So what sorts of high end features? Does the iq9 pro bring to the table and will for gsm, marina and lets find out in our full review Music? The aiku brand iqo is something relatively new. The first iku device came out in 2019 as part of a new lineup from vivo, but now theyve split into their own company and were up to the 9 series already. The iku9 pro was a flagship through and through, and ours is extra special since its the legend edition, it brings a bmw, motorsport branded racing stripe, design, which looks great together with the matte white finish. The blue power button is also a nice touch. Besides the stripes, the other attention grabbing feature here is the huge glass camera bump that stretches across the back side. The back panel is made of glass with a subtle, etched pattern and it tapers into the aluminum frame the etching, and finish mean that this phone is grippier than youd expect and its curves help. It feel thin and comfy in the hand if the stripes arent your thing, there is also a variant called dark cruise. Its back is made of an aramid fiber material developed by dupont, but either way the phone is ip52 rated against dust and light splashes. The front of the iq9 pro also brings some curves its, not a true curved display, though, while the glass tapers into the frame the panel underneath is flat. This screen is cutting edge, its a 6.

78 inch second gen ltpo amoled, with a qhd resolution and 120 hertz refresh rate with a pixel density of almost 520 ppi content, looks extra sharp on the iq 9 pros display and you get those deep, amoled blacks too. The support for 10 bit color and hdr, 10 plus and colors can be very accurate depending on the color profile you choose. Maximum brightness is also exceptional. Here we measured around 440 nits with a manual slider, and this boosts up to 1 000 nits in auto mode. When out in bright sun, thanks to the 120 hertz refresh rate movement like swiping and scrolling on screen is super smooth and the refresh rate is adaptive all the way down to 10 hertz to save energy theres. No support for high frame rate gaming and games are capped at 60fps, but thanks to an intelligent display chip, the iq9 pro can use memc interpolation to raise that to 90fps, but this is only supported in a couple of games so far speaking of gaming, this panel Has a responsive, 300hz touch sampling rate which can momentarily boost up to a blazing fast 1000 hertz aiku says this will give you the extra edge against your opponent and then theres the fingerprint reader, which sits under the display weve never had such a quick and painless Experience when registering a fingerprint and after that, the reader is quite responsive, theres. Another neat feature here called quick action: theres space for two app icons on the extra large scanning area, and if you press there, the phone will unlock and automatically launch the app for audio.

The iq9 pro has a stereo setup with the earpiece acting as the second speaker. It earned a very good mark on our loudness chart and audio quality is great too, with rich mids, crisp highs and even some bays Music. You get 256 or 512 gigs of storage. On board the iq 9 pro and thats it it isnt expandable. The interface of the iq9 pro is vivos fun touch 12 over android 12.. It brings a bunch of proprietary apps and a custom. Look, for example, the quick toggles up at the top are square, and the app drawer has a separate page for widgets. The ui is also quite customizable. For example, the dynamic effects page includes options for your animations. The phone has an ir blaster, which means that through the smart, remote app, you can use the iq9 pro to control. Various appliances and the ultra game mode provides plenty of settings to enhance your gaming experience, and these can be accessed through an overlay in game. These include do not disturb performance modes and display enhancements. The icoo 9 pro brings a top of the line. Chipset, a qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1., its built on a 4 nanometer process and provides some of the best performance you can get on an android phone as well as 5g connectivity. The iq 9 pro tops the benchmark, charts and heavy tasks, and games run great here. The phone did warm up quite a lot during our stress test, but in real situations thermals are decent.

The icu 9 pro has a 4 700 milliamp hour battery, which is split into two cells for faster charging. It was able to score a very good 97 hour endurance rating in our tests. The phone comes with a huge 120 watt charger in the box and theres support for 50 watt wireless charging too. Charging speed is crazy fast here, with the wired adapter, we were able to charge the phone from zero to 100 in just 21 minutes and now weve come to the cameras on the back theres, a 50 megapixel gimbal stabilized main cam, a 50 megapixel ultra wide cam With a 150 degree field of view and a 16 megapixel telephoto cam with 2.5 times optical zoom photos from the main cam come out at 12.5 megapixels and they are great theres, low noise and saturated yet likable colors. The dynamic range is adequate and not over the top. The level of detail is high too, but upon close inspection, some intricate details do appear to be over processed. For some reason, when you zoom on the default viewfinder, you wont get output from the telephoto cam, but a digital crop from the main one. In order to enable the telephoto, you need to go into pro mode instead, something that we hope will be addressed through a future. Software update the digital, zoom isnt bad, but the detail level takes a hit due to the upscaling. The actual telephoto zoom appears to be missing the multi stacking magic, so these shots are noisier, and yet they have acceptable resolved detail.

Good contrast and accurate colors portraits are taken with either the main cam or the telephoto subjects come out detailed, sharp and well exposed. However, the subject separation isnt flagship grade – and you may end up with some errors around stray hair. The ultra wide cam has a native 150 degree field of view, but by default this is cropped to provide barrel distortion correction. These shots are outstanding with an excellent level of detail for this kind of camera, plus theres, low noise, good contrast, natural looking dynamic range and lively colors. You can also enable the full 150 degree fisheye view which provides a neat warped effect. These are sharper than the cropped photos as well plus, since the ultra wide cam has autofocus, you can use it to take close up macro shots. These are impressive with plenty of detail. Excellent contrast and lovely colors at night photos from the main cam are balanced and natural. Looking theres enough detail, good sharpness, low noise and accurate colors. You may occasionally see a clipped highlight, but these are rare if the regular nighttime photos are very good. The night mode photos are excellent, theyre, sharp and incredibly detailed with low noise and outstanding exposure contrast and color saturation. The cropped, zoomed images from the main camera are alright. They share the same good quality as the regular ones, but with a lot less detail, shooting through the real telephoto via pro mode will result in a photo thats, noisy and underexposed.

Low light photos from the ultra wide are pretty good. Colors are well preserved and the exposure is decent. The detail level is okay for this sort of cam. Although the noise reduction is a bit harsh and smears, some fine detail, night mode again does an outstanding job here. These ultra wide photos are very detailed and clean with superb sharpness. Balance. Exposure and wide dynamic range selfies are taken with the 16 megapixel front facing cam, and these have a decent amount of detail. Excellent color presentation, good exposure and outstanding dynamic range. The iq9 pro can record video and up to 8k resolution at 30 fps with its main cam and 4k at 30fps, with the ultrawide one theres no recording to the telephoto, though 4k video from the main cam is excellent. Theres plenty of detail and good contrast and wide enough dynamic range colors are lively and mostly true to life. In contrast, the 8k video provides just an average level of detail and appears to be upscaled. There are some visible artifacts too, at least the colors and dynamic range look good 4k video quality from the ultra wide in its default mode is good. The detail level is decent and the colors and contrast are great. The dynamic range is adequate too. Removing the distortion correction really improves the quality here. The footage is sharper and more detailed with well developed foliage and the colors and contrast remain great. The dynamic range is alright, too.

The iq9 pro features gimbal stabilization on its main cam. The footage comes out really smooth. Even when walking you can enable eis on the main cam as well for extra smoothness, which are limited to 1080p resolution, the ultrawide has always on eis, even in 4k resolution and its actually pretty smooth too so thats the iq9 pro. It delivers a catchy design, a cutting edge amoled, a top of the line, chipset great stereo speakers, good battery life, incredibly fast charging and excellent cameras. The only things were really missing here are a full ip rating and better functionality with the telephoto cam, but hopefully its issues can be addressed further down.