If you want to pick up either one, these phones, including some ones in between links, will be down in the description you can get them from there and help support the channel. At the same time, now on the front, the samsung galaxy s10 actually had a beautiful 6.1 inch. Dynamic amoled display its 1440p and it is a perfect panel. I mean this thing is beautiful, still its curved on the sides, which is beautiful a little bit of bezel on the bottom, a little bit of bezel top compared to the s22, obviously, but its really, not that bad hole. Punch display really the only thing thats, even kind of not even an issue, but something thats kind of willing to note is no 120 hertz, but other than that. This is a really good panel and even now, in 2022, it holds up really well the s22. On the other hand, its a very very good panel 6.1 inch dynamic, amoled display as well. I hate the samsung pay thing. It is a 1080p panel which is a little bit different. Obviously you know this. One was 1440p, this is 1080p, but you do have a 120hz on this panel, which is great. The hole punch display is centered, which is cool, but i definitely do think i like the design still more on something like the galaxy s10. Although the galaxy s22 is probably the one outside with now in terms of thinness and thickness theres, a little bit of a difference as well, the galaxy s22 is a much thicker phone at least thats.

What it feels like, maybe the maximum thickness is about the same, but because the galaxy s10 kind of curves inwards youre pretty much feeling a thinner point on the s10, where youre feeling the thickest point at all times on the galaxy s22. So definitely a thicker phone. But one thing about the s22 is it feels much smaller than the galaxy s10, even though its pretty much the same size display on the back? We have glass backs on both, but we have the standard glass back on the s10, with the galaxy s22 has that frosted glass back, which looks and feels beautiful? Definitely one of my favorite things about this phone for sure. It feels much more premium than the s22 and it feels more premium. I mean thats 21 and it feels more premium than the s10 as well triple camera setups on both ip certification on both as well. You do have a micro sd card slot on the galaxy s10 and you have a headphone jack as well on the galaxy s10 too, so thats some really really premium io to have on this type of phone thats. Definitely one of my favorite things about this phone. For sure and how it holds up in 2022 without a doubt now in terms of longevity, this is another thing to keep in mind with the galaxy s10. I think its probably on its last version of software. I think when ui4 is probably the last one its going to get so its going to last for another year now and then after that, the galaxy s and after that the galaxy s20 is going to last longer than this one.

But this one, i think, is one of those phones that the softwares you know its not going to last as long as the hardware. The hardware of this phone is so good, but its pretty much on its last. Its still supported. So i wouldnt even worry about it. Its gon na get your security updates, its still supportive for the time being, which is great, the galaxy s22 pretty much is just getting started with software updates, and this is a really big thing to keep in mind. Samsung has increased the software support once more, which is awesome, so were getting four years of os updates and five years of security updates. So this phones pretty much lasting like five to six years, which is great speaking about software updates. We have one right here so without a doubt i would highly recommend you. I mean if you want to get a phone thats going to last the longest amount of time. This is the one for sure. So, in terms of that that covers it up there now its going to speed comparison between both these phones, the samsung galaxy s10, has a qualcomm snapdragon 855 chipset inside of it, with eight gigabytes of ram on each of the models that came out with this phone. With the samsung galaxy s22 has that qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset inside of it with eight gigabytes of ram as well on this device and real quick. The s10 did have a six gigabyte of ram option, but this is the six giga ram option.

So keep that in mind so lets go and see which one is the faster one between both of these okay. There we go. Hopefully it looks a little clean for you guys. All the apps are clear out in the background, as you guys can tell so lets get into it. Lets do phone calls three two one and the s22 was definitely faster. There lets get into messages three two one, i think the actually they i dont really know which one is faster there to be honest. Lets do camera three two one and i would definitely say the galaxy s22 is probably a little bit faster. There lets go and take a photo on night mode, three, two one, so this one did not automatically detect night mode on that one which was weird galaxy, store three two one and about the same thing too, not really that big of a difference play store. Three two one and definitely the galaxy s22 is faster here. This is a test where you can pretty much see which one is the fastest one, and the play store is always one of those apps that goes through, and you can even tell from these two i dont know if you can talk with the camera, but the Galaxy s 22 is much smoother than the galaxy s10. The s10 is glitching up a little bit the s22 extremely smooth, which probably has more to do with that. You know 120 hertz display.

As always, we have a bunch of these third party apps. We can test as well so lets get into it. Lets do temple run 2, which i dont even have here, which is weird lets. Do snake vs blocks 3, 2, 1 and the s22 was faster here, yes, 10, a little bit slower. Definitely not a problem at all hopping out of this. One lets do stack three two and i dont know where all these applications are on this phone snapchat. Three two one s22 was faster there, fruit, ninja three, two one and it looks like the s22 – is going to be the faster one here as well, and you can tell actually that was kind of close. They kind of got into this panel. At least the next panel, a little bit faster than i was expecting, lets go get into something like instagram three, two one and thats ten was actually a little bit faster there. That was kind of surprising too and lets do. Thank you three two one and the s22 was faster there as well. Gameplay is probably going to be very similar and lets go and hop out of this one and lets go and do both. I guess three, two one and the s22 was faster, but that was also very, very close on the galaxy s10. Now we can go and get into here and get into some of these third party applications do lets. Do clock two one or some of these first party applications? If i will, we can go into game launcher.

Three. Two lets go to gallery three, two one so theres a lot of similarities here, im, actually not seeing like a crazy, big difference in terms of speed. You know again this game. This one came on 2019 lets, go get into something like you know, play music or something we can do calendar three. Two one dude theres a lot of similarity here, so i will go ahead and do his full speed comparison between these. But im actually pretty surprised about the similarity in terms of performance. I think the s22 is the faster one for sure and the smoother one. But there is a lot more similarity than i thought in terms of the camera setup. We have a triple camera setup on both the galaxy s10 has a 12 megapixel wide angle, lens 12 megapixel telephoto lens, then a 16 megapixel ultrawide sensor with a galaxy s22 has that 50 megapixel wide angle, lens 10 megapixel telephoto lens, then a 12 megapixel ultrawide sensor. Now, as ive kind of mentioned before, both these phones, you know, have great cameras. The galaxy s10s camera was really good when it first came out and its still really good. 4K, 60 on the back in the front of both of these, the galaxy s22 does have the capability actually of going up to 8k on the back, which is amazing, both of them kind of have the same thing going on so theyre, not really like crazy cool Features, but if i go and go here, if you can see from at least in my opinion, theres definitely more features on the galaxy s 22s camera, but im still surprised how great of a job the s10 still does.

The s10s camera capability is still great. You know you have the capability zooming in zooming out a lot which is great and the camera is going to look awesome. I love this triple camera setup for sure and when i do my full speed, i want to do my full camera comparison. You guys will be able to tell and the galaxy s22 camera is definitely the better one, samsung teamed up with snapchat and instagram and tick tock to actually improve the video quality of these and in the camera quality in general of those applications and thats. One of the biggest you know, complaints and now that should be improved with this phone as well. So when i do my full camera comparison ill, let you guys know theres, also a little bit of a difference in the battery size department, youre, getting a bigger battery size on the s22 by 300 million powers, which is nice. But that begs the question which specific phone should you go and pick up? Should you save some money and buy an s10, or should you spend some more money and get some galaxy s22 action? What im going to tell you is the galaxy s22 is definitely the better phone. You know this. One is not really that big of a competition, this one is going to be having such a long lifespan ahead of it. You have an amazing camera set up amazing speed. 120 hertz display all pretty much everything that has 10 had, but just better, i guess, but the galaxy s10 for its price tag right now, and for how old this phone is.

I am surprised how great of a job samsung did in 2019 how this phone still holds up so well. You have a microsd card slot on this phone, a headphone jack, which is amazing, beautiful, display great build quality, pretty much everything you would want in a phone. This thing still completely holds up its definitely not perfect. Compared to nowadays you dont have 120 hertz panel. You dont, have you know, like 12 gigabytes of ram. You can spec up to on like an s22 ultra, but this is a still a very good phone and i would highly recommend you guys to pick it up for sure. So in terms of that that covers it up there, like, i said if you guys want to pick these phones up, links are down in the description hit the like button, if you guys enjoy the video, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly, everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch.