Today we were talking about the regular galaxy s22, which quite honestly, is a phone that just does everything really really well. I really like this phone so lets get into it. Lets talk galaxy s22. When i first took this phone out of the box, the first thought that came into my head was this phone feels and looks a lot like the galaxy s21. Now, of course, it has all of the goodies that the s21 came with right. Your wireless charging reverse wireless charging and your ip68 water and dust resistance rating and to be fair. The s22 does have a fair amount of differences between the s21. But i wouldnt blame you. If you looked at the s22 and confused it for last years model now, one of the big differences is going to be the fact that the s22 has gorilla glass victus on the back. But when youre holding the phone i mean it just. It feels great the ergonomics on the s22 are insanely good. I was, i remember, taking it out of the box and thinking to myself, damn this phone feels really nice just holding it, let alone actually using the phone now. I think that in hand feel is due to a couple of reasons. The phone does feel slightly thicker and the display is slightly smaller than last years s21 and its easy to sit here and just talk about all the individual pieces. But ultimately, what it leads to is a phone that feels excellent in the hand and is just a pleasure to use now, while the display is smaller.

The quality is surprise, surprise, excellent and, when i say smaller, its marginal 6.1 inches on the s22 versus 6.2. On the s21, but that slightly smaller screen size actually leads to the fact that the phone feels so good in the hand, and also the fact that one handed use on this phone is actually really doable, and it feels really refreshing. Considering im coming from phones like the 13 pro max, the google pixel 6 pro the galaxy z, fold 3, just smartphones that have massive displays now, while i was using this phone, i remember thinking at some point in time that 6.1 inches is probably the limit in Terms of how compact a smartphone screen should be – and i know its wild – we live in a day and age. That 6.1 inches would be considered compact on a smartphone display but backtrack with me for a second, because i want to touch a little bit more on the quality, its excellent you get 120 hertz refresh rate the super fast super, accurate, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and you get 1300 nits peak max brightness, which means that even when youre outside in sunlight, youre gon na have no problem seeing the content on your screen. I love this display and one thing that might shock you and it shocked me as well – is that it comes in at 1080p resolution and i never thought to myself while i was using it. This is a display with a 1080p resolution.

The only thing i kept thinking was this is just an excellent smartphone display, so we know that the phone feels really good in the hand, and we know that the display is excellent and im also really happy to tell you that the performance is excellent too. Now there are a couple of different factors that are working together here in order to lead to that performance experience and on one hand we have the snapdragon 8 gen, 1 4 nanometer processor, its fantastic. On the other end, we have android 12 out of the box with one ui 4.1, which is also great software. We have eight gigs of ram, which i think is perfect for a 2022 flagship, android phone and its also perfect for multitasking, and we also have samsung doing a great job of delivering monthly security patch updates on some of their newer smartphones. I mean there have been times where ive gotten a security patch on my galaxy z, fold 3 faster than ive gotten on my pixel 6 or my pixel 6 pro and thats, not to say that the pixel 6 has a bad software experience. But it just goes to show you that samsung has been working hard to get security patches out for their latest and greatest smartphones. Now, all of these things combined to lead to the type of smartphone experience where there were multiple times throughout my testing period, with this phone that i was using it for some time and then i would set it down on a desk and almost forget that i Was using it a few seconds beforehand, because everything just works really well its the type of experience that its just seamless and its so seamless that you could forget that you were actually using the phone, which is a good thing.

Hopefully, thats coming across to you on camera, the one area of the phone that i was really curious to see during the testing period was battery life because i looked up the specs of the entire range before they actually got delivered to me and the s22 comes With a 3700 milliamp hour battery thats, obviously paired to the snapdragon 8 gen 1, which is qualcomms latest most powerful processor. So i was wondering to myself how well the s22 would perform from a battery life perspective, and i was actually surprised. There were multiple occasions where i got well over five hours of screen on time during my daily use, and i had absolutely no problem going through the end of the day with plenty of battery life left now i will say that if youre really heavy on multitasking, Multiple apps or, if youre, really heavy on things like 3d gaming or certain applications that are going to require constant work from the phone like consistent gps, navigation or maybe youre into playing games like pokemon. Go that require gps location consistently, while youre using it and its also just constantly keeping your screen on then yeah. You could probably kill this phone in the course of a day, but for most folks i think youre going to be just fine getting through the end of at least one day with this battery samsung also did a great job of delivering a flagship, smartphone camera experience That again, it just works theres, nothing flashy about the setup, theres, no massive megapixel numbers or anything like that.

Its just a really solid, triple camera array, so lets talk about it, real, quick and talk about the quality of photos that it produces. We are looking at a 50 megapixel wide angle, a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle and a 10 megapixel telephoto with three times optical zoom, although when youre in the viewfinder, you can go up to 30x zoom thatll be digitally, though so. Keep that in mind and in terms of the pictures that youre producing its your typical samsung flagship photos. They are slightly saturated and very, very vibrant, so theyre not necessarily color accurate, but theyre still super super pleasing to look at. And there are a couple of examples of photos that ive taken that kind of show this whenever youre looking at lets, say a pair of sneakers like the dark, marina, blue, jordan ones in actuality. That blue in real life is a little bit darker whenever youre. Looking at it in person, whereas the s22 kind of captures it slightly more vibrant and saturated, and we will look at another pair of sneakers like the jordan one patent, bread in actuality again, those sneakers are slightly toned down in terms of their color, but on the S22, it looks like a super saturated shiny red leather when its more of a dark red in actuality, but hey. The photos are super pleasing to look at and theyre really easy on the eyes. Ive always said this about samsung flagship smartphones when it comes to cameras and their image processing.

These are the types of photos that, if you have easy access to printing them, youre going to want to print these out and frame them and hang them up in your house, because theyre just really nice to look at. They might not necessarily be super color accurate. But at the end of the day, theyre still great quality photos and theyre easy on the eyes. So im still happy with the camera experience here but thats. The galaxy s22, like i said its just the type of smartphone experience that is really seamless all around to the point where sometimes you you might even forget that youre using it, i dont know if that necessarily categorizes it as like a boring smartphone, but its just. The type of flagship phone that everything works really well on it, so i dont really blame samsung for not making too many changes here i mean they made your standard refinements for one additional calendar year and they basically left it at that, because everything on the s22 Works really well now. Lets talk about price starts at 799 for 128 gigs of storage, which, in that six to seven to eight hundred dollar price range. You are finding some pretty stiff competition nowadays, like you could buy, obviously a phone like the pixel 6 for a lot cheaper than 7.99 and depending on what youre looking for in an android phone, the pixel 6 may be more your type of android smartphone.

But one thing i got to give samsung a lot of credit for is the ridiculous types of deals that they have on their website, especially if you pre order. So they were offering some ridiculous trade in values for your current smartphone and theyre, offering like a free storage upgrade, which is not something you see from a lot of tech companies nowadays. So 7.99 is not bad if you can get it for cheaper with a trade in or if you can get some sort of deal on it. I definitely think the smartphone is worth it. The s22 is just a great all around phone. So if you enjoyed our review, make sure you subscribe, especially if youre new here and you definitely want to hit subscribe, because we have a lot of stuff coming right. We have the s22 plus coming. We have the s22 ultra coming and while were here, i do have a question for you leave your answer in the comments. If you dont mind, would you like to see us review any of the tablets from the s8 line, the standard, the plus or the ultra, because those kind of look amazing and im thinking about getting them in studio? So if thats something youd be interested in, let me know in the comments section but as always, thank you so much for watching ill, see you guys in the next video stay safe, crazy times.