Ultra this premium smartphone comes with an improved s, pen, implementation and a big display which will attract samsung, note fans. We say this because the galaxy s 22 ultra is more of the galaxy note. 20 ultra well see why it is, in the latter part, stick with us till the end and find out everything samsung galaxy s. 22 ultra can do. The screen is very identical to that of the s21 ultra, its a 6.8 inches of moly display with a qhd plus resolution 120 hertz refresh rate and 240 hertz touch input, which is great. This large screen with good resolution makes us 22 ultra an ideal phone for people who love streaming movies and other stuff on their phone. There is the corning gorilla glass, victus plus to protect the screen from serious damages, and it is an always on display. This phone probably has one of the best screens in the market on the rear. This model looks stunning and classy with color options that include burgundy, phantom, black and white. The cameras are pretty good, but there was nothing special or unique mentioned by samsung about these cameras. A 40 mp front, cam does well for selfies and video calls. You will find this camera to be really satisfactory. Also, it supports 4k at 30 and 60 frames per second on the rear. There is the quad camera setup with the main 108 mp sensor with a wide angle lens, a 12 mp sensor with ultra wide lens, a 10 mp camera with periscope telephoto lens and a 10 mp sensor with telephoto lens up to 100 times.

Zooming is possible, but the picture is not going to look the same with that. Much zoom super steady videos can be shot in 8k at 24 frames per second and other features include hdr 10 plus stereo sound laser, auto focusing and the string led flash. There are very minor changes from the s21 ultra and the performance is also very similar to the s21 ultra, so nothing big has changed in the camera section. However, people upgrading from older phones will get a great upgrade camera wise. A better chipset is used in the s22 ultra when compared to last years, s21. Ultra customers in the usa and asia will have their s22 ultra using the qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip and others will be getting the exynos 2204 nanometer chipset. While this sounds good, the ram variants provided by samsung are a bit interesting to see. There will be only two ram variants: eight gigabytes and 12 gb. The 16 gigabytes ram, which was found in s21 ultra, is not an option in s22 ultra, but still the overall performance using this processor and the android 12 operating system with one ui is perfect and powerful. The biggest change that you would have seen with the samsung galaxy s22 ultra is the inclusion of an ultra s pen and a place for it in the phone itself. This makes us 22 an interesting choice for those who love the 2020 galaxy note. 20. Ultra all the note features are back on the samsung model and the s pen works smoothly for writing and drawing on the screen.

Another good upgrade this phone gets is the charging speed. S22 ultra has fast charging at 45 watts and the battery capacity stands at 5000. Milliamp hours, this is huge because galaxy s, 21 ultra or even the s22, had only a 25 watts fast charging. Also, this phone supports fast qi or pma wireless charging, 15 watts and reverse wireless charging. 4.5 watts the battery easily serves one busy day and sometimes a day and a half. This is a good upgrade from samsung, as they have made a good effort to compete with other premium phones in the market. The down firing, stereo speaker on the bottom edge, is on par with most other phones in this price range. This speaker, tuned by akg, supporting dolby atoms, is loud enough to fill your house without any distortion. Other features include the usual connectivity options like wi fi, dual band and direct a strong bluetooth version, 5.2 gps and all needful sensors. Speaking about sensors. The fingerprint is an under display, ultrasonic one and the other samsung exclusives like samsung, dex and samsung pay are there to make life easier. Samsung is doing its best to find the balance between the galaxy s, series and galaxy note, and the s22 ultra is a great effort. From our view. The large bright display, appreciable camera, improved battery specifications and mainly the ultra s pen and its place inside the phone, is making s22 ultra a very special model from samsung. If you are planning to buy this latest premium smartphone by samsung, we would say go ahead because the device will not disappoint you.