You learn something new, but lets jump into this video and see my solution for holding a smartphone, steady and stable my criteria for a phone holder. Is it needs to be sturdy because i abuse gear like crazy? It also needs to be compatible with my other photography gear, because sometimes i use my iphone as a backup. Camera ive tried several stands and several clamps and each one has had a fatal flaw that made it unusable thats until i tried the iron man from ulanzi. I love that name ulanzi. This stand is pretty much for anyone, whether youre, a photographer or videographer shooting stuff. With your iphone or your phone or youre, attending online meetings for work say with zoom webex google meet or skype or youre just talking to family and friends on facetime, and you want to be able to use your hands while you chat well, this product is perfect. So lets cover some of the basics. I believe this is a chinese company and they are a small brand focusing on phone photography kind of weird, but i think what they mean is were just doing photos with our phone. You can find this on amazon for ‘.99. Some of you may think that ‘.99 is too expensive and before you click off the video you may want to hear about why i think its worth every penny. Fortunately, given the price range of these types of phone holders, we are talking plus or minus twenty dollars seriously, not much, but of course, the difference in quality can be huge.

The first thing that grabs your attention when you open the box is its made out of aluminum and steel as near as i can tell theres no plastic parts thats important, because many of my previous phone holders had plastic parts, those plastic parts wore out and then Started to break many times, those were the parts that were critical to the functionality of the holder, which made the phone holder completely useless when the plastic parts broke. The next, and maybe most important part, is the clamp i found the clamp easy to adjust and it accommodates my case theres, a quick release that allows you to slide the clamp open and a knurled knob screw that tightens down on your phone. The clamp works on sizes from roughly two and a half inches to three and three quarter inches, which is 6.5 centimeters or 10 centimeters. I believe right around in there. I like that. The clamp fingers are angled in so that you dont have to tighten it down to the point that it breaks your phone. It holds nice and snug inside that cavity. One word of caution with these kind of clamps. You do have to be careful with how tight youre, making it or you can crack your phone, so just snug it down and let the angle and the padding do its work. One thing to note about cases if youre using an otterbox or some other beefy case, this holder may not work well for you, especially if youre wanting to leave your phone in the case theres, roughly a half an inch to the end of the pads and then Theres, a total of 5 8 inch to the end of the clamp fingers.

If youre using a beefy case, you could probably remove the pad and take advantage of the full 5 8 inch length. But for me theres plenty of room in the clamp to include the case that i use the next feature. I love is the adjustability. It has a tension, knob and a ball head that allows free movement in all four directions and in a 360 horizontal or vertical position, you just loosen the tension. Knob adjust the angle of your phone and then tighten the tension back down and you dont have to really crank it down or over, tighten it to get it to stay in position. Theres plenty of space between the knurl knob and the base of the stand. Then it lets you flip the thing around all you want and you can use the cold shoe mount in any position for its size. The stand is very stable. It does wobble a little to the side if you like push it over at an angle, but i have an iphone max mounted in the holder and it looks awkwardly big compared to the stand. But the stand does a great job of being super stable when its set on a flat surface, the foot or base of the stand is an arca swiss plate that will mount to any regular tripod head that uses the arca swiss plate thats. What i was talking about when i said it had to be compatible with my photography gear, because i use that arca swiss plate all over the place, and everything that i have.

This is very helpful for people like me who want to mount their iphones on a tripod and shoot video, maybe some top down video or vlogging, while youre traveling whatever, but this makes it super easy. The other thing i like about the bass is that they added this magnetic extension, which really kind of starts to look like a foot. This extension keeps your stand from falling forward with a big phone like what i have and its perfect for setting it on the table. Im not usually a big fan of free floating pieces like this little foot, but for this particular piece, its okay, because its magnetic and it fits snugly into place. Theyve even gone to the trouble of putting a grip type knurl on the outside edge to make it easier to handle last little part is some additional features that caught my eye. Those are the cold shoe mount, which is not on every phone holder out there. Thats great for a microphone or maybe a light, they also included additional mounting options with the quarter inch threaded holes on the base plate and the back of the column. The last thing that caught my eye and something i always look for, but is not totally obvious with this type of gear – is the use of threaded bolts. If something does go wrong, or i want to change the configuration its nice to have threaded bolts to work with instead of sheet metal screws in my experience sheet, metal screws will eventually strip, whereas threaded bolts are much more durable.

All in all, i think this is a well thought out product. I dont see any component of it, failing usually when theres failures its in the clamp and they seem to have done a great job with the clamp design. I would like to see the fingers of the clamp be just a little bit longer to accommodate cases, but this is not a deal killer for me and i really like that everything is metal for me personally theres no deal breakers here. Some people might say that the cost is a deal breaker, but in my experience you get what you pay for. I plan on having this phone holder for many years to come and if you figure it out what twenty to ten dollars is going to cost you over that period of time versus having to replace the product all the time thats gon na save you some heartache To buy quality up front hey well, i hope you found this video helpful subscribe to my channel check out all the other things ive got on there. You know what to do with the like button and the bell notification.