It is the first 5d smartphone from infinix and it sports the mediatek damage to 900 chipset kudos to infinix. This one is mado, so in todays video i will be sharing with you. My experience using this device, or should i say how it feels to have the infinix 5g smartphone so guys before i go on with the video. I would love you to install the infinix x club app you get to enjoy so many gist and videos with lots of fun and also tips. You can also share your own content or follow me as your favorite content creator. So i will include the link in this video description, so you download, after watching this video so back to the infinix zero 5g. Before you upgrade to the infinix zero 5g whats in the box, you have a toolbox, housing, the phone and its accessories, its even taller than the rugged umidigi x10. So inside the box you get the smartphone looking so premium honestly guys. I i love this color option. Then next you have a two year: warranty card with an included screen replacement, which means infinix will replace the screen of this phone for the next 150 days. If it is damaged and thats something you dont get to see in most smartphone brands, but please dont dont smash it. You can. You can smash this one? Yes, its a rugged phone and nothing will happen. So back to the box. You have the sim, ejector pin and then an expat level that says you can win a free phone.

If you download the app. You also have one x gold note a tpu case for the phone, the earphone, a usb type c cable with an orange theme and a 33 watts fast charger when it comes to the design and build of this phone. This one is made from plastic pretty much like every other smartphone, but you have a durable material here on the infinix zero 5g. This one looks good, especially from the rear. The material here does not attract smooches and fingerprints so easily, but if you cant deal with it then use the provided cpu case to avoid some certain dust and smudges. It looks exactly like the oppo fine x3 pro. The only difference here is, you have a glass back on the oppo fine x3 pro, but here on the infinix zero 5g. It is a plastic module that looks and feel premium. You have three camera lenses that perform so well, which i will be talking about soon and then a dual led flashlight. Other external features include an extra microphone on top on the left. You have a dual 5g sim tray and a micro sd card, and then on the right. You get a volume up and down rocker and then the power button. That is also the fingerprint scanner at the bottom. You have an extra microphone, a 3.5 earphone port, the usb type c port and a speaker grille, actually its a single firing, speaker or a mono speaker, which i wasnt really expecting here from a 5g smartphone, but it does sound.

Ok. Another interesting feature of this device is the fingerprint unlock, very comfortable and also fast. I love the smooth response. Maybe i should check out other infinite devices if there is any one that is faster than the infinix 5g. Moving on to the display this phone spots, an immersive 6.78 inches display with a 120hz refresh and a sampling rate of 240 hertz, you can see how smooth it responds to touches, despite being an ips lcd panel, depending on what youre doing you can switch between 60 Or 120 hertz when it comes to media content, it is a full hd plus display with 3 looking colors and a resolution of 2460 by 1080 pixels. If you dont know the difference, youre lacking the display to be an amoled display, because there is nothing lacking behind here when it comes to the display. The colors are vibrant, with thin bezels on top and by the sides, and then you have a poncho for the selfie camera with an led flashlight. Now lets talk about the main thing that will probably make you buy this smartphone or not and thats the performance. This one comes with a 5g module which would have been more enjoyable if we had a 5g network in nigeria, but even at that, this phone is fast. It comes with a mediatek damaged 900 chipset. Here you have an 8 gigs of ram, which you can boost up to 11 gigs, a 128 gigs of internal storage and a 5 000 milliamp battery capacity check out the gaming performance.

The gameplay is okay and the handling is so important. The only thing thatll probably turn me off here is the sound when gaming, it doesnt do so well, but it is okay, app, switching on app launching is smart and the response is very impressive. You have my lg68 graphic chip for smooth rendering and it comes with the android version 11.. Another feature here is the camera. You have a 48 megapixel main camera lens, a 13 megapixel telephoto lens and the qvga camera. The picture quality is a good deal breaker. You have details in its images, good color reproduction, and they also did a good job, identifying the skin tone on the front. You have a 16 megapixel camera lens. Ideally i was expecting a 32 megapixel here, but it is okay, but overall the picture quality is okay. For the price, this phone costs 169 500 in era or 300 us dollars, yes, its expensive, but you do get features that justify the price. This one is fast with a smooth response. The performance is not lagging behind at all. You have a good battery life and a smooth gaming experience and that my friend is not too expensive. Of course all smartphones now are expensive and if youre watching this video, you deserve an expensive phone so guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please. Let me know what you think in the comments below and on your way out. Please hit that red subscribe button.

Thank you so much guys.