Check out. This review so lets start with unboxing, as we can see the smartphone coming in this white box. Lets. Look at whats inside the box at the top of the box we found our smartphone tcl30si will put it aside for a while lets. Look now at what else is in this package other than the phone. What we have here. It is one sim needle a quick start guide with the safety and variant informations along with our new smartphone. We also get this transparent, silicone protective mask to better preserve our new smartphone. For the first time, it will be very useful lets see whats still in the box wow. There are also headphones with a 3.5 millimeter connector, which is a really rarity to get headphones in a package together with the mobile phone. Today there is also usb type c, cable, Music and finally, a 10 volt charger. Well, that was the contains of this box, so lets move on on the smartphone itself, Music. Now let me mention who this smartphone is for. It is for all those who want a new phone, but in a reasonable price range for all those who love the simplicity of design and reality brand, like this tcl for everyone who wants the big screen, a big battery with the economically processor that lasts for days. A phone that has a large storage capacity and good camera to capture moments of your loved ones, all that on a budget.

Well for all of you who want to just that, this smartphone is made for you, so lets take a look as befits as inexpensive smartphone. The tlc 30s, i received a nice plastic case and its design is minimalistic and restrained. There is nothing special about it. It is simple, but tasteful. The phone comes in two color options, gray and blue, and we have this latest on our review. As we can see, the back here is a glossy, a deep blue which tints in the lighter shades, creating the effect of semi precious stone. The lid plays beautiful in the light, and since the backside is glossy, it collects fingerprints in the upper left corner. There is a triple main camera with the flash. The modules are placed on a small pedestrian mode of made rough plastic. A fingerprint scanner was placed next to the camera unit. A brand logo was applied in the lower left right corner and a technical marking was applied on the left corner, which is barely noticeable at a certain angle. The edges of the phone are made of made plastic that is pleasant to touch the smartphone weights, an average of 190 grams, and it is comfortable to hold in hand thanks to the matte edges and its not brought to slippering. The display takes about two point: five percent of the front panel. The bezels are quite large with the chin, but there is some standard in this price range. The eight megapixel front facing camera is housed in the teardrop shaped notch, and its 6.

52 screen is comfortable with one hand. The main elements which include the fingerprint scanner on the control button are in the right place and they are easy to use the main controls and connectors are in the predictable places to the left on the screen. There is a slot for a memory card and a pair of nano sim, so here we have a slot for as many of three seats, which is a really rarity today to the right. There are volume buttons and the power button on the upper edge. There is a 3.5 millimeter audio jack as well as holes for a microphone on the opposite side. There is usb type c charging port and symmetrically perforation. For external speaker, the screen is ips 6.52 inches with a resolution of 720 by 1600, a pixel density or 269 ppi, and the brightness up to 400 meters. The standard refresh rate is 60 hertz. The display is pretty good. It is characterized by natural cord reproduction ips. A good supply of brightness providing decent irritability outdoors on sunny weather, low pixel density practically does not affect on the image, whether is a text or graphic content. So the screen is pretty good for this price range and it is made in nxt vision technology in the settings. You can change the color mode with it natural and advanced. There is dark theme, automatic brightness adjustment, customizable, high protection mode, lock, screen settings and etc. The tcl for tsi is powered by the eight core helio g25 processor, of which four cores are cortex r53, with the maximum clock speed of 2.

0 gigahertz, the smartphone has two versions for 64 gigabyte and for 128 gigabytes, which have microsd support up to 520 gigabyte. Wireless interfaces consist of wi fi, 2.4 gigahertz, bluetooth, 5.0 nfc and archaeological services, gps, rgps glonass. Of course, it is worth understanding that this smartphone will such hardware is decent mode for everyday use and perhaps for some light gaming, simpler titles, it fulfills everyday tasks with no issues. Multitasking does not bother it one a bit a lot of parallel running process work as they should fluid the tcl 30. Si is based on the latest. Android 12, though, which the tcl 4.0 shell, the ui, is quite pleasant, the main menu with apps. There is all available programs and sorted by category its very easy to use. Another interesting feature is the side panel, similar to the implemented in the us series of flagships from samsung. You can set up quick access to the most frequently used. Apps and contacts lets go to the cameras now. The main camera consists of the three sensors 3 megapixel samsung sensor, a 2 megapixel micro camera with a 2 megapixel and the 2 megapixel depth sensor, and there is also led flash. The main module allows you to short video in full hd with 30 fps. Shooting modes are represented by a standard, video and hyperlapse for videos and the automatic mode portlet panorama macro and pro 4 steel images. There is also an ultra high resolution mode for 50 megapixel pictures and how these photos look like with this phone lets.

Look further in this video Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Music. So so, as you can see, the camera result is not perfect, but for a budget phone it is quite good lets move on the battery. The battery here is a pretty big. It is five thousand million power battery, which will this economical processors can last for up to two days of use, which is great and the charging can we take just over two hours by itself. The tcl for tsi is a budget solution for a demanding user who needs, on the other hand, a simple device and, on the other hand, modern features. The new phone has a nice screen with a really good viewing angles and brightness a neat decent design, sufficient performance for everyday tasks and a pleasant ui, a decent main camera module nfc a decent battery life. The official sales links are below this. Video now is the chance to get your new smartphone at a better price. Let it be this tcl 30si, but hurry up, because the promotion is very short.