This is not the pro version and if you thought it was the pro version, dont worry its an easy mistake to make and actually, if you bought this one by mistake, i dont believe youd. Be that disappointed – and i know thats a bold statement and i will justify my words later on in the video so stick around. But first let me give you a guided tour of this unsung hero, the non pro realme gt2, so im sure youre aware the world is on a slippery slope when it comes to pollution and real me are aware of this too so theyve decided to cut the Use of plastics in their packaging down to just 0.3 percent and im guessing its just down to the adhesive seals and some of the plastic wrappers around some of the components. Realme also realizes that shipping, a separate charger would actually create more packaging and therefore create more carbon emissions than just putting the right charger for the right phone right there in the box. Now i could be wrong about that, but feel free to leave a comment below, but you know what im glad they do ship it with this phone, because its a 65 watt super dart charger that can take the real me gt2s massive 5 000 milliamp hour battery From 0 to 100, in around 30 minutes, and in order to protect the battery once it reaches nearly maximum capacity, it will slow right down just so.

It doesnt blow up your phone, and you know what many things in life can be solved with speed and power and thats exactly what this power brick does. It delivers power with speed and again going back to what i said at the beginning. If you accidentally bought this version of the real me gt2, its almost identical to the pro model on the back, so youre not going to be compromising on, looks if you dont go pro and real mes. Eco friendly approach is admirable and relentless, and you might already know this, but maybe you dont the back panel on the realme gt2 series is a biopolymer with an international sustainability, carbon certification, and that makes this phone a worlds first and somewhere in the world. Right now is a sea turtle and hes smiling so well done real me thats a good move for the good of the planet, and do you know what the back of this phone is actually made of? Well, first of all, its manufactured by sabik, a saudi based company, a subsidiary of the state owned petroleum and natural gas company, saudi aramco, and its good to see these big oil companies. Putting that oil money to good use and my basic understanding of what this material is actually made of well, its kind of a blend of industrial, recycled plastics and paper pulp, which is then engraved with a laser at 0.01 millimeters and its got 5 612 strokes of Detail which is just enough not to weaken the back of the phone and then its finished, with a coating of crystal uv resin so that you dont leave fingerprints on it and especially on the white one, its not going to get all grimy and from there.

The rest is quite simple, really im, only joking, its really quite complicated and the end result being something quite unique to hold in the hand is sort of got this organic earthy quality to it like a good quality piece of cardboard and maybe thats. Just all in my mind, because i know the backstory of the phone, but it does feel nice, in my honest opinion. So i really do appreciate the finish on the gt2 series, its unlike anything youre, going to see on any other phone and who wants to be like everybody else anyway and theyre. Calling this the master design, because master naotu, fukusawa, guided the design process and youve even got his signature on the back as a sign of approval and real me have reduced the carbon footprint per kilogram of this material that they make by 65 and the overall production Efficiency when it comes to carbon footprint is 35 more efficient and thats all thanks to this new approach. Now there is a case in the box and respectfully this is kind of a slap in the face to what i consider to be a beautiful design. I know master narutos signature is on it, but ive got a feeling. He didnt have much of a say about this particular case because it just kind of looks like scuba gear, and i dont mean to sound ungrateful. I do realize that we dont get many cases in boxes anymore, its quite a rare gift and it probably is recycled plastic.

But why real me decided to make it this particular color its going to be one of those unsolved mysteries like the pyramids? Okay, im, exaggerating and thats just my opinion anyway. Lets talk about the hardware, real, quick and then im going to show you guys the camera quality versus the iphone 13 pro max, and i know its an unfair matchup. But if the real me gt2 can hold its own against the iphone, then we will learn how good realme has optimized his software for sonys imx 766 sensor and that sony imx sensor is the same one that was used in the oneplus 9 hasselblad camera system and Its also the same camera sensor used in oppos finex 5 pro that was just recently released anyway. Lets start with the design on the body its built upon a plastic frame which can be easily mistaken for aluminium. It has stereo speakers built in, but no headphone jack. No expandable memory and no ir blaster and the usb c port at its base is a usb c 2.0, which isnt the fastest usb c port available. But its fast enough for most people and the bezels have been slimmed down from the previous model, and the profile of the gt2 is thin and its just 8.6 millimeters and it weighs in at under 200 grams. So in the hand, is nice and light. And when you put it in your pocket, youre not gon na have to tighten your belt to hold your trousers up so thats a good thing, and i did see on a chinese website.

This had an ip68 rating. Although nothing official has been said over here in europe, so i dont know if theres a difference between this and the chinese version, but keep an eye on that. Now lets talk about the display tech. First of all, the biometric fingerprint scanner is under the display. It is an optical scanner and its fast and its reliable, no complaints here unless youre the type of person who likes to nitpick, because you could make a good case for the qualcomm ultrasonic, fingerprint reader being more secure than an optical method. Anyway, its rocking a 6.62 inch amoled from samsung display its the e4 version, a step down from the flagship e5 thats used on this years, flagship from real me, the gt2 pro. But this isnt necessarily a bad thing, because it maxes out a full hd plus and to be honest on a screen. This big, full hd plus, is enough for most people and it will use less power than the display that has higher resolutions and its also fast and delivers a 120 hertz refresh rate, and the touch responsiveness is 600 hertz, which is faster than a lot of phones. Today, and just to give you some perspective on how fast that 600 hertz touch, input, responses and iphone is rumored to be somewhere between 120 and 240 apple dont, officially say what it is. But if you take that into consideration its more than twice the speed, which means its going to be fantastic for gaming on and when we boil down the differences between the e4 and the e5 display seen on the pro model, the main ones are lower resolution.

On the e4, slightly dimmer display and the fact that the e5 can actually go all the way down to one hertz, refresh rate when youre on a static page and then ramp all the way up to 120, whereas the e4 can only go from 30 to 60. To 120 and back down again when needed, so you could make a case that the e5 is more efficient. But you could also make a case for the e4 being more efficient because its using a lower resolution, all the time and its not as bright it, could potentially be less power hungry but of course, theres tons of variables. That could affect this. So we wont really know until somebody does a test on it and my personal opinion on the display quality is its really good. Like i said on the screen this size, full hd plus, is perfect. Its ‘8 pixels per inch, which is really dense and the color calibration is nicely done too, and its protected with a gorilla glass 5, which is a couple of generations old now, but its still very durable. And if youre worried about scratching the screen. Dont worry because real meat are nice enough to have thrown in a pre installed screen protector. Overall, real me have done a great job with the screen theres a little bit of chin there. Maybe they could improve that a bit more on the next one. Now lets talk about what we cant see inside the phone.

Real me has used ufs 3.1 storage with memory options ranging from 128 to 256, with ram ranging from 8 gigabytes to 12 gigabytes, and there is a software feature that allows you to use some of that. Ufs rom as ram virtually. If you want to to be honest, i dont think its that necessary, but its nice to know you can do it if its needed and at the heart of the device is qualcomms 2021 flagship chip, its a five nanometer processor, the snapdragon trip away and honestly i Dont think at this point in time, theres many android games that can really push this chipset to the limits, and i know some of you techie people out. There will be aware of the fact that sometimes the triple weight runs a little hot, but real me are also aware of this and thats why they fitted the gt2 series, with the largest vapor cooling chamber theyve ever made and its in fact, one of the largest In the smartphone industry, and do you know what they call the heart of this vapor cooling chamber, the diamond ice cooling core? Now that just sounds cool and they call it this because it uses a diamond cooling gel on top of the snapdragon chip, which helps it dissipate the heat 60 more efficiently, the more traditional thermal pace and then theyve also thrown in nine layers of cooling tech. On top of that which include layers of stainless steel and graphene, amongst other things, and of course i did put this phone through its paces maxing out all of the settings.

As far as i could on call of duty mobile and just as i expected, the snapdragon 8 slices through intensive games like a hot knife through butter and that incredible vapor cooling chamber makes sure that you never feel the heat from that hot knife. Okay, maybe you can feel a little bit of warmth after prolonged gaming, but now let me show you what the cameras can do. The primary sensor, as i mentioned earlier, is a 50 megapixel sony imx 766 with optical image. Stabilization and most people think when they hear optical image. Stabilization is oh. That means its going to be good for video, but also stabilization helps with photography, especially if youre doing a slower, shutter shot, which is something you might want to do in lower light scenarios. So its good that thats in there so check out these photos taken on the realme gt2 versus the iphone 13 pro max a phone that costs, maybe double the price and widely considered to be one of the best camera smartphones out there at the moment, Music. So, Applause, Music, Music, all right! What did you think of the camera comparison? Let me know in the comments below and now lets talk about real mes, ui 3.0, which is a skin over android 12.. Many consider this to be one of the fastest and smoothest skins for android and its actually really quite similar to the fan favorite oxygen os from oneplus. There is a lot to like about realme ui theres, a bunch of customization tweaks, which brings something different from your stock android, but it also stays pretty close to stock android.

At the same time, and my honest opinion on it is, i think it is one of the better skins out there at this point in time. Also real me have promised four years of security, patch updates and three years of android updates, which means this phone is future proof, and do you know what i think about this device? If real me had released this last year, this would have easily taken the flagship killer title of 2021, but this year, when you consider the price of this phone, this might be the best value proposition budget flagship. You can get right now and do you know what the difference in price is between the gt2 and the gt2 pro thats a question i actually dont know at this point in time. Real me havent released the prices. So if you do know, let me know in the comments below i will add affiliate links below this video when they eventually announce the official prices.