So lets take a look as we can see. We have one nicely designed box in which is our jet cj20. Its waiting for its first presentation so lets look now at whats inside the box. There is our phone for now we will put it aside and looks what else is in the box. There are brief instructions for use and other irrelevant paperwork. Okay, here you have extra screen protector, which is a great thing whats else inside the box, a classic black usb type c, cable, Music and theyre – also 20 watts charger, and that was it that will be all from unboxing. We now move on the smartphone itself when you first look at this jcj20 in this full black color. You can feel the power and richness of detail that the design of this phone owns. We talk about a really strong, build phone equipped with the true exoskeleton made of aerospace, great aluminium, that completely protects it from almost any type of danger: water ice fire drop pressure dust over the whatever you come to mind its one of few ratchet android smartphones out There, with both ip68 ip69k and mill, std 810g certification, meaning its practically indestructible so who needs such a powerful phone? Well, the j20 is a reboot smartphone. It is a mobile phone for all those who need a durable device. That is a speciality designed to survive extremely weather at temperatures minus 35 to even plus 75 kelvin degrees, accidental damage and rough hanging, and making this phone ideal for working outdoors or in harsh environments, along with doing extreme sports such as rock climbing sailing, etc.

It is designed to be made for tough people who often work outdoors. A large part of these weights is due to its heavy protection. The smartphone is made of special rubber, so when it falls it simply bounces off the floor and cautions shocks while the aluminium frame protects the back over and keeps everything together. The front display is protected by the corning gorilla glass. Ports on the phone is covered by the rubbers cover, so it is guaranteed to not do only drop resistant, but it also 100 percent fully waterproof and the static anti corrosion anti glare j20 is designed to survive in any harsh environment, switching from color to build quality. Let me say that the jet cj20 leaves the impression of superior premium, build quality to the less detail in this category. The back has a nice textured surface with some eye catching details at the bottom of the device. We find the usb charging port protected with the rubber cover. The back sides have a metal rails with nice metal buttons which are secured to the frame by star shaped screws. On the right hand, side we have a fingerprint scanner nicely made strained over red button. Above our volume buttons on the opposite side, we have the dual sim sd card tray and below it. We have a extra orange metal button that we can modify according to rvs. It can be a shortcut to any application or one of the functions in the mobile phone on the front.

It is a 6.3 inch fhd plus notch display. There is a 60 megapixel selfie camera with face unlock function. The screen is quite nice and its protected by corning gorilla glass protection. The side bezels are reasonable its size for this type of phone. Overall, there is enough space for browsing playing video games or watching youtube videos. As far as screen brightness goes. It has zero issues with outdoor visibility on bright sunny days. The display is bright and readable in all situations. Also, there is a quite a few display settings options available. There include adaptive, brightness, color tone, adjustment, night light and the economical backlight settings. The jcj20 is equipped with a huge six thousand mila power battery that can provide really impressive standard time up to three days of use. It is even twenty percent longer than the average of the other, such type of phones. Also, the phone supports wireless charging and the fast charging of 18 watts lets move on the performance of the device itself. The jcj20 runs on seven nanometers mediatek depends at 700. This fast mid range 8 core chipset, 4 5g smartphones, coupled with the 8 gigabytes of ram. It turns runs on the usual state of apps without any glaring hiccups. As far as gaming is concerned, high graphics intensity games, trade smoothly and without any problems. The phone comes with the latest original android 11 os. From a storage perspective, you can get a generous 128 gigabyte of internal memory that you can further upgrade with a micro sd card, which is a great thing.

The menu is clean, except the phone comes with a few extra apps, besides the google ones, but that can be easily deleted. We also have useful tools, such as infrared temperature detection, this phone detects body, food, water temperature in real time fast and accurate. So you can take care of your health, no matter where you go. Although the jcj 20 focuses on the ratchet features, it still comes with four cameras, so quad rear camera sensors carries the 48 megapixel primary sensor, a 60 megapixel wide angle sensor and a 20 megapixel night vision camera with infrared lights. This night vision. Camera is great thing for photography at night. It captures every exciting moment in the total darkness, although rigid phones have been never popular for these cameras, the cameras of this jtj pleasantly surprise us with their performance. What it looks like well lets see in this camera samples right now further in this video Music, so Music, hey, Music, hey Music, this phone works on all the world global mobile networks, including the latest 5g networks, call quality, enhanced or speakable mode present. No issues, texting, download, apps, sketching up youtube videos or streaming music, while various apps present no issues during the review period. Since google messages is default text app, the best part about this phone is that it has nfc and google play support. So if you are looking for a quality budget smartphone and a good price that the jcj20 should be on your list, it is definitely for good hardware, good camera performance, very good display, excellent connectivity and great battery life, which are the most essential feature for a ratchet Smartphone and those who need their ratchet phone will definitely be pleased if you are looking for a smartphone with a good cameras with the knight ar shooting option with the q wireless charging, nfc and great build quality, then the j20 should definitely be among your top choices.

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