com today ill have another episode of unboxing and review video and ill be opening the june smooth five gimbal. If this is your first time or if you visit, thank you for your support on this channel im, always trying you in different ideas, if youre into thinking outside the box, this is the channel to subscribe. If youre only looking for review videos therell be links in the description box below, i just got this gimbal today, and this is still uh in the box. Uh so im just going to open it up and see whats inside and then ill do some testing and ill attach it to the clip. So the box looks very simple: uh theres, not much on it. Just just mentioned the name which is right here and then you can see that you know a smooth, vibe and thats all there is so its just like in a very simple packaging, so im just going to open up the box and see what we have inside. So it looks like we have a sticker or tape right here, so i just have to cut this here. So let me just get a little scissor. Okay, so im just going to open it up and looks like i actually opened it reverse way. So it should be like this, and once we open this, so you have a service card, and this is just you know to contact june, and then we have a brochure, so looks like they attached a actually nice brochure with all the instructions so well just set.

It aside, and then here we have the gimbal so im just going to you, know, take it out and put it in here and then looks like we have usbc, cable and then here we have the tripod or the mini tripod and the box should be empty. As you can see, theres nothing inside so here we have the gimbal, and this is how it looks like right out of the box and i havent done anything yet so ill. Just you know, leave it here and then, once like you know i charge and go through everything then ill. Do the second part of the video. Thank you, and this is the second part of the video and ill just go over. Some of the you know things. I found out about this gimbal and how to balance the gimbal. So the first thing i would like to show that uh. This gimbal has the capability to lock every uh mode, and this come. This comes in very handy when youre traveling, so it doesnt like your dangle around in your bag. So in order to do that, uh youre going to have to just hear this lock button. So what you do you just match? Uh these two and then, if you just kind of slide it on the left, then you can see that you know this part is locked and then here you have to lock this portion and in order to do that, uh youre, going to kind of like match This mark here with this and if you just kind of slide gently like this and you can hear the click and you can see that this is locked.

And now you have to lock this part and here youre going to see that theres, this uh, you know uh portion and this part. So if you just kind of like match them together, so lets see if i can see so if you match them together and kind of gently push and youre going to hear click. Button click sound. So here now you can see that the gimbal is not moving anymore, and this is very handy when you travel so im just going to unlock everything uh one by one. So here im just going to put it to the right, and then you can see that this is moving right now and then im just going to put this portion slightly to the left and then like this, and you can see that you know its moving right. Now and then here uh, this part im just going to push it to this part here so im just going to push it to the left gently and it should. You should hear click noise and you can see that you know this is moving right now. So now the gimbal is totally uh unlocked and in order to balance the gimbal, so you have to just you know: take your phone um. You dont even need to cover, uncover the uh phone cover or uncover or remove the phone cover. So what you have to do, you have to just make sure the camera is going to be staying on this side uh, and there should be an arrow right here which is kind of very difficult to see.

But you can see that theres like a slide, a small arrow right here and youre, just going to kind of, like you know, put it this way. So if you just slide it here and now, youre just going to have to you know, move this whole part, for example this portion right here. So if you just you, know, unlock this position and then slide it to the left or right. So once you put it in and if you slide it to the left or right thats going to balance your gimbal sorry, i cannot see the whole thing because of the you know the space problem, but thats how basically it works. So once you kind of like you know, move it to the lets say left or right, and you have an idea that you know the gimbal is balanced. Then you can just like you know, lock this button. So now what you can do you can just turn it on and in order to do that, you have to just press this button right here and you have to kind of hold it for a few seconds, and i did that. Okay. So now you see that you know the gimbal is on the phone and which is right here is and its balanced and then here some of the buttons are im planning to do another video in terms of the buttons because uh you know today is just kind Of review video, so this is going to move your phone to the upper or lower part.

So if you can see here uh, but this button kind of you know its glitchy, it doesnt work all the way uh so sometimes like you know it just gets stuck and you have to keep trying. I had that problem, so i think uh thats not like you know very uh reliable. Sometimes you have to just like you know, keep doing it and then these are actually for the app. So i dont use that and im not going to go over them and theres the mode button. So you have the pen follow mode which is the default and then, if you keep pressing it, then lock mode. And then here we have the follow mode. And then here we have the pov and then here we have the uh, i think its a vortex mode, so basically thats all the modes now theres a problem with the gimbal is that this, like you, know, modes its very difficult to see if youre out in The field or, if youre, shooting outside because of the lights you kind of kind of like you know you have to hold it like this to see. So this is a very bad designing of uh this part, and then here this is not going to work. If you dont have the app or, if youre, not connect using the camera on the app which i dont want to use, so i dont never use that now here. This is something i like a lot about this gimbal, that it has a quarter inch hole and what it does that you can just like.

You know put it in here and you can attach an external mic, for example like this to you know here, so you can attach an external mic and you can just like you know, push this here and that way you can have a mic attached. You dont need to use any cold shoe or any other, like you know, extension bar so thats. A very good feature of this gimbal, which i like and, except that it um works very well uh. I have done a few videos and it you know stabilizes very well and even its it works with gopro hero 10, and i have another video on that uh. So, in terms of like you know, uh functionality, it seems to be working okay, but the thing is that you know a lot of the buttons theyre useless if youre not using uh the camera uh app and the camera, like you know, uh recording via the camera App which i dont want, because you know lets see if im doing live streaming. I have my own application. I dont want there. I dont want to use their app and also like you know. I want to use my own camera native app, which has stabilization. So i dont like the fact that theyre forcing you to like you, know, use their own app and try to use these buttons thats, something i dont like and except that everything you know, uh is just fine, uh, also uh.

Another thing i would like to mention that this is not exactly like, you know, very lightweight, and it has a little bit weight, but you know that actually works towards its advantage, because it feels very nice in your hand, and it works very well. So in terms of stabilization, you know that actually kind of its good that you know it has a little weight to it and except uh that i dont have any other complaints. You know, except that i dont like want to use the app and all these buttons are. You know useless or meaningless for me because im not going to use their app, but just one note that uh for the first time, youre going to have to install the app to activate the gimbal, otherwise the gimbal is not going to work uh. This is something also, i dont like theyre, forcing you to install the app, and i have a feeling that theyre just trying to get you know the numbers up on the google play or apple play store just to get the download number that you know so many People are downloading the apps, but this is just like you know, not a good business model that theyre forcing you to install and download the app just to activate the gimbal, but except that im happy with the product – and this is not a paid or affiliated review. All my reviews are non affiliated, unbiased and honest and im going to just you know, touch a little bit sample clip how the gimbal works when its, like you know, very cold or very windy, uh and uh.

You youre going to see that you know it its performing well, i just had one issue when the phone flipped because of gusty wind uh, it had to be like 70 kilometer per hour, but i worked with this gimbal when there was like 50 kilometer per hour And theres no problem, so in general uh. You know this is a very uh good, uh gimbal, except some of the you know, shortcoms of what i just mentioned so thats all for today. Thank you for watching this video. There will be more videos coming up so ill, see you shortly. Thank you. So today is a very cold and windy day, and this is a perfect timing to do a real life taste of the zion smooth 5 gimbal. So you can see how much cold and wind it can withstand and hows the stabilization. So wind is 50 kilometer per hour and its minus 20 degree celsius cold and so far it seems to be working. Okay, and there are some you know. Sometimes the gusty winds, and sometimes not too much wind, but still its a very windy, so im having two wind maps and still you might hear some noise because of the wind but lets see how is the gimbal, the smoothness and how much you know balance it. Can do so by the so when im looking on the screen, it looks like its okay, its doing a nice job, but im going to have to see you know when i go home, how much really it stabilize the video so youre going to walk for about 10, more minutes in this cold and windy condition.

Applause so were in downtown toronto, the corner of spadina and front street Music.