So, if im trying to figure out where im gon na put my subject, i need to know where the suns going to be and when but im not shooting here today, im shooting here in four months thats. Why im creating this video? Because i want to show you in a simple way, using an awesome app that tells you exactly where the suns going to be at any time in the future. Now, whenever, as a photographer as a landscape photographer as a portrait photographer, you need this Music. Can you believe i went scouting without coffee? Okay. The first thing i want to say is this: video is not sponsored. This app is something i use every day and well, every day, im working outside right, its indus. It has become indispensable to my workflow because it takes guesswork completely out of the equation, and i want to share with you what it can do for your photography. I have two tools that i really find: uh indispensable and now you can see here they are the incident, light meter and the sun seeker app because you cant measure the light if you cant find it okay. So this is, i guess, kind of a review, but its only a review from my point of view as to how i use this app and what i do with it. So im gon na go through the features that i use find indispensable and want to share it with you, theres, probably more features again.

This is not a sponsored video im not trying to do an exhaustive review of this app. This may be the best 9.99 10 youve ever spent in your photography. The first thing that this app does right away is tell you where the sun is going to be in the sky. From any point where youre standing right, you can stand at a location where you want to shoot, and you can see if its eight oclock in the morning where the suns going to be at five oclock at night. If you want to shoot in golden hour hows that right, not only the where its going to be angle – and you can look at it with the app theres – a 3d view where you can point it at the location where the sun is going to be. So you dont have to guess you can look right in the sky where the suns going to be, and you can decide if and when the photography is perfect. For you. This is a game changer if youre guessing where the suns going to be right. Who wants to waste time trying to figure out where the suns going to be, if its going to be good, whatever suppose youre going to a new location that youve never been suppose youre traveling across the country? You can punch an address into this. It will show you a map, it will show you a map of the location with the direction of sun.

Those lines you see are the direction of sun at that location. You can scroll back and forth over months and you can watch where the sun lines will change at that location. Now. Do you think that would be valuable to you? I cant live without it. So im just gon na do a quick demo of some of the features im gon na show you the screens how they look, how they work. When you first look at the screens, it can be a little daunting, but once you understand what its showing you, i think youre not going to have any problem getting on board with this okay. So what were looking at here is sort of what i call the main screen. Im rotating it around. What this is doing is showing you, the sun positions from where you are right now. So, as you can see here, this is the sun where it would be, and if i was standing i could turn and face all the way around its its locked into your position im trying to keep the light off the screen. I apologize um, so you can see where its going to be at any point in time, as you can also see its set to here and now now watch this lets say i want to scroll forward to later in the year, like i showed you earlier in That location watch watch the sun look at this, so that shows you to change in sun angles as you real time scroll with months or you get lost click the button here and now.

Okay, so lets look at what happens. If you want to look at another location right, so we can go to the map function. Ive already got this location punched in, but you can search. You can just add any location. You want punch it in its just like google maps or apple maps or whatever right now, im in the location where we are where i started this video. So if i scroll in right and im going to this field in the back, where we were, you may recognize it from the top view thats those ugly trees. I was standing under now. A few things i want you to notice were at 10 oclock right now. The suns right here and coming through here this these lines going through here, show the sun angle right so its at ten oclock. Here. This is where its going to be at five six, so you can tell exactly how the suns going to be falling at and if i wanted to look at this location in the future once again, look at this were scrolling through months at this point, and it Shows you the different sun angles, and let me tell you those seasons, really change how a location looks from a sun perspective. Okay now they have something – and i cant really show it too well in here, but they have something called a 3d view, basically its superimposing. Your camera and you can find the sun, as you saw me in the back from your current position right.

So this is telling me that the suns over here im not going to scroll. It would blind you looking into the light, but it what i want you to also notice. Is you see these dates and lines? It shows you where the sun is on other days. These are the solstices and equinoxes. I believe that its showing right now, but you can punch in dates on this too, and look up in the sky and and point your phone to exactly where the suns going to be so you dont have to guess you dont have to visualize at all. Okay, as a quick overview of the features of this app im sure, once you get this loaded into your phone, you will find that this is going to be second nature to you and it will go everywhere.