. So last year, in 2021, google launched a couple of exciting smartphones after years like i do not remember, being excited about a google smartphone, at least for a couple of years, and then finally they dropped the google pixel 6 lineup. So, naturally, because of that excitement, i ordered the google pixel 6 from us. I told one of my friends to get it over here in india because it did not launch in india, and that was only because of the excitement around this smartphone. Everyone had high expectations from google and at least on paper. They did deliver on those expectations. So naturally, when i got the smartphone in my hand, i was very excited made a couple of videos about it and i was loving the experience of using the google pixel. Six but theres always a part isnt there. After a couple of months, the experience changed and i sold the google pixel 6.. So heres the story of why i sold the google pixel 6, so sit back, relax and have fun now dont get me wrong. Google pixel 6 is a great smartphone, its not a bad smartphone by any means lets talk about the positives of this smartphone. First, for example, the display is beautiful, its not like the best industry leading display out there and its not trying to be that its a no nonsense display that just works, a full hd plus amoled panel with a 90 hertz refresh rate, the colors are awesome.

The viewing angles are great and the media experience of this smartphone is top notch display wise google, pixel 6 is actually very good now, along with the display. The speakers are also really good. So if you want to watch a movie or listen to music or something like that, then the speakers wont disappoint you on the google pixel 6., just like the display. The software experience of google pixel 6 is top notch. This is one of the main reasons why you would buy a google phone in the first place because of the clean and pure software experience, and this is the best and the most purest version of android that you can find out there straight from googles house. And you do get some really good features with the google pixel 6.. First up material: u works like a charm once you change the wallpaper. The entire theme of your phone will change and it works really well. Ive seen this implementation with other skins as well like with oppo phones, but google is the best out there and they do it perfectly. You also get some really good. Ai features like you can literally remove people out of photos. Yes, you can remove people out of photos just like magic, and the name itself is magic. Eraser, google assistant is also better than ever, and one of the best features out there is now playing now playing will continuously keep a track of all the songs that are playing around you.

That is a very convenient feature for a person like me, who loves to listen to music and im, always trying to figure out what was that song playing in that cafe. Well now, with now playing, i dont have to think about it, its right there on my smartphone, so at the point is that software experience on google pixel 6 is also really good. Now, at this point, you might be wondering why did i sell the google pixel 6 if i was having such a good time with it? Well lets talk about that for a bit. Shall we? The first reason is because how uncomfortable this smartphone is. Google pixel 6 is a big and heavy smartphone. I did not expect that when i ordered this smartphone, i thought that would be lightweight and very easy to use, but thats not the case, its a heavy and uncomfortable smartphone, and you will have to get used to it like every time i gave this smartphone to Someone they were like damn this phone feels like a brick, in my hand, its big its long, its heavy and thats, not an experience that you want in a flagship smartphone like a premium smartphone. On the other hand, if you pick up a samsung smartphone or a oneplus smartphone, you will feel that premium experience, and you will feel that you know weightlessness thats absent on the google pixel six now design wise. It is good, it looks good, but it does not feel good and that kind of gives you a bad experience and thats what happened with me over the period of a couple of months, and you know when i realized this.

I realized this when i switched to another smartphone like i was using the google pixel 6 for the longest time, because there was no smartphone launches at that time. But as soon as new smartphones came in even the budget ones, they felt way better as compared to the google pixel 6.. The second point is battery life battery life on google. Pixel 6 has just been ok, its not been the best out there and its not even been good its been okay, im, not saying its bad or worse, but its not impressive either. I thought with software updates: google will improve the battery life, but that was not the case. The battery just lasted me throughout the day and i had to charge it towards the end of the day and the worst part is that the charging is very slow. I tried a bunch of fast chargers with the google pixel 6, but none of them seem to be working to their full potential. Now i did not own the device, but then i could see how much wattage it was pulling, but i can say that the charging was slow and that was a very frustrating experience. We have budget smartphones, smartphones, which cost 26000 rupees charging at 120 watts and google pixel 6 is, you know, not charging very fast, so thats a really big con for me, but theres. One more reason why battery life is not the best out there on google pixel six, which brings me to my third reason why i sold this smartphone and that is the google tensor chip.

So this is the first year that google made their own silicon called as tensor and with tensor google promised some really amazing things. They did and achieved all those amazing things with software and ai features, but what they could not do was optimize that chip for the hardware that is present in the google pixel 6., for example, battery life battery life, has not been the best out there, because tensor Is not that optimized similar thing goes for performance performance of google pixel 6 has been smooth, but its not the best out there. You would get somewhere on snapdragon 870 level performance, but it is not sustained performance, its a very unstable experience, its not stable at all. Also tensor heats up very quickly. If you are doing something intensive like playing game for a couple of hours, then you can feel the tensor chip heating up and then dropping down the performance. Basically, it will throttle, and that is an issue we have seen similar things with. The exynos chips as well, like samsung, has struggled with exynos for a long period of time, and finally, this year they switched to snapdragon, because the indian fans were not happy with exynos. Now this does not mean that google should stop making chipsets. That would be the worst case scenario. They should make chipsets its just that they should optimize them more and then a couple of years im pretty sure that google will get way better in making chipsets apple makes really good chipsets with their a series, because they have been doing it for so many years.

Im pretty sure that google will get there but yeah, it definitely needs improvement and optimization. This gets me. The fourth reason why i sold google pixel 6, and that is because of video performance. This smartphone can click some really good photos out there in terms of photos. Google pixel 6 is top notch. In fact, the price of the normal google pixel 6 is lesser and it can outperform all the smartphones in its price segment for photography. Photos are really good in terms of detail level, dynamic range, colors and theyre very contrasty as well. In terms of photos, pixel 6 does not disappoint in daylight, as well as low lighting conditions. Night sight works like a charm and it is literally magic. You can shoot some unbelievable shots at night time as well, using the google pixel 6.. But i cannot say the same about videography. I thought with tensorship. Google will get better at videography, but thats not the case. Videos on google pixel 6 were just average and not the best out there. Iphones are still the chap out there in terms of videography and i would blindly trust an iphone for shooting good videos. But i cannot say the same about google pixel, 6 and yeah thats. A big deal for me because i shoot a lot of videos and now, with instagram reels, i shoot even more videos thats why i would prefer an iphone now talking about instagram. I dont know what the problem is with android, but instagram app for android, clearly sucks and google pixel 6 is no exception to that.

The instagram and snapchat experience on google pixel 6 is trash, its literally trash as compared to an iphone. So, in conclusion, here are the four reasons why i sold the google pixel 6. first up its an uncomfortable smartphone second, is battery life and charging third is the optimization of tensor chip and, fourth reason is video performance. These four reasons were enough for me to sell the google pixel 6 and wait for the google pixel 7. im, hoping that google will address most of the issues with google pixel 6 in pixel 7, and then the experience will be better. I will make sure to buy the google pixel 7 because i want to see where google goes. I dont want them to stop. Google pixel 6 is a step in the right direction and google is definitely doing a good job over here. I want to see them improve and yeah thats. Why im making this long term review? I want to see the google pixel 6 lineup succeed, but until then at least in india you should go for a samsung phone or a oneplus phone in the similar price range. So if you are planning to import it from the us, then dont go through that hassle buy a good samsung phone over here, and you will be better off trust me on that, but yeah anyway, that was my long term review of the google pixel 6.. Do let me know how you feel about this video in the comment section down below if you like, this content, go ahead that like button and if you havent already please subscribe to the channel, will mean the world to me.