The redmi note 11 pro 5g edition, but lets take a look on this budget smartphone and i think this phone is really very exciting. Theres lots to love and less to hit, especially if you are on that segment, otherwise, its not. I will tell you very soon. Okay, first with the box, it has a typical box or same box that we get with the redmi phones. I think they havent changed. This box, i dont, remember since when 10 series, 9 series 8, so its pretty much. They have the same color box most of the companies. They do change, but they have it. Okay, anything exciting. Yes, there is one exciting stuff in the box. Of course, you get a cheap quality case were not worrying about that. This one is exciting. This is the 67 watt fast charging, i believe, till the no tenses they used to give maximum 33 watt, but now they have this 67 watt on your budget. Lets jump straight into the design. Okay, this is surely a new kind of design for the redmi, starting with this 11i. Now, with this eleventh pro, they have changed the design. Okay first lets focus on the back panel. This is obviously made of the class, but if you look on the back panel, actually the real life you can make it as a digital fence. I mean this is more or less like a steel fence that you put on your garden. This is something similar.

It looks beautiful, it is slightly bulky slightly heavy, not too much heavy, just around 202 grams, but its a little bulky because it is epoxy frame. So actually it will take a more surface area compared to what you get with the curved phones. But as you know, this is the trend of 2022. The fingerprint button is on the side and just on top of that theres a volume button in the bottom. You get the usb type c port theres, a speaker sim tray on the top classic and the vintage ir blaster theres, a speaker too, on the left. It is perfectly clean lets check out the sim tray its got a new design. Now you can put the sd card or a sim card or a dual 5g sim card in the back. There is actually triple camera, but actually it feels like there is a six camera lets jump into the phone and how about the display? Starting with the redmi note 10 series, i think this is their most unique feature that you wont get in any of the budget phone on this same price segment. This is the 6.67 inches full hd, plus super amoled display. The two main feature: first, is the brightness? The usual you get around 700 minutes and on the peak it goes up to the 1200s, which is super bright. Also, this display supports 120 hertz refresh rate. There is no adaptive, it is either 120 or this 60, but i think it is always good if you use on the hindi 20 hertz displays really your priority on the budget.

Nothing can bring. This device lets check out the software too. This is the miui and you get the google now free, also which is good getting inside. Actually, i have a stall just three applications: the bgmi into two benchmark and the geekbench map thats it so facebook you have the linkedin mini, store, midi mode me pixme, community netflix me video share me spotify, i mean these. You can uninstall, i think uh. Can you uninstall the b store, yep midi mode? Yup me me pics, no me community. Yes, so i think around 90 application you can uninstall, which is great about phone section. This one is only 13.0.3 all specs and actually it is still based on the android 11.. This is the sad part. If you care about the software things, then i think this is not good to you. Lets talk about the performance on these specs. This phone is powered with this snapdragon 695. This is the latest processor. We have already seen three devices like the vivo d1 5g and the latest one, the real me nine pro 5g. So my experience with this processor is, i mean, i will say its an average processor. So for the casual things i mean, this processor is good. It is fast enough for most of the day to day performance, if youre, opening camera and taking a lot of pictures. This is okay, i mean for most of the general purpose tasks. This process is okay and again, it is a 5g compatible processor and you get around 135gb.

So it is good for most of things when it comes to the gaming, just for instance, if you go to the pgmi settings graphics, this processor supports maximum hd graphics with the high frame rate. Okay, with these smooth, it can go up to the ultra frame rate. If you just go to the video section, you can maximum film up to 1080p 30 frames per second. This is very sad part, so thats why i said this is just an average processor. It does most of the tasks lets talk about the camera. It has old. 108 mp sensors, which is already being used on the note 10 series theres nothing wrong. It is an old sensor and if you see the quality of the photos from the main camera sensor, they look very nice and color production is very, very close to the original objects you can see. There is 90 to 95 color accuracy in the bright outer condition. Photographs colors, they are coming very fine, but when i took photographs with the 108 mp mode, i think it is not very great on that condition. Sometime it it cant focus properly, so you have to use uh do actually tap to the focus, because this is budget phones not properly optimized for such a high resolution sensor. So these kinds of issues will be okay, but i think if you dont go with the one08mp mode, you can take some nice shots for some indoor situation.

I mean the artificial light. Photos look good, but it lacks some details. If you do a little bit of zoom, you can see, there are some issues on the edges, and these kind of things will happen. Like i told you guys, this is the budget frame. Okay on the complete outdoor uh lets check out the dynamic range of things here again, colors are coming okay, if theres a good amount of light. This pho, this phone takes good shot. Ultra white shots are again good with this phone, so there is nothing too much. You can do with this main sensor, its a good sensor, and it takes decent shot for the price youre getting. Of course, there will be no ois. This one just has eis, so videos will be a little bit of shaky, but this is just 1080p, so you will get only max this thing. There are some other modes too, for example theres a movie board. If you want to film some wider expert ratio, video, you can film it. Obviously it will be just full hd and again, there is some fun macro video available on most of the redmi phones. You can fill hd macro videos im, not sure about in this situation. You can make macro videos in summary of the rear camera for photos. It is very good not very great for the high resolution mode and not very great, for the video mode lets talk about the front camera you get this 16 megapixel front.

Camera and photos are coming nice by default. The beautification is on. You need to make it off. Okay, it takes very nice selfies. Also from the front. You can make selfie videos with the 1080p resolution just like on the rear camera, but the quality of the selfie video i found it is very good because in most of the budget phones or even on the premium phone, like i tested with the oneplus 10 pro, The dynamic range of the background is mostly blown out. You cant, you can see the lot of good details, but this phone takes a very great friend camera video, Music, Music. This is very strange actually when, even when i closed both the output of the speaker. Still, i am getting volume from here, its not like that, like audio is not coming from here, actually just coming from both the places partially partially and partially, i think there is a triple speaker or what not sure. Maybe i need to do teardown just to figure out like where are all these speakers? Okay, the speakers are very loud. I mean considering the price im saying it is very good. Even we have seen on the redmi note. 11. The speakers are very good. Also, you get the dolby effect or dolby atmos support if you just go and search on the dolby, this adobe effects and about the battery charging theres a 5000 milliamps big battery with the 67 port charger in the box.

According to the company, you can charge from 0 to 100 in 42 minutes with my testing with the xiaomi 12. It takes around 45 to 47 minutes, so dont go with the companys stuff. You can assume 45 net from one to two percent to 100 percentage and on the extras, this phone is ip53 certified. We need to wait and test on the durability. Mostly all the latest phones are working fine. Since we have already tested the xiaomi 11i. We are going to get the same kind of result with this phone too, but this one is slightly thicker. It will be exciting to see whether this one is going to again bend just like the redmi note, 10 or not. Okay, so thats it guys for the red note. 11, pro 5g first impression so far, a very impressive smartphone. The only cons iphone is especially on the processor side, also a bit of older android version. Do, let me know your thoughts with this device. Thank you so much.