This thing costs five times less and yet somehow it keeps up. This is the poco x4 pro its a successor to the poco x3 lineup that took the internet by storm over the last two years, but this time around theyve taken that secret formula and push it to the next level and its off to a flying start with This packaging, you get a clear squidgy case, a screen protector, the phone itself, a 67 watt, turbo charger, apparently and a usbc, cable, Music. So im going to show you why this phone in particular is so ridiculously impressive. But then i also want to show you how it is the epitome of every single thing that is wrong with the budget phone market right now. So the very first thing that youll notice is how well designed it is not luxury per se. It lacks the density of a flagship, but the glass back gives it a touch of elegance, theres, absolutely zero flexing or signs of sloppy construction, and the fact that the phone is not too heavy combined with the tight corners means that i think it pulls off the Completely flat, look without feeling, jabby or leaving marks in your hand, but even more so than the design pockets. Just theyve just nailed the feeling of using the phone. You really get the impression that theyve agonized over the details, which is not something i thought id be saying about a pocophone. The side mounted fingerprint scanner means that by the time youve tapped your power button youre in the haptics are so good that they took me off guard.

Every action you take is rewarded with a soft, reassuring vibration. Every time you tap a button in the ui. Every time you push a slider to the end, every time you turn the phone on standby plus this phone just ticks boxes, its got a dual speaker, one firing at the bottom, one firing at the top, an ir blaster to use it as a tv remote, a Headphone jack and even ip53 splash proofing im like me, but if i had to isolate one thing about this, one thing: thats just too good for less than three hundred dollars, because its the easiest place to cut corners its this screen. You wan na know why this barely feels like a downgrade from my iphone its because of how bright and fluid this display is, with the only interruption being this tiny little hole punch up top. There is a bit of a chin at the bottom, but thats quite significantly countered by the fact that the panel itself is a 120 hertz amoled 1200 nit, almost perfectly color accurate experience, the latter being a a treat that i was not expecting. But yeah i mean i can confidently edit my photos on this phone and be rest assured that when i post them, theyre gon na turn out the way that they look on this screen. You know that battery test we made recently, i made the final edit to the thumbnail of that video on this phone. The display quality was the achilles heel of the poco x3, but this time theyve genuinely taken that weakness and turned it into a strength.

And so now, ive been handing this phone to person after person over the last few days, asking them to have a flick through the ui and then guess how much this thing costs ive had ‘9. 400. 450 even 500. Not a single person was close. Mind you. I dont have an exact price for this right now. All ive been given is a ballpark figure of between 250 and 300, but you can see the point right and if you are enjoying this video, then a sub to the channel would be polite and poco has somehow managed to do all of this, while still over Delivering on the power experience it doesnt feel quite flagship. There is some like hesitation when youre rapidly flicking between abs. It does take an extra half a second to load photos, but the fact that you are getting a strong, mid range chip in this case, the fairly recent snapdragon 695 – means that for scrolling and browsing and to be honest, even 90 of gaming, you might not even Realize the difference coming from a flagship phone, i wouldnt call myself a hardcore phone gamer, but i have imported my entire repertoire of go 2 games and they all run perfectly at high settings and while playing them, i havent had to think once about battery with what I would say: are average days of playing scrolling and photo taking. You know about five hours of screen on time, im ending these days with a minimum of 30 left, and that is with 120 hertz refresh rates enabled and then, from that 30.

It literally takes 25 30 minutes with this fast charger until im back to 100 again wow. Now, all of this begs a very obvious question: how how on earth did budget phones just a few years ago? Look like this with poor lcd screens, puny, looking cameras and laggy performance, and yet now you can get the full flagship shebang for just 250. ill. Tell you – and i would say this is the problem with 90 of budget devices nowadays see smartphones are getting more and more complex. Weve now got 5g weve got three plus cameras on the back. Weve got really advanced software features and ai, but with a cheap phone you cant possibly implement all these things properly and, at the same time, its become easier than ever to just pretend. So this is what most of these companies resort to, because an average consumer isnt going to know any better. Most of the real progress being made here is happening on the inside and in other intangible ways, but in order to keep selling phones, these companies just have to keep exaggerating the more visible features further and further to the point where these phones. Now they quite often look like they do something without really doing it properly. So, for example, 5g, this phone technically has 5g its in the marketing material, its on the back of the phone its in the name. This phone is actually called the poco x4 pro 5g, but just like pretty much every budget phone.

The 5g here is not actually reliable enough to make it worth spending the extra 10 a month to actually upgrade to a 5g contract, and so i reckon that 95 of users will be impressed by the fact that it has 5g and might well be swayed by It as it likens this phone to more expensive phones that do actually have better antennae and support more 5g bands, but theyll never actually use it on this phone or for another example. The software. This is not bad software. For the most part, it is tactile, fluid and feet ridge it just. It feels like its built to mislead people a bit like how this is never mentioned. You wouldnt know this before buying it, but the poco x4 pro is absolutely rammed with bloatware. I counted up the number of apps. The phone starts with, they have a guess. Actually: 30. 40 nope 61. There are 61 apps pre installed on this phone and that includes games, shopping, apps, even travel agency, apps littered with spammy offers. It looks like theyve also created a new screen that pops up every single time you install an app just so they can show you an ad its, not a big deal if youre in the know, itll probably take you 10 minutes to get rid of all the Bloat and disable the ads but im just trying to make you aware of how these companies are managing to make phones that are this good, so affordable, theyll be getting paid to have these apps and these ads pre installed on their phones but theres.

Another catch like the skin that this phone is running on is called miui 13. and my best guess as to why theyve called it miui 13 is to give people who are less in the know. The impression that it is running on the future of android android. 13., but it isnt doing that its not even running on the current version of android android 12. It is in fact running on android 11 from 2020, then knowing pocos track record itll, most likely never get an android update beyond android 13.. Again its not a deal. Breaker, especially given that more recent versions of android they arent as major and upgrade as they used to be, but its yet another, slightly hidden way that the companys managing to squeeze out a little bit more profit. The most obnoxious example of this by far, though, is this camera system. It looks wild doesnt, it im pretty sure. Theyve made it like this to remind you of the 1400 xiaomi mi 11 ultra with that camera module that spans the entire back of the phone and its got all the buzzwords its a 108 megapixel ai triple camera, but only in the technical sense of the words To clarify for the price, it is not bad in broad daylight, its actually rather capable you can get decent natural background blur and plenty of detail with that 108 megapixel mode, but it gets completely demolished in anything even resembling low light. The video quality is consistently poor and capped at 1080p and not to mention that these two other cameras, the ultrawide and the macro – are not something youre going to want to use theyre grainy, even in like a best case scenario, oh and that other camera thats.

Just the word ai, for the second time it already says ai once here, youve got two ais and neither of them can take a proper video im. Just looking at the grain on my t, shirt right now considering this is like broad daylight thats, its pretty rough, to be clear. This is the kind of camera experience that you would expect for 250. The camera is fine, its just the way theyre making this look and the way theyre marketing it id find it hard to believe that people wont feel misled its a bit like if someone released a car that looked like a lamborghini was being marketed as a sports Car on a budget, but then you buy it and you realize its actually just using the engine of a scooter heres. The crux of this video, though the poco x4 pro its an awesome bit of kit and i 100 recommend it, but just be aware that there are no miracles here for 250 youre, not getting a thousand dollar flagship. There are compromises with a budget phone, and you just got to bear in mind that those compromises are becoming much harder to read nowadays than they used to be three four years ago. Youd know the second: you looked at a phone if it was budget, but nowadays companies have got sneakier and the caveats are much less obvious to check out some of the most extreme phones on the planet. Click here and stay tuned for the 10 million video its coming really soon and its going to blow you away.

My name is aaron.