It starts at 800 and comes with a 6.1 inch screen, thats slightly smaller than last years, galaxy s21 and considerably smaller than the other new phone samsung launched this year. That includes the galaxy s 21, fe, galaxy, s22 plus and, of course, the giant galaxy s22 ultra. If youre trying to decide which of samsungs new phones is right for you, the biggest factors to consider are price and screen size. Yes, there are many other differences between these devices, but price and screen size are definitely the biggest ones and no matter which new galaxy phone you buy youre bound to notice some camera improvements. The camera is one of the biggest changes on this years: galaxy phones, the regular s22 and s22 plus have both been upgraded to a 50 megapixel main sensor, which is quite a jump from the s21s 12 megapixel camera ive spent a couple of weeks testing both the S22 and s22 plus and ive consistently seen improvements in color and detail and all three new galaxy phones are also better at taking photos in the dark. I witnessed these improvements across the board when comparing photos taken on the galaxy s22 and the galaxy s21 fe. Look at this photo of a bouquet of flowers. The galaxy s22 does a better job of keeping the pedals in focus. The same was true for photos taken with the telephoto lens. The galaxy s22 zoom lens has a slightly sharper resolution than the s21 fes, and the difference is certainly noticeable and, of course, dont forget about the improvements to low light photography.

This photo was taken in my apartment, with all of the lights turned off and you can tell the galaxy s22 just did a better job, but there is one area where the galaxy s21 fe actually did better than the s22, the selfie camera, the galaxy s21 fe Has a 32 megapixel front camera, while the s22 has a 10 megapixel selfie camera. As a result, the s21 fes photo looks sharper. You can learn more about the galaxy s22s camera performance in our full written review. The entire galaxy s22 lineup has a brand new. Look that looks and feels more elegant than last years. S21. I didnt mind the galaxy s21s more metallic finish, but the s22s glass frame just has a more polished. Look that you can really notice when seeing the devices in person. Of course, none of this matters, if you just plan to cover it with a case, but some people care about having a phone that doesnt feel cheap if theyre going to spend close to one thousand dollars. The galaxy s22 certainly wont disappoint that crowd thats. One of the biggest differences between the galaxy s22 and the galaxy s21 fe, which is 100 cheaper than the galaxy s22 samsung, launched the s21 fe in january, just before the galaxy s22. It has a simple design that most people probably wont mind, but it does feel bland in comparison to the s22. The galaxy s22 and s22 plus, on the other hand, are pretty much identical other than their size.

The galaxy s21 fe falls right in between the two. Since its screen is bigger than the s22s but smaller than the s22 pluses, that makes the galaxy s22 feel like the right choice for people who prefer smaller sized phones. If you were a fan of the galaxy s10 from 2019 youll, probably like the galaxy s22, both phones are around the same size except the s22 has flat edges, so they feel surprisingly similar. The galaxy s22 feels a little too cramped for me personally after switching from the s22 plus, especially when typing but im, not the audience for smaller phones, since i tend to prefer medium sized devices. But i do think that this is one of the best executions of a smaller device that ive seen yet its just a hair, thinner and lighter than the iphone 13, but has the same size screen when it comes to display quality. Not much has changed since last year. The galaxy s22 has an amoled screen, just like the galaxy s21 and s21fe samsung, also added a new feature called vision, booster, which is supposed to match the display to the lighting in your surroundings. But i didnt notice much of a difference when using the galaxy s22 lineup alongside the galaxy s21 Music, the entire galaxy s22 lineup runs on qualcomms new snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor performance is just what youd expect from a new phone apps run smoothly. The interface feels slick and the camera launches quickly.

It also scored slightly higher than the galaxy s21 fe in benchmarks that test general computing performance and graphics performance, but processor upgrades are more about new features than raw performance. These days, its part of why the galaxy s22 can take better photos compared to the phones predecessors. All three new galaxy devices also have a 120hz display, which also makes them feel a bit faster. The galaxy s22 isnt the best when it comes to battery life, but itll, probably last long enough to get you through a full day. It lasted for 15 hours and 21 minutes during cnets battery test, which involves continuously playing video in airplane mode thats, a little shorter than the galaxy s21 fes battery test results and much shorter than the galaxy s22 ultra and s22 plus, both of which lasted for more Than 18 hours Music, the galaxy s22 lineup runs on android 12 and samsungs one ui 4.1 software. One ui 4.1 is a smaller update to one ui4. The bigger system wide update that launched in late 2021. It brings refinements to a bunch of different areas of samsungs operating system, including widgets and custom color palettes. But one of my favorites is the switch from icons to numbers to represent the zoom level in the camera, app the update, isnt exclusive to the galaxy s22, but its nice. That buyers will have it right out of the box. Theres. Also good news for people who dont upgrade their phones very often samsung is committing to four generations of android software updates, meaning your phone wont feel out of date too soon, Music, the galaxy s, 22s, improved camera and fresh design make it feel like a modest but Appreciated update id recommend upgrading if you own a phone thats more than two years old the year over year.

Improvements are more incremental, so its not worth spending hundreds of dollars just yet, if youre trying to decide which galaxy s22 to buy think about your size preferences and how much youre willing to spend the galaxy s22 is the best choice for people who dont want to Spend too much and who prefer smaller phones but youll, have to compromise on battery life. The galaxy s22 plus is probably the right balance of size and battery life for most people, and the galaxy s22 ultra is for people who want the biggest phone possible, along with other extras, like an s, pen, stylus and a better zoom lens, but at hundred dollars Its one of the most expensive phones that samsung sells, you might also be wondering whether you should buy the galaxy s22 or the galaxy s21 fe. If you prefer smaller phones and dont, mind paying a little extra for a better camera. The galaxy s22 is the right choice, but if youd rather have a bigger screen and save some money check out the galaxy s21 fe.