Oh and if you missed our review of the new galaxy note, um or i mean the galaxy s22 ultra check out, the description below for 2022 samsung is operating on a sort of tick tock development cycle. So after introducing a new design with last years, s21 samsung has returned at some polish and refinement to multiple areas of the s22. So you still get that contour cut camera module in back, but with the addition of gorilla glass effect is plus on both sides and a new, and, i might say rather fetching matte texture in back this year. The s22 is available in white, green, pink and black. With color matched armor aluminum sides now that might not seem like a big deal, but on the white and pink models. That means youve got a bit of extra shine and sparkle around the edges of the phone. So if that looks distracting to you, maybe go for one of the darker models and if thats not enough theres, also a few extra color availables exclusively on samsung.com and in a small surprise. Samsung is bucking the trend of phones getting bigger every year, as the standard s22 has a 6.1 inch screen, while the s22 plus gets a 6.6 inch screen which are both down about a 10th of an inch from the s21. But the big upgrade is the brightness of samsungs new screens, which top out at a whopping 1300 nits on the s22 or 1750 nits on the s22 plus.

Look. These displays are good, theyre, punchy, theyre, vibrant, and you get those really nice inky blacks that you come to expect from an oled phone, then to make sure videos look good in any environment, samsung created the new vision, booster feature, which just things like contrast and color Saturation in very bright or very dim environments, now, admittedly, the effect is a bit subtle. But if you like, watching movies outdoors or for me, i really like watching movies in bed right before i go to sleep, theres, a noticeable difference. It makes things easier to see and parse, especially stuff, like shadows, just make sure your brightness is turned all the way up or all the way down, depending on situation and make sure the s22s adaptive brightness is turned on otherwise vision. Booster, just doesnt work at all. As for other specs, both phones feature a 2340×1080 resolution and a variable 120hz refresh rate that makes things like scrolling through websites or playing games. Look super smooth and after a few generations of tweaks, it feels like samsung, has really perfected. The s22s ultrasonic fingerprint reader, which is just blazing fast, the only time the sensor really tripped up for me, was after i was eating when my fingers were greasy, and you know what i cant really blame samsung for that, aside from obvious differences in screen size, there Are a few other features that separate the s22 and s22 plus that you should know, while i wouldnt call it slow? The s22 is limited to 25 watt wire charging, while the s22 plus gets 45 watt wire charging with both phones also getting 15 watt qi.

Wireless charging and 4.5 watt reverse wireless charging. Aka wireless power share other differences, including slightly faster wi fi speeds on the s22 plus thanks to support for wi fi 6e, as opposed to the s22, which only gets regular wi fi 6.. The s22 also gets built in uwb connectivity, which is not available at all on the standard s22. Now uwb is one way of sending files wirelessly via nearby share and its also used by some automakers like bmw for digital car keys, but those features typically have other ways of working like nfc or wi fi, so youre not really losing anything major inside the s22 Comes with qualcomm, snapdragon, 8 gen 1 chip, in addition to 8 gigs of ram and either 128 or 256 gigs of storage, theres, no 512 or one terabyte option. So if you want a ton of onboard storage, youll need to upgrade to the s22 ultra. As you might expect, the s22s performance is seriously fast and, aside from hardcore multitasking and dex, there isnt really a typical use case that bogs down the phones performance its a boost for sure, but lets not forget. At the same time, the s21 isnt really a slow phone either and, unlike the cheapest, unlocked pixel 6. Both the s22 and s22 plus have full support for all the various flavors of 5g, including verizon and atts new c band spectrum all right its time to talk cameras, which is where samsung clearly invested a lot of research and development.

Recently, samsungs cameras have been like half a tear about behind apple and google, so the good news is that the s22s new 50 megapixel main sensor is a huge upgrade, especially when it comes to sharpness and low light photos. Dont get me wrong. Googles night sight still reigns supreme, but things are much closer than before. Then you also get a solid 12 megapixel ultra wide cam and a 10 megapixel telephoto cam with a 3x optical zoom, which i should add, is something that the standard pixel 6 and the iphone 13 just dont get. The bad news. Is that, while features like samsungs new, auto, framing and advanced ois, generally work as advertised samsungs, new adapted pixel tech is hard to find and even harder to use, theres no label for it anywhere in the phone to get it working? You have to make sure samsungs scene optimizer is turned on, then you have to enable the phones, 50 megapixel, full resolution, shooting mode make sure detail mode is off and then shoot a low light shot and just hope that the s22 activates adaptive pixel uh. What okay? I know samsung thinks adaptive. Pixel is more for advanced users, but this is just too much. I mean just think about the new modes like action, pan or long exposure. That google, added to the pixel 6. googles philosophy for camera features, is that things should be simple and easy to use, essentially a one tap solution.

Adaptive pixel is basically the opposite of that. You need to enable a handful of different, seemingly unrelated settings and then just pray. It works because theres, no label or notification for it, and even when it does work pictures are only slightly sharper while sporting, a more neutral color profile, which i get it thats better. For editing but thats, not really the kind of impact you want from a feature like this. Finally, for all you, social media lovers, theres a 10 megapixel selfie cam in front which shoots crisp photos and still has all the smoothing and beauty mode settings that you may or may not love. Next up software, the s22 comes pre installed with samsungs one ui, which is based on android 12.. So nothing super new here, although the additional home screen, customization options and ui palette settings are certainly nice and thanks to an increased focus on digital privacy, you do get handy new notifications that you know when the phones, cameras or mics are in use. Theres. Also, a new live sharing feature in google duo, thats exclusive to new samsung phones, which, as you may have guessed lets you share your screen during video, calls its pretty straightforward and a bit basic compared to apples share play, but it definitely works. Now i have a feeling that this is really just a timed exclusive and that live sharing will come to more devices sometime later, but neither google nor samsung have been willing to confirm that with us.

Just yet. As for longevity, i was a little worried at first when i saw that both the s22 and s22 plus have smaller batteries compared to last years. Phones, but honestly, its not an issue. Both phones have more than all day battery life, though, if you really care about longevity go with the s22 plus on our local video rundown test, the s22 lasted 14 hours and 47 minutes, while the s22 plus lasts almost three hours longer with a time of 1733. I also have to give a shout out to the s22 standby times which consistently preserved an extra 5 or so battery life compared to a pixel 6, when sitting idle overnight. All right lets wrap it up more than practically any other smartphone maker.