They are in no way paying me to do this video they have given me the product, so i can test out for the channel. This is my open and honest review. The good, the bad and the ugly visit andy sin for the product. The model number is a umpc01 customer service at Now lets open this up. Lets, try not to rip the package and carefully show you whats inside. This is a support page from jennifer. They will answer any questions they have that you have for them in different languages. If you have any problems with your order, please get with them at cs There is no manual its very basic and simple to operate. The first thing we see out of the box is a remote control, and this is not even mentioned on the box or at the product page of andy sent. There is an on and off switch on the back of the unit. You can simply open and remove, and you have a cr2032 replaceable battery its not that difficult to remove it open. This piece here may break so please be careful. Get yourself a metal ring, a keychain ring and youd be good to go depending on the devices you own. This will run the shutter of the camera either button. I have an iphone 12. im going to pair this it blinks i go to my bluetooth. I look for a b shutter 3 pair connected good to go as we remove the frame its aluminum ally, carbon fiber, gun smoke.

Color andy send badge in the front. It has a thumb bolt screw. It has three on each side. One quarter twenty thread: adding up to twenty one quarter: twenty threads on the inside of the unit. It is protected with foam or rubber and has indentation top and bottom. So when now, you put your phone on its as simple as lining it up the correct way. I have an iphone 12. I place it in. I make sure my power and volume buttons are not hitting the clamp, lefty loosey righty tighty. Please do not over tighten the product. If you over tighten this, you may damage your phone and crack your screen. Large fingers may find it a little difficult to tighten this up, but there may be a good reason for that because you dont want to over tighten so they could have. Maybe, given you a bigger thumb, rubber to grab more notches, i dont know i have large hands and my lens may get blocked by my hand, if i grip it the wrong way, we have two cold shoes slots and an optional cold shoe to purchase that extends Higher in the center or the sides is simple to align, place in and lock in remember these cold shoes will slip in and out so dont over push them in, as you can see, they go in and they go out either way. I have a ball head and its going to hit the phone.

I could basically place it anywhere. I want lock it into place. I have a tripod, an adapter and i could use it any way i like. If i press either the small or large button you can see my ringer be shown, i used the main camera. I could take a photo by hitting either of the button. I could do video as well. Whatever favorite apps you have and use filmic pro is the app that this will work with the record button. I have movie pro. There is the record button over here and you can see the volume is the only thing that acknowledges. I could go out there and take excellent video with a stabilizer, but the image stabilization of an iphone is not like a gopro. The gopro has the best image stabilization out there on the market, besides the osmo action, so you can do a lot of things and thats why you want to have one of these grips if youre shooting for a long time. This should have a soft foam handle in extreme cold weather. This will be cold as well as in extreme hot weather. Please be careful caution in the weather you use this in. I hope you found this review interesting enough to get one for yourself. This will help improve your video, putting a mic a handle, a light, a remote mic. Anything you could think of vertical and horizontal dont over crank down on the piece is as simple as that to remove, as well as to again place right back on.

I thank you very much for your time, but before i get going, my phone is not going to get hit or damaged in the unit at all. It is well protected. You can take the unit apart and change parts, but these bolts are locked tight in and they are very secure. You cannot bend this if you put gentle force, but dont be a man and try to over bend it because you can damage the pore of aluminum. Halide only comes in one color, and i thank andy sin for sending me the product to review. I highly recommend it have a great day.