captures photos at 12.5 megapixel by default. The real means, camera application is easy to use. You can quickly switch between hdr and scene enhancement. The mobile phone locks focus quickly and sets its exposure correctly when enlarged the details in the shadows were lost, even though the images taken in the daylight had a reasonable dynamic range in high contrast situations, the phone immediately activated hdr and handled exposure effectively. The configuration of the cameras would have been better with an ultra wide camera, but unfortunately, that capability is lacking. The details and sharpness in close up images were excellent. Edge. Detection on portrait was perfect and you may customize the blur amount before you take the photos. Real me, nine eyes: macro camera offers great information, but the output was not very high quality. The realme 9i is not quite up to the standards for low light. Photography objects in the shadows appeared blurry as well. The details in the shadows improved slightly when using the light mode. Realme 9i has a 16 megapixel front facing camera with selfies and this phone takes decent selfies, but there is a lightning effect that is noticeable even when no other filter or effect are used. Selfies taken in daylight with real me, 9i were quite good. The foreground and background were nicely separated in the portrait mode. There was nothing special about the selfies taken in the low light condition. The real me 9i sports up to 30 frames per second video recording at 1080p quality, which is sufficient for getting stationary recording with a little movement.

Otherwise the videos are incredibly shaky. The real me 9i has a camera which is great for the photos. But if you are considering the videos option, you may choose another one. The real me 9i is the first phone to utilize qualcomm snapdragon 680 chipset. This processor is a successor to the snapdragon 675, notably the snapdragon 630 soc is based on 6 nanometer architecture. The other hardware aspects include 6gb of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage, which is ufs 2.1, and it is quite fast in read and writing speeds. Also, there is a dynamic ram expansion technology for users to add more memory to the device and the ram is expandable up to 11 gigs and it is quite effective. In some scenarios, real means 9i was able to score 378 points in the single core test and 1511 points in multi core test on geekbench 5. Speaking of its scores on and due to benchmarks, it has managed to secure three 283, seven hundred and sixty one scores which are lower compared to the real me, a ties. Three hundred and thirty, nine thousand eight hundred and ninety seven and two two scores the ninety years, refresh rate made, it seem snappier than other phones in the same price bracket. Gaming on this device was also a good experience, but it cannot compare to the high end gaming phones, speaking of graphics, you can click graphic intensive games like pubg mobile without stutter or lag when played at balanced settings.

Ive also tested asphalt, 9 and played a few rounds, and i did not get any lag when enjoying the game. Overall, the realme 9i delivers excellent performance for most of the users, excluding the gamers here, because, if youre a gamer and looking to buy a device specifically for the gaming, there are better options available. But if youre a normal user, the snapdragon 680 chipset makes sure that you get a longer battery life and it does not get heat up the device battery life is a significant strength of the real means 9i and it offers solid performance in this area. The device draws energy from a 5000 mah battery charged with a 33 watt charger. Charging speed is ensured by a 33 watt, fast charger, giving it a maximum capacity to be fully charged in around 1 hour and up to 55 in 30 minutes. Only battery life of the realme 9i is pretty decent and you can easily get a full days worth of usage on a single charge, even if youre a person who uses a smartphone a lot during the day. Now its time for the verdict and ive been using. The realme 9i for a few days now and im satisfied with it, except for a few things, including not having an ultrawide sensor, and the brightness of the display. Realme 9i priced at 36999 is a decent looking smartphone, which offers great battery life along with a reasonable performance without heating and all of this packed in a decent looking design, and that is pretty much it about the review of the realms 9i.

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