And finally, i feel motorola is now listening to user feedback and uh. This is a true flagship. They have implemented a lot of things that we, as consumers were asking for. So lets have a closer look at this one and guys i got this. This is a reviewer, so i got it early, so i dont know the exact pricing. This comes with the flagship, snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor and has all the bells and whistles super fast charging wireless charging. Then what do you say? Uh, stereo speakers etc, blah blah? All the flagship stuff one interesting thing is so here is the smartphone itself and uh. So here is it and it comes in this case itself, and so let me just take this out. This entire thing comes out and bunch of paperwork and some ejector tool ill. Just keep that to the side, so here is the smartphone itself, typical uh motorola. It comes in the case, so they are giving a case even for a flagship, thats nice. The back is also glass guys, and i believe this is gorilla. Glass 5 that youre getting – and this is supposed to have a 6.7 inch oled screen – and this is actually a 10 bit screen with 144 hertz uh refresh rate so thats, actually pretty high and the back i like it its this is also glass guys. You have the motorola logo and looks like this. Is the matte finish glass so its not attracting that fingerprints or something like that? So this is actually really nice and we have a triple camera setup on this one, a front facing camera.

This is very uh absurd. I didnt expect this from motorola. The front facing camera is supposed to be 60 megapixel. Yes, you heard it right 60 megapixel, and i think so. This is the highest that we have seen its even beating some of the vivos. I think so. Vivos went up to 40, so it will be interesting. So this is the device initial uh in hand feel it gives me that good vibe guys it feels definitely premium when you hold it uh, you get the. What do you say, type c, cable on this one and uh? Finally, guys motorola is listening to user feedback, and if you see this is a 68 watt fast charger generally motorola used to give that 25 even 30 watt charger. But this is a 68 watt charger and i believe this comes with a 4 800 milliamp hour battery. If you notice most of the flagships around this one come at 4500 milliamp and again its stock android motorola, so the battery life should be good. So let me just keep this box to the side and another thing that many of you asked with motorola phones regarding android update. This is supposed to come up out with android 12 out of the box, and motorola has already promised android 13 and 14 on this one and in fact, three years of security upgrade so in that area also its good. But let me give you a physical overview. First and feels nice feels that that premium feel you are getting so on the top.

We have a secondary noise cancellation, microphone uh. We have one more button over here uh. I think so. This is the google assistant button. I think so, and then we have the power on off button and i think so the fingerprint scanner is within this one and the bottom again. This will be your speaker, stereo speakers, as ive told you lets look at the sim tray. I dont think so. Well, have a micro sd card, of course, flagships dont, have it, but yeah lets have a look at it, so no its just two nano sims, but we also have a rubber gasket. So some kind of ip protection should be there on this one and, on this end, clean nothing so thats. What we have regarding so design is very clean, so lets just boot. This uh for the first time and well also test the stereo speakers curious about it. So let me just uh set this up and then we will continue hi guys. I have actually used this device now for a couple of days. This is not a full review, but i have enough info so that i can share a lot more info with you guys about this device and i have to say: uh. Motorola has done a great job with this device and in fact i think so. What the pricing leaks that we are saying is correct, so this will be priced very aggressively less than 50, 000 rupees and uh.

This is coming with the snapdragon 8 chin one and have to say man uh its its a fast processor, been using it for the last four days. With my primary sim and my regular usage, i havent noticed any heating. Just the back gets slightly warm when i set it up for the first day after that, its just normal guys, ive been using it normally. In fact, i even used it for gps for quite some time, and this one did not exhibit any heating issues. In fact, i checked with motorola team and they said that these units are specially designed for india. They have extra, what do you say, cooling and all those things compared to other variants sold worldwide. In fact, these units are actually made in india, so thats. Actually, a nice thing and again because its motorola again, we get all the 5g bands, no gimmicks or anything like this on this one and uh. In fact, this has 13 bands of 5g, so for 5g, so you dont have to be worried. In fact, i also checked this also has ip rating, but its ip52, so splash resistant and something so one thing that i really liked on this smartphone is the quality of the screen that we are getting on this one, and this, as you can see its an Amoled screen uh its 144 hertz refresh rate guys so very, very smooth. My camera is simply not doing justice, and this is a proper 10 bit panel, guys uh.

So again, no compromise in terms of screen quality, i would say even outdoors its easily visible. So i like the quality of the screen that they have put. No, the only thing is that this is actually a guys volume rocker, not a google assistant button, and i feel this button uh the power on off button, its the fingerprint scanner very, very responsive, just tap in it works, but again its slightly on the top. I would say so: you have to stretch your hand, especially for the volume you have to stress the hand. That is something that im not. But apart from that excellent now one thing that i really like with motorola phones and i have been actually using this smartphone as it so installed all my apps and all those things on this one and have to say the performance is really good on this one. In india, this comes only in one variant, guys with eight gigabytes of ram. That is lpddr5 ram. In fact, guys here are all the specs for this device so that you get a brief idea about this smartphone. Let me show you something: this is the pure stock android that you are getting. This is the android 12 that we always wanted other android 12. What is the skins or something they just dont are not like what google implemented. So this is what it is. Direct access to your mic camera all the quick toggles over here you can edit it and all this thing.

So this is this. This is giving me the vibes of that pixel uh, i would say, and if you go over here, also again completely stock, android, no hoopla or anything like that. And if you go to about the phone and if you go to uh android version its android 12 out of the box, that you are getting so no android 11 or something. And i really like the fact that motorola upfront is saying that this will also get the android, 13 and 14 update and next three years of security update. So i think so. Uh motorola is now listening to user feedback and, if i go to, i am very, very smooth its 144 hertz. Let me actually show you not 120, but 144 hertz and if i go to display over here, we have a lot of options in display display refresh rate ive, set it to the highest 144. But you can also keep it on auto and it works pretty. Well. So again, very very smooth guys – and i like the screen quality on this one. That is something that that im really happy about motorola. They have started putting amoled screen, but they are not compromising on the amoled screen that theyre, giving also in terms of in hand, feel i like it its slightly curved here at the back, so its easy to hold, though its slightly a big phone. I would say but easy to hold, and this back is, as you can see, still resisting the fingerprint so that way they have done actually a pretty good job on this one, and another thing is that i also noticed that the sound quality that im getting on This one again, it also has dolby atmos and all this thing smart audio, i think so.

I have to uh switch on one of the uh. I was actually testing this one. Let me see if it pays. Smart audio and all those things are there or ill. Be honest when youre listening to speakers have to connect it? Okay, its connected the yamaha ones that i was using and uh up. Of course, it supports active x, adaptives, dolby, smart audio. All these things are available on this one. In fact, they have done optimizations with qualcomm and chip level uh with this smartphone, the snapdragon actually uh allows that and motorola have done it. So, in terms of i not only with this, these are high end. What do you say headphones that im testing but ive tested a bunch of other head, or what do you say? Wireless uh, bluetooth, headsets also, and the performance is actually really good on this one so audio they have got it right. Uh. Also, this one has stereos because lets just let me just fire this up to give you an idea: theyre getting all the basics right, thats what im liking about this smartphone – and this is also getting loud, Music, so good thing and the stereo speakers is good, even Though uh i have actually taken quite a bit of calls on this one even long calls – or i think, crystal clear – no issues regarding that and the earpiece is good. Even i took some calls by the speaker phone. They were good, so in all the basics, they have done it right, and some of you might ask – and i did test that i actually tested with the i downloaded a compass sensor, because in some of the motorola phones, compass sensor is sort of missing and i Did download the compass sensor on this one? Yes, and, as you can see, that works, so they havent skimmed on anything.

I feel that you actually require on this smartphone. Yes, this doesnt have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, but again most of the flagships. Dont do that. So overall uh its nice and also another small thing, and i think so, if youre, not a hardcore user, you wont notice it. Of course it supports wi fi, six, its actually connected to my wi fi six router, but this also supports wi fi 6e. That is wi fi 6 enhanced, so actually they have implemented whatever they can on this smartphone uh. In fact, regarding the sound, its known as snapdragon sound, you can google, it not all smartphones enable it, because you have to pay royalty, but its actually enabled on this smartphone anyways in terms of fluidity, very, very fluid, guys, no issues stock, android that you are getting Uh so again, very very fluid experience, even the 144 hertz it handles everything on this one. Yes, it doesnt have any display fingerprint scanner, but this fingerprint scanner is very, very responsive. So i didnt have a issue with the smartphone. Now lets. Also uh talk about what do you say the camera on this one uh, the camera. We have a triple camera set up on this one uh, the main 50 megapixel is actually having optical image stabilization. Then again we have a 50 megapixel ultra white, and this also does that depth thing. So it does job of two and then we have that obligatory two megapixel uh camera for macro.

I wish it had a telephoto lens, but yeah thats what it is, and the camera interface is typical, motorola stuff that you see like this uh right now, its in ninth routine. Let me just go back to the photo regular version, and here it is, and you can go this ultra wide and last is macro and uh front facing also uh. I didnt expect much from the front facing, but you have the dual capture and all those features also on this one. So let me actually do one thing. Let me actually uh uh, show you the camera samples uh that have taken with this device so that you have a better idea regarding the camera. First lets look at shots taken outdoors in direct sunlight and, as you can see here, it is actually doing a very good job. This is regular shot. This is ultraviolet. I like the ultraviolet, does not have distortion again. This is a regular shot and ultraviolet also doesnt have that color change or something like that and again, the color accuracy is actually pretty good. That is what i liked on this one. It does not over boost the colors or anything. This is a regular shot and the ultra white, and again both of them have a lot of detail. Now these shots were taken and not that great lighting, indoor kind of situations – and here also actually it did much better than i expected, as you can see, with these sample shots.

These are indoor samples that i have taken and in fact it did a pretty decent job again. Here lighting was not that good, but here also it took some decent shots now for human subject. This was taken just around the sunset, its a little bit reddish skin tones that im noticing, with this one and again in the portrait mode, its extra soft, i feel so. Hopefully they can improve it with the software update. But if the lighting is decent again, as you can see, you can get some decent shots that you can take. These are in portrait mode now completely at night and artificial lighting, and here i was surprised that it did this good, because i was not expecting this portrait mode. Portrait mode is a bit soft. Regular shots come out good, but portrait mode, i feel, is a little bit soft. The 60 megapixel front facing camera is actually doing a pretty good job, as you can see with these uh samples – and this was in the portrait mode and again, i feel the front facing camera is doing a good job. This is a regular shot and this was in the portrait mode, and the bokeh has also done well so guys. This is the motorola h30 pro. Apart from this, i completely forgot. This smartphone also has motorola ready for functionality where you can wirelessly just connect it to your. What do you say? Smart tv or tv that has miraculous? In fact, i tested that, and it worked very very well.

In fact, it worked very fluently because the processor is so powerful on this one, so you have functions like ready for and even for security uh. We have that motorola think shield. So these are some of the things that motorola is giving, and this smartphone also has that and again guys regarding the pricing. Its been leaked, itll be uh just below 50 000, something like 49 990, but there will be actually a 5000 rupees off if youre using credit cards thats instant off. So you can have it for just around 45 000 and for that price motorola has done an incredible job, youre getting the snapdragon 8gen, one smartphone, which is the flagship, excellent quality screen stereo speakers and now, regarding updates. Also motorola is clear about it, so i feel after a very very long time we are getting uh. What do you say? Excellent value, flagship, smartphone and i have to say uh from the past four days or days of usage. This has to be the new value flagship that we are getting now in india. I will also be doing a full in depth review for this smartphone and ill try to post that full review uh before the first sale guys. So if you have any specific questions about this, smartphone do, let me know and post them in the comment section ill: try to include that in the full review. Anyways guys. What do you feel about this moto h30? Pro do.