Im not gon na make this some long drawn out review because you guys have already seen my thoughts a little bit on twitter and lets be honest. This is an amazing phone. I really dont have too many huge gripes with it. So im gon na get off my chest. The few things that i kind of have tiny little tiny little complaints, theyre, not really even complaints, because this phone is so good. But lets talk about the few things that that are not my favorite. So the first thing is, you guys already know this. This is a personal preference. I dont like the squared off design of the s22 ultra. I much prefer the rounded design that was on my s21 ultra or even if i grab it right here. My pixel 6. Pro i i like the rounded design i just think has better ergonomics when you hold it in the hand, even when you put the phone in a case uh its easier to hold in a case, if you have a rounded type case like this one as much As i love my uag case for the s22 ultra its just not as comfortable the hole thats, a small thing, its not like its killing me to hold it but its something i would prefer to have around it off. The next thing is the battery life is not as beastly as you would think. Considering how big the battery is. Have i gotten good battery life ive gotten pretty good battery life, but i honestly thought this would be like a day and a half kind of foam.

Its basically just a one day phone, you can easily get through a full day, but you cant expect that to carry over until the next day, its its not going to be a phone that youre going to be able to say wow. This thing just has really good battery life and thats, not because again that doesnt have a large battery its because youve got this huge screen high resolution high refresh rate. All these amazing features you got the s pen uh, you know theres a lot of stuff going on with this phone, so i dont blame it, but the battery lifes not as beastly as some people might expect. Based on this battery size. The other thing is something you guys already know about and thats the 45 watt charging or lack of 45 watt charging im pretty disappointed that samsung advertised 45 watt charging on the device, and then we found out that it doesnt really charge at 45 watts. For the majority of the time, youre charging it uh – this happens with other manufacturers as well, and we should call out all of them. Equally people called out the pixel for this issue. I think we should also call out samsung its not like its a huge deal. Breaker, but at the end of the day, it is something that you want to be aware of when it comes to this device. The next thing, and – and this is really really me nitpicking – you guys probably heard mkbhd talking about this in his video, the haptics on this device when youre typing your haptic feedback navigating around the ui just isnt as good as it was on the s21 ultra and Its probably on par honestly with my pixel 6 pro, which i never really thought, had like the most amazing haptics theyre good enough, but samsung has kind of become known just like apple well, i dont know apples in a different league in terms of haptics.

In my opinion, actually their haptics are really really great, but samsung had gotten up there and then this is kind of a bit of a regression. I know mkbhd talked about this, and so that got a lot of attention, but it is something to be aware of its definitely not a deal breaker and its a very minor complaint uh. The last thing that again on my list of minor tiny little complaints is the camera. Now the camera is good. Some pictures i took of my son, the camera on this device, is good. Dont. Get me wrong. It is a good camera theres, nothing wrong with the camera on the galaxy s22 ultra. However, at the end of the day, this camera is not quite as good in most situations, im saying most situations as my pixel 6 pro in terms of low light. You know getting it right with shadows and all that stuff contrast. The majority of the time samsung, you know, has a little bit of aggressive overexposure, uh, saturated photos, which i think look good in a lot of instances. But in some of those lower light instances it ends up leading to a image quality thats, not quite on par with the pixel 6 pro. So again, not bad. The camera is very good, but uh. I do think the pixel 6 pro is still the best on android, so since youre spending so much money on a phone, its worth realizing that youre – probably not getting the absolute best camera overall, in my opinion, thats pretty much it thats it in terms of the Stuff that that has has been small little complaints here there, not even complaints, but just things to be aware of when buying the phone.

Everything else is amazing: the display the best display ive ever seen on a smartphone theres, no doubt about it. This display is beautiful. Black levels are ridiculous. Colors pop off of here, you guys, have seen my setup. I did my custom setup, video amazing, the build quality aside from my little nitpick with the squared off edges, beautiful, just a gorgeous looking phone. I especially love the white. I actually like the individual camera cutouts on the back, even though i know people have you know, concerns about durability. I havent had any of those problems yet feels amazing in the hand, just a really fun phone to use and to look at really enjoyable to look at as well. Software is awesome. One ui using good luck to customize. This thing flies no lag whatsoever. You know youre getting four years of software updates with this amazing thats, even better than what googles doing so, really impressive. On that front, you got every feature you could want. You know wireless charging power share fast charging plus you have your s pen, which i just threw on the ground, so im gon na have to get that in a second. I was about to take it out to say: youve got the s pen. Well, you do mines on the floor now the s pen, which is an awesome feature to integrate with the s uh s22 merging the note lines with s line uh overall theres, nothing, this phone cant do the customization options are endless and uh its just a really Good all around phone, it does everything that you would want and more so for a lot of people.

This is going to actually be probably too much phone, but in that samsung ecosystem youve got your galaxy watch 4. You can pair it with all your other samsung devices, like the tab series, its just a great ecosystem, plus theres, a million accessories for your samsung devices, which, in my opinion, makes it a better overall choice for the the pixel, because you dont have that many options With a pixel line of devices, so keep that in mind as well. I really have nothing else negative to say about it. Like i said, those are the only things that i really had to comment on. I love everything else about this device so far. I still am not 100 sure if im gon na switch full time for my pixel, because i still love call screen and some of the other google features in the camera. Let me know what you guys think about that. What should i do there uh otherwise id like to know you guys feedback if you have an s22 yet um, let me know, are you enjoying it? Are you enjoying your estimating to ultra? Do you think its the best android device ever created or are there issues for you? Let me know in the comments below we also have a new giveaway for march that just started. You guys want to check that out its over on my twitter, the february giveaway.