Now has this snapdragon 8 gen 1.. Its still actively cooled so theres that tiny little rgb fan in there pushing out the hot air and its up to 20 000 revolutions per minute. That fan so does it actually do a good job ill, be checking out later on the thermals, with my thermal imaging camera, the battery capacity is 5050 milliamp hours. It does support video out from the type c port, its got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a gaming phone like this must have a good screen right. It does its full hd plus resolution 6.8 inches and super amoled, with a refresh rate of hertz thats, pretty crazy for a phone, but whats even crazier is the ram capacity. 18 gigabytes now thats more than my 16 gigabyte laptop, absolutely insane capacity there in our box. Youll find a 65 watt charger now it does support up to 120 watt charge rates with power, delivery and ill. Give you those times later on exactly how fast it charges the read magic, 7 type c to type c cable. They give us a tpu case now. This one has a cutout right here, so you can see the leds, the rgb, that its got and we also do get a sim tray tool which is off camera now. This is a large phone 6.8 inches. The screen full hd plus super amoled, 165 hertz. Really quick and the power button here that is on the right.

You can get to it quite easy, and then we have our volume up and down here in screen fingerprint reader and that unlocks really quick. I mean this is one of the fastest phones. I have used to date, in fact the fastest so far when it comes to gaming or just general performance, super quick and more on that soon. So we do have quite a bit of a bezel at the top and the bottom thats because they havent gone for a notre cut out. Eight megapixel camera right here. Weve got dual loudspeakers on this side. Thats the exit vent there for the fan. Weve got the gamer switch and on this side here, the capacitive you can see just there top and bottom, the capacitive controllers left and right triggers, and you see the rgb lights inside. So, looking at the back its exactly the same as the red magic 6s that ive also covered in the channel and the six previous versions, the only changes it now states its got: the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. So we have our flash right here. We have an 8 megapixel camera for the ultra wide 64 megapixel main camera, no changes there and i kind of wish theyd given us a different camera, just specked it up a little bit too in the camera department, not just the chipset. Of course, this has a crazy, whopping, 18 gigabytes of ram within it. Now this little fam see that rgb there.

That means its a gaming phone. You can tell because well its got rgb but its spinning at 20 000 rpm on the max setting, and you can feel it when you put your finger up here yep you can feel it pushing out that air, so it has all the essentials. A gaming phone really needs, and that is this: a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. You can see antenna lines, no ir transmitter, but theres a mic there just a little bit hard to see there. You go theres the mic and then at the bottom of it. Here we have our sim tray, takes two nano sims and then a type c port with video out. This is really good on a gaming phone 3.5, millimeter headphone out and then video out great and then the loudspeaker right here. So weve got our mic just next. To that type c port and an antenna line, you can see so the frame around the outside here, thats made out of metal. That has not changed at all and the back this material that is glass and there you go. You can see the little rgb fan in there spinning away again now the display that this one comes with is 165 hertz thats. The max rating touch response is excellent, very good, so full hd plus resolution. It is covered with gorilla glass and it does have no curvature to it all right, so no curve flat screen, no notch no cut out, and i think for gaming fun.

This is really good. I dont want to have an ugly notre cut out in the way with the games, so you dont have it here being amoled blacks like right now, look super deep, really good, so 700 nits is the maximum brightness, the touch response and triggering gestures and everything ive Had no problems with it all so just show you some of the settings and options we get with this display, so it is very standard. Now what you get with: android phones, android, 12., so refresh rate overrides you can set it to whatever you want here. So these last two, i name battery killers because thats what they are 90 hertz is my preferred one unless im gaming and i really need 120 or 165 hertz, which most games dont, actually support. There are a few out there that do, though, so youve got night mode, dark mode, icare mode, all that stuff still there and ill display preferences, so its on vivid by default, natural and p3 color gamut, even which is great, so thats. Looking a little more correct too those whites arent, so bluish intent and its rgb, so all up, it is a display that suits a gaming phone hundred percent, and i really do like it. Even though theyve used it now for a few years red magic. The phone is running android 12 and it does have red magic, os 5.0 thats, our ui and its using the nubia launcher.

So you cannot override it. Sadly, at least ive not found a way to do this, just say nova launcher. If you wanted to have nova launcher there, and you want your app straw and youve got your own configuration thatd be great, but every time you go home its going to come back with a default launch and i dont see how to write it and set it. As default nova thats – something that seemed to be blocking, which is unfortunate here – and i hope that one day theyre going to fix that now, the rom itself, the performance is excellent. Everythings very fast gestures, really good touch great there as well, and ive got really no complaints at all with it. This is a super fast phone. The only thing is the camera several times going from video mode to photo mode or swapping from the front camera to the rear camera. It has a couple of times crashed on me and ill show you that later on, but the performance is just so quick, especially at the 165 hertz. This things crazy, fast now, youll notice here ive got this little widget thats, because the fingerprint reader can actually double as a heart rate sensor. If you needed that youve got that option there. A few other manufacturers. Few brands are now offering that too, with their own phones. So when you use this phone, you can feel that performance. It is so quick and it does show, of course, in our benchmark results antutu getting over a million points here.

I believe that this is probably the fastest phone for this kind of test here that ive seen at least, and it really is quick and you you see it in the ui and just the general performance of it. The storage ufs 3.1 ive got 256 gigabytes. This version with that crazy 8 gigabytes of ram its really fast. Look at that random reads and storage: great sequential such fast, quick storage, there geekbench 5 score super solid. Another amazing top end score. There thats really good and even wildlife wildlife, pushing out almost a 60 frames per second average, its 59.7. This is the highest i have seen out of the now three or four snapdragon 8gen one phones. I have reviewed so widevine security level. One is there so netflix is in full hd, but sadly amazon, prime video, not a white listed device from amazon, so its still in standard definition, even though weve got the drm cert that they need its a bit disappointing. Gps works really well, no complaints from me, its good, its a good lock, holds the lock and very quick to get it to. Then it takes a matter of seconds so battery life. This is the kind of the worst thing about this phone that so much power running at uh, snapdragon, 8, gen 1 – just pushing it to limit all the time takes a huge toll on the battery life. Now i only set the refresh rate here. You can just see the top 90 hertz, and this was my own general use.

Here i managed to squeeze six and a half hours. I cant show you the battery use, unfortunately, because thats missing the battery specs, the battery use doesnt show up its not in the rom, its not enabled so i cant show you like twitter, netflix and everything else, the actual percentage and times its using another day that I used it here, so the last full charge you can see was 28 hours and i managed to squeeze just over six hours. I had the brightness set to only about 40 percent, so not amazing. Here the battery life i gained 90 hertz. But what happens if you put it on to 120 hertz get on to that in just a second, even worse, but charge time. Look at this 16 minutes to go from 15 to 100. That was not using the stock charger that was 120 watt power delivery charger. I have – and it was just crazy, fast look at how quick that is. It got a little warm, but the fan was on keeping it cooler, so that helps but heres, where we take a huge toll on that battery. So i tested out 120 hertz fixed benchmark here and youre seriously, looking about four hours, four and a half of on screen time thats it. If you use your screen a lot, that refresh rate takes a huge toll and then, if you put it on 165 hertz its only going to be about three and a half hours of battery life, so ow yeah ive been keeping it on 90 hertz thats.

Why ive been doing it, so i can actually make it through a full day with the red magic 7. Here, oh and thats, the era that you get it comes up with the camera. Okay, its crashed on me about five or six times you need to close the camera, then open it again, its very annoying but im sure they can fix this red magic. Its a firmware update that im sure is coming onto a gaming performance, so weve got that switch thats just at the top left flick that you go into the dedicated gaming launcher, theres various different things you can configure in here. If you do have the accessories you can see, those are them: weve got the multi core, cooler, ice, magic dock and then some earbuds for it. You can just configure those and set them up, and this is where you can launch your game. So we do have those two capacitive triggers at the top here and for a game like pubg theyre, really good and ill show you how to set them up and configure them, as well as the performance in these two titles. Here, engine impact and pubg very popular one, so launch pub g first, so hdr hd, balanced and smooth all give us the extreme frame rate option, which is only 60 frames per second. Now, if you go to ultra hd, then its just ultra okay, thats 45 frames per second, so i will run hd here with the extreme frame rate, reboot it and jump into some gameplay.

The frame rate here is a constant 60 frames per second, its, not a problem here at all for the snapdragon 8 gen 1 to play a light title really like pubg. I will get onto again shane impact shortly, so i have the triggers configured its basically an overlay that you set anywhere on the screen, its a widget, and now, if i tap this top right trigger, will fire and the left one looking down the iron sights or The scope so its a lot quicker than using the on screen controls so how you set it up is through this. So if you swipe here from the top you get our gaming widget, then it so. You can see that just popped up, youre gon na swipe. It twice actually so here weve got different performance modes; its on balanced you can force it onto whats called rise, its going to warn you that it will get a lot hotter and ill. Tell you the temperatures of this later on too so ill. Bring that back and you can see it does change the gpu turbo now is holding a lot higher. There thats really boosting the performance, so youve got other modes there on the fly you can j adjust the refresh rate performance. Monitor turbo fan record do not disturb all of that is there and i just very quickly show you a little bit of gameplay, so oh thats, luckily thats one of my teammates there.

Otherwise, i would be slightly dead so running around here and looking out the frame rate still constantly 60 frames per second no problems and just show you that tapping those triggers really good, so easy, so ill check out now again impact performance and then ill get onto Those thermals now it doesnt matter where you are on the map, its a constant 60 frames per second in the high performance mode, and the fan is on too at the back, so its blasting out that hot air and the games just running so good ive, never Seen gentian impact run this smooth on any phone. This has to be the best yet and its not surprising, considering that antutu score over a million points there so now im going to play for one hour and well see just how hot it its going to get will it run into thermal throttling? Can that little fan dissipate the heat quick enough, especially in a game as demanding as this one you can also do. This is run the game in a window as a little widget, its just floating. On top, so you can answer your whatsapp messages. Text messages place calls but not be completely out of the game, its handy. If you do need this feature now, you can see what the fan is doing see that cooler area where its sucking in right here, okay and then blowing the heat out, you can see with my thermal imaging camera that heat being pumped out the side, so the Camera is getting a little bit hot around 42 degrees, so it is warm to the touch hot to the touch flip it over now well take a look at the front of the screen uh the front of the screen a little cooler there, but the frame around The phone is reaching about 41 degrees.

Now these temperatures are nothing compared to what ive seen with the xiaomi 12 that got up to almost 50 degrees celsius and the xiaomi 12 pro. So that fan the cooling in it certainly is helping and keeping that peak performance without it throttling down the frame rate. In generation impact has been a steady, 60 frames per second, the whole time, no throttling and over to our cameras now with the red magic 7. So we do have 1080p with the front facing camera, which is 12 megapixels and it doesnt seem to have any electronic image stabilization. You can see as i walk ahead. It does move around quite a bit. Now you can shoot video up to 8k with the main camera, but the ultra wide, which is 8 megapixels. No video option there, just stills, so lets have a look at the rear cameras now main 64 megapixel camera. So we do have 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second with electronic image stabilization. I dont think the video quality is too bad, but its the audio bit rate its only 96 kilobits per second. So i do hope that nubia red magic can improve upon this with some firmware updates, but they havent done it in the past. So im not holding my breath now that camera performance definitely for me, is lagging behind not flagship grade. I do hope that the red magic 7 or the 7s, whatever the next release, is going to be.

They give us new cameras, they focus a little bit on the camera performance, but where this is completely killing every other android phone. So far in my testing is that gaming performance so snapdragon 8 gen 1 phones that ive covered a lot of them only get around an average of 40 lower 40s for our frames per second, with a demanding game like dension impact top absolute max settings set to 60 frames per second: this thing is an absolute monster because of the thermals and that fan keeping everything cool. It will maintain, maintain high 50 frames per second and most of the time, its 60 frames per second average. When gaming, such a demanding game is really impressive. No other phone has been able to do that that ive tested, especially after gaming for 30, 40 minutes or one hour, it does take a huge hit on the battery now the battery life on this is definitely a saw point of the red magic 7 that even With my light use and capping the refresh rate at 90, hertz remember, it can do 120 hertz and even a crazy 165 im only getting around five and a half hours to six hours through this with screen on time and thats being mostly just whatsapp. Twitter, social media kind of stuff general browsing and not a lot of gaming, so yeah its, not amazing battery life, even though it does have a large capacity. If you want the fast charging time get yourself a power delivery, 3 adapter! You can charge it, as i showed you in around 15 20 minutes, very, very quick that its just crazy fast now that ram capacity 16 gigabytes.

I dont think that anyone needs that actually, because who can use 16 gigabytes up on a phone? No one really, unless you multitask like crazy, but then the ui itself will end up killing the task manager. Anything thats running in the background, thats being there too long, its, not a system app and you cant really use it at all. So i would go for probably the lower ram versions with this, so that performance really there and there is a few couple of bugs there with the ui like the camera. The camera crashed a few times on me, so they do have a bit of work. Read magic to get the software up to spec in time for its release, and i do hope that they have some firmware updates ready to roll out as soon as it is shipping so hands down the best gaming phone on android. So far that ive tested never seen the snapdragon 8 gen 1 perform so well without any thermal throttling. This is the phone to get if youre really serious about that android gaming experience because its unmatched unrivaled so far in all the phones that i have tested out. So, thank you so much for watching my detailed long guess: review of the red magic 7.