They have a nearly equal display size and both are little compact and small. Now, talking about the display of asus 8g, it comes with the 5.9 inch full hd plus display, which is the amoled display. It has a 120 hertz refresh it with corner corning gorilla glass victors as a protection. If we talk about the iphone 13, it comes with a display of 6.1 inch. Super retina oled display with 800 nits brightness, whereas the asus hd comes with the 1100 nits of brightness. If you talk about the both the devices both are coming with the ip68 waterproof rating both are coming with the google glass protection, whereas the asus 8g has a victus gorilla glass victors, whereas the iphone 13 hasnt mentioned, which gorilla glass isnt present in that now coming Into few more things, the battery of asus 8z is 4000 mah, whereas the iphone 13, the battery is 3240. So this is the battery. If you talk about the ram, it comes with the 8 gb of ram in asus 8g, whereas iphone 13 comes with the 4gb of ram. Now coming to the 5g connectivity, both the smartphone comes with the 5g connectivity. Both have a good audio. The iphone 13 comes with the stereo audio, whereas the asus 8g comes with the direct hd audio. So the audio quality is definitely good and i will definitely give you the samples in this video. We are going to play the bgmi battlegrounds mobile india, and also we will play the call of duty mobile in both the smartphone, and you can have the experience which gives you a better experience while playing the game.

And if you talk about the graphics support. Both of them are in the top notch of graphic support, as we know that the asus 8g comes with the snapdragon triple it, and whereas the iphone 13 comes with the a15 bionic chip, so both are powerful, chipset and both can handle the game very easily. So lets start the gaming with bgmi. First lets go, routine, has scored for the first time, flair get me down so so. Okay, the red team is in the lead, for the red is love mercy. Talking down reloading, get me down cuddly. Someone has been here reloading playing the bgmi. Now we will play the call of duty mobile, but one more thing. I want to feature that the asus 8g gives you a game genie which is not present in iphone 30. um heading down back up, oh Music down. Please yes, so this is all about the gaming experience on asus 8g and iphone 13. Both come with a different price tag. The asus 8z is available for 42 triple line, whereas the iphone 13 is more than 65 000, but in the offer you can get it. Some somewhat less, but this is all about in this video of gaming, between asus hd versus iphone 13. This is riven signing off. Please, like the video share.