Did you miss the galaxy note? Because if you did its back now, it doesnt have the galaxy note name: samsung hasnt confirmed whether or not theyre going to kill that or not, but theyve, effectively brought back the same type of device and the galaxy s 22 ultra to me is its still a Galaxy s phone, but it clearly shows what i actually. I was calling for this from years ago that samsung needed to combine the s and the note lines together, and this is what it looks like and to me it looks good. This is, objectively speaking, i think this is a very, very pretty device. The back is really really nice that matte back that theyve been going with is perfect. It has a bit of a sheen to it, but it doesnt invite fingerprints the way a really glossy back. Does you dont get the same camera bump that you had before this time now the lenses do have they do protrude theres a little bit of a frame around the lenses uh, partly to protect the glass, but its also? I think it also kind of looks nicer too well see if they flatten it completely next year, but the key thing, of course, on top of all the other minimal physical changes, is that we got this guy now built in. So the s pen now comes built into the phone last year. If you might recall the galaxy s, 21 ultra allowed you to use the s pen, but it didnt come with the phone you had to buy that separately and you had to get a case that might have a holster for it.

In this case, its just like the galaxy note used to be its got a holster inside the phone and thats it. The features are also the same now im going to talk about the pen here, because it does change the usability of the device. Yes, there was the compatibility before, but in this case its far more integrated if youll recall the previous galaxy note, phones, the last one being the galaxy note. 20 ultra, for instance, had air actions. So you could pull out the pen and you could actually control certain things with gestures right or the button. Could you know even from previous note phones, the button could like snap a photo and control other things, uh certain other apps as well. All that applies here. So if you are to use the pen for gestures, youre using it to control photos, things like that, you can do that with the galaxy s 22 ultra as well. It all works. The same notes, uh screenwriting. You know you want to jot down something on a screenshot. I mean all the stuff that you would have expected from a galaxy note, especially the last one. All of it applies here to me that does change the way. The device kind of functions relative to other galaxy s – phones, the galaxy s 22 plus and s22, for example – do not support the pen, even if you were to get it separately, it wont work. So this is the only phone right now, at least for the s22 lineup that has the full s pen support, so that already puts it in a different bracket.

I would argue than the other two phones. The functionality is improved in the sense that samsung also may lower the latency of the screen to the pen. So now you put the you know, you just want to write something down. You want to jot something down: youll notice, that it feels just a little more responsive. Samsung says its at least like a three fold increase. It felt like more like a doubling to me, but again i think, thats subjective to some degree either way when you write on the screen, it does feel more natural, and that is saying something because i feel like the pen has come a long way in that Regard if you are, for example, youre coming from an older note, like a note 9, or something like that, and you go to this, i think youll notice a much bigger difference as far as how much little, how much less latency there is relative to the way It used to be thats just me, but i feel like when i, when i compare what i had before uh with previous note phones than this. It just feels a lot smoother here. The pen stands out, partly because other things dont uh and what i mean by that – is that this is not a huge difference from the s21 ultra, both in functionality and also in purpose. In my opinion, what i mean by that is now we know that samsung put the snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor thats largely for canada in the us.

By the way the exynos processor is in other markets, but that processor with a four nanometer you know its. I i think its too soon to know what the chipset can do and the phone is going to function flawlessly really like anything. You want to do on this phone is going to be fine. You want a game on it. You want to screen media, you want a message you want to run. You know multiple apps, i mean it. It can handle all that pretty easily. So i never. I never encountered any real performance issues with this and i didnt expect to so. You wont run into any problems as far as whether or not it can do something for you, where i think things get a little bit. Tricky is with the battery life. Now, normally i leave battery life to the end. When i do a video review but im going to notice im going to mention it now, because its not great so i dont know if its the chipset i dont know, if theres something else going on with the software im, not entirely sure. I have to feel like its a combination of factors here, because the battery life is not amazing on this phone compared to the previous s21 ultra or even the s20 ultra before that, i feel like there is something missing on the battery life, its just it just Drains faster than i expected it would i often have to charge this at the end of the night, which is kind of rare.

I think for a flagship phone at this level, but thats what it is now samsung could improve that, possibly with future software updates. I expect those to come and that they might improve that maybe make it a little more efficient, more optimal. You know, optimized i dont know well have to wait and see on that. But for now battery life is one of those things. Youre gon na have to sacrifice a little to get everything else. One of the key things thats changed, of course, is with the cameras not on paper, necessarily because if you looked at a spec sheet and you compared this with the s21 ultra, you would think i i dont get it something. Hasnt whats changed here. The hardware is largely the same, so the image sensors for the most part pretty much are the same, including the main hm3 sensor for the main camera. So it still is the 108 megapixel that you remember from the previous models, the difference being that samsung says this. One performs better: okay, so now im not going to get into the metrics as to what percentages or whatever, because its hard to quantify that even in the field. But i will say this: it does produce better photos, generally speaking, whether its in 108 megapixels or the 12 megapixels, which is the default by the way. So if you are going to shoot in the full resolution, you got to select that, like you did before otherwise its going to shoot at 12 megapixels now.

The key thing here to remember is that one of samsungs purposes in doing this was to make full resolution photos better in other conditions, before youd have to shoot in really good conditions like outdoors daylight things like that. To get the best results now, samsung says you can shoot at night or in low light and get very similar results. That really depends, i think, if youre shooting a well lit building, for example. Yes, the results will look really nice and actually better than i would have expected, but if the scene that youre shooting is not that well lit, you, like you, dont, have light coming in to kind of help draw more out of the shot. I i think the results are not going to be as good, so it is a really relative thing uh. This is a very sliding scale if i can put it that way, because i think it largely depends what youre shooting. So i expect samsung will try to improve that also with software updates, but bear in mind that not all camera updates necessarily affect everything at the same time. So we may have to wait longer for that, but well have to wait and see. The rest of the camera array is pretty similar to what you would have had before the telephoto lenses. The two theres two theres one thats a three times: optical zoom, the other with a 10 times very good shots uh, actually, especially in good settings or good conditions, really good shots, actually even the 30 times hybrid zoom, not bad im, not a fan of it, but Its not a huge fan of it, i should say, but its its okay, its pretty good uh the 100 times space zoom still terrible.

So i i dont bother with it now the ultra wide lens i found to be the most similar to previous phones, so it it shoots largely the same way. I didnt notice a huge difference whether there was better gathering of light or anything like that. I felt like it was kind of along the same lines as before. So dont expect dramatically different results if youre going to shoot with that lens, but they are still good, especially if youre doing it the right way. I should mention as part of the camera situation here is an app called expert raw expert raw is a samsung app youre going to find it in the galaxy store, not in google play that app allows you to shoot at full 16 bit resolution, not at 108 Megapixels by the way, just in 16, bit raw, so youre shooting 16 bit raw, and you can then edit the photos afterwards on an app like lightroom or snapseed, so the purpose behind it. I like the pro now. This is where the chip comes in, so the the snapdragon chip, along with some of the other hardware thats inside here is, is helping to produce that photo. Uh youll notice that when you shoot with expert raw, it takes a little longer for the photo to actually take like to actually snap and then, when you preview it after that, takes a while too. It is not the mode that youre going to use.

If you plan on you know snapping shots quickly, dont, do it go to pro mode in the samsung camera app for that expert raw is not for that. On the video side, i would say that there have been some improvements. The auto framing mode uses, coincidentally, uses the ultra wide lens and you can sort of itll sort of focus on someone whos entering or leave you know and when they enter the frame, its kind of a cinematic effect kind of cool. I dont know that its applicable to a lot of different situations, but hey its worth, trying out, but beyond that you have supposedly better low light and night shooting uh if youre shooting video, regardless of the frame rate, there is an auto frame rate feature that comes In two, where itll sort of lower or raise the frame rate, depending on the conditions that youre shooting in so if its really good daylight, you wont it wont, drop it, it will may raise it thats up to you really, i feel like. I would rather control the features like that, which is why i generally shoot more pro video, where those features dont apply. So if youre shooting with pro video the auto framing, you know the auto frame like those dont apply when youre using pro video, so just bear that in mind. Im just going to sum up quickly about this phone. Ive already mentioned that it is very much like a galaxy note, redux type of phone, so i would say that youre, you dont, need to upgrade to this.

If you have a galaxy s21 ultra, it is going to function in largely the same way, especially right now. I dont know about months down the line, but right now it really does work a lot the same way, and i would say also that if you even have like a a galaxy note or a galaxy s20 ultra, you could upgrade to this. But i think it depends what youre looking for, if you want some better camera performance, you have a two or three year old phone. I get it. Uh youll see youll notice, the performance difference here and, of course, its always nice to have the pen to shoot with too better than that. I think this is the kind of phone that youre getting, because you feel that you have graduated to it. So maybe youve had an older phone, or maybe you you need a phone that you want. The pen you want a better camera whatever it is. Theres got to be a reason, i think, for you to go with something this premium and thats.