And if youve already seen my review of the xiaomi redmi note 11 pro well, chances are youll, get a serious case of deja vu from the poco x4. Pro 5g 6.67 inch amoled screen check. Snapdragon 695 check 5000 milliamp battery yup 108 megapixel primary camera got one of those. So is it a case of same thing again and is the poco x4 pro gon na be worthy of your hard earned cash while its whipping out the box taking a full tour of the hardware in the software and for more on the latest and greatest tech? Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers uh yep, so in here youve got naturally one poco x4. Pro 5g youve got yourself a mighty 67 watt fast charger good bit of usb cable action. As usual, youve got yourself a bundled condom case to delicately envelop, your poko x4 pro and keep it safe from harm and while theres no screen protector pre installed on the smartphone poco has got this bundled one in the box. So you can slap that on too and that way there is all the goodies you get chucked in the box. So now lets check out the phone, so lets start with the design and that sense of deja vu. We had it with the specs is certainly carrying through to the actual look and feel of this smartphone as well, its a 6.67 inches, so certainly quite the handful, and once again you have those flat edges on board just like what you had with the xiaomi redmi Note 11 pro, but thankfully you like the redmi phone, the poco x4 pro is still quite comfortable to clutch, helped along by the fact.

Youve got the rounded corners and quite skinny bezels surrounding that display the weight of 205 grams, its certainly no lightweight here. You definitely feel it when its stashed inside of your pants thats, quite a heft, considering here on the poco x4 pro youve just got your standard placky back so yeah, just usual polycarbonate finish and the x4 pro does come with the option of the laser blue or Poco yellow finish, but this is just the bog standard, laser black, of course, which shows up really nicely on camera, its not at all, really bloody difficult to film, especially as its a nice shiny finish on here as well, and it does pick up greasy prints and Stuff uh rather easily, but thankfully that dark finish does at least mask them. But i do quite like the way that the light reflects off that back. End kind of looks like a pair of searchlights or something its like youre about to sit down and watch a 20th century fox film. One distinctive feature of the poco x4 pro design versus that redmi smartphone is the camera chassis which, as you can see, there is absolutely wang in huge, definitely takes up a massive portion of the arse end of this smartphone, but thankfully doesnt jut too far from the Surface either so at least, if youre, using the poco when its lying flat on a surface like a desk or whatever it doesnt rattle about the place. Because of that camera chassis.

Now because the x4 pro sports, that standard plastic back chances are its going to scratch and scuff rather easily, but at least youve got that condom case bundled in the box. If you do want a bit of added protection and then youve got gorilla glass 5 up front on this display, so hopefully that will help you avoid any scratches and scuffs. Even if you dont slap that screen protector on top and the phone is also ip53 splash resistant as well, so it can get a bit moist without too much trouble. But i wouldnt take it in the bath with you or the shower or anything because chances are thats gon na it right up so now lets have a gander at the software and again strong deja vu, because what you got slapped on here is android 11, not The latest freshest android 12 so same problem that the redmi note 11 pro had and of course, youve got me. Ui version 13 slathered on top of that, so hopefully not waiting too much longer for android 12 update. I wouldnt expect many os updates beyond that either. Maybe android 13 thatll probably be about it, but at least this latest incarnation of miui is actually pretty bloody. Nice youve got a mostly stock android vibe, with the likes of the google, discover feed the apps tray your notifications bar, but then, on top of that, you get some unique miui features. Youve got the likes of the control center, which you can drag down fast access to a lot of your features.

Quite like some of the bonus xiaomi apps you get chucked on here as well the likes of the security app. This can just generally assess the health of your smartphone help you clear up any files, you no longer need, etc, etc. Top tip block list very helpful if you keep getting annoyed by spammy and the game turbo feature very good, well be hitting on this later. Of course, me ui smartphones have their problems as well, one of them being the sheer amount of crap. Where you get pre installed on these things. So youve got tick. Tock youve got a load of shitty games. Youve got your linkedins youve got your facebooks. Youve got all this bollocks. Thankfully, the vast majority of this you can just uninstall so block puzzle. You can piss right off out of it, linkedin be damned. Thankfully, you do at least get a respectable amount of storage packed into the pocket x4 pro. So ive got the 128 gig model. You can boost that to 256 gigs in some regions, at least probably just as well considering quite a lot of spaces taken up by the system files and, of course, all of those bloody apps and if we poke open the sim tray here on the poco. Well, you can see here: weve got space for a single sim card on one side and on the other side, another sim card micro, sd memory cards, so you cant have two sims and a micro sd memory card in there at the same time, but at least Youve got that option and then security, wise youve got an edge mounted fingerprint sensor built into this here.

Power button and so far seems nice and responsive no issues at all. Just tap your digit against it and boom youre straight in and there is also a face unlock option as well. If you want to use that as an alternative to the fingerprint sensor, not as many options in the security screen compared with some rivals, so you cant have it only work and when your eyes are open, for instance, but touchwood should work all right. It normally does on these poco blowers, yeah and, as you can see, theyre super swift, so now media and what youve got slapped here on the poco x4 pro is a 6.67 inch amoled display again suspiciously familiar to that redmi smartphone, with its full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080., its another proper stun and budget panel, its nice and bright on the top levels, around sort of 700 nits it reaches so certainly, i have no trouble seeing whats going on outdoors anime fans in particular should get a kick out of the really poppy Color output as well, fully customizable, of course, in the pocos display settings, as you can see, theyre set to vivid by default, but you can scale it back if you like to as well, and you can control the color temperature from within here, so yeah animated fare And just generally vibrant uh movies and photos as well. They really shine here on the poco, x4 port, absolutely stunning stuff little strong contrast as well as usual, with an oled display its nice deep blacks and really good for your sort of moody affair.

So this phone definitely recommended for any movie fans. Anyone who just likes to kick back with netflix on their smartphone in bed or whatever, and when you do go full screen on the tiny little selfie orifice camera thing, uh to sort of intrude on the action. Now, if we dive on into the display settings again head to refresh rate, as you can see there, it is stuck at 60 hertz by default. You have to manually bump it up to hertz. If you want to take advantage of that fast refresh rate, youve also got a stereo speaker set up here on the poko x4 pro as well. Just like that redmi note, 11 pro, oh, look there! It is right there in fact, so lets see if its once again, a winner buffering circle purgatory of doom and the only way to sort them out was by closing them and reopening them once again, a respectable output here on the uh, the poco smartphone, its good To see a stereo speaker output on a more budget friendly smartphone on that top volume, everything comes through fairly clear as well, not much in the way of tinniness and certainly loud enough to hear what is going on in a fairly noisy environment. Like a lot of budget blows, you do have a headphone jack up top here on the poco x4 pro, so you can get jacked in that way. Otherwise, theres bluetooth 5.1 support as well now performance when you got packed inside of the apocal x4 pro its gon na, say the redmi note 11 for a second there, because its exactly the bloody sim again its the snapdragon 695 chipset, backed by either six or eight Gigs of ram this is the six gig model and no surprise to see again very, very similar benchmarking scores compared with that redmi smartphone, pretty solid stuff, considering this is a 600 series on a budget blower, and the everyday performance certainly has been absolutely fine here on The poco everything just loads up straight away, everything seems to run nice and smooth, especially with that 120 hertz refresh rate.

But of course, as always, the true test of a smartphones grunt is by getting a bit of gaming on the go and what better a test than gentian impact, its only one of the beefiest most demanding android titles out there and, as usual, you do have the Game turbo mode on board to help you out in this latest incarnation its so much nicer than it was before you get actual descriptions under age icons. You actually know what each one does rather than have to just bloody guess and of course, my personal favorite. The voice changer feature is back on board for a bit of gentian impact. We will definitely need to boost it up to the performance gaming mode, give it every chance its got and once again got ta say like that: redmi smartphone, strong performance here, certainly for a budget blower around this sort of price point. Gentian impact played well, admittedly, on the lower default settings, so you dont get those bonerific crisp gorgeous visuals that you do on more capable handsets, but the frame rate stays reasonably stable, the occasional little jedi here and there when there is a bit of action going on On screen, but nothing too bad at all. The game is perfectly playable, definitely helped along by the fast touch response rate and everything here on the smartphone as well and whats more. You got that liquid cool tech, 1.0 plus as well, which does help to keep the smartphone nice and cool like its ever so slightly toasty on the back end after a good long, gentian impact session thats as bad as it gets, and because i actually had a Little bit of extra time to spare as well, i did have a quick blast on call of duty mobile as well, and absolutely flawless performance on the high detail, settings right there, and certainly the network connectivity, no issues at all the wi fi signals stayed strong.

You got full 5g support on here as well courtesy of that snapdragon chipset. I still absolutely sucked ass as usual, but thats down to me not the actual poker now battery life well, youll, never believe it youve once again got a 5 000 milliamp battery stuffed inside of the poco x4 pro. Just like that, redmi note. 11 pro. I know right and it supports that 67 watt turbo charge fast charging shenanigans as well, so once that massive battery is finally drained just plug it in be powered up again in a jiffy. So now the grand finale lets check out the camera tech here on the back end of the poco x4 pro, which is spearheaded once again by a megapixel primary sensor and no surprises at all, held by the camera tech, its once again the exact same setup as What you get on the usual uh xiaomi smartphones youve got that ai mode. If you want a little bit of just boosting your photos, making them look a little bit more attractive, depending on what youre actually shooting lets. Leave that knocked off. As quite often, colors can look rather unnatural with it they also bumped up to a rather sickly sweet degree, heres, a handful of test shots taken with the poco x4 pro and as youll, see similar results again to that redmi note 11, pro outdoors in good light And youll get sharp photos with natural, looking colors and even in softer light.

Those tones dont take too heavy an impact. Detail levels are still pretty respectable, and yet you got that obligatory night mode which can help to brighten up a dark scene just a little as long as its a static affair. Movement subjects do often still come out quite fuzzy, especially if they are actually quite fuzzy. In real life, as usual, weve got an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter you can swap to if you want a more pulled back view and yes, if youre a fan of this sort of stuff, youve got a two megapixel super macro lens as well. For really diving, in close all the usual camera chickenry, is on board. Youve got the likes of the portrait mode of the night mode, which i just mentioned. Youve also got your super res 108, megapixel mode as well, which is quite handy if you want to take a shot of a distance subject and then crop in later, without losing too much detail. But then again, like the redmi note, 11 pro, unfortunately, the poco x4 pro can only shoot video at up to full hd resolution 30 frames per second very disappointing when a lot of rivals do offer 4k resolution video capture these days and the footage just looks a Bit flat here, its not as crisp as a lot of the competition, even with good lighting and indoors as well things look even softer still so got. To be honest, the poker was best avoided if you want to shoot a lot of horror movies, even though the audio pickup is actually pretty decent evening rather blustery weather and last up around the front end of the pokor x4 pro youve got a 16 megapixel selfie Shooter youve got some hdr smarts on there, its going to be pretty decent selfies, even in quite a strong light and youve got the portrait mode smarts, with only a little bit of bulkiness around the edges there.

And if you want to shoot a video with that front facing camera as well once again tops off at full hd at 30 frames per second, so not the best capabilities in the world. Audio pickup seems absolutely fine, though, even in quite a gusty time and place like this and there you have it my lovelies. That, in a nutshell, is the poco x4 pro its basically the redmi note 11 pro, which was a perfectly good budget blower, so excellent. The only real issues are with the camera tech and basically the video recording chops, very, very poor indeed compared with a lot of the rivals, but the performance is strong. Battery life will be excellent, guaranteed and, of course, youve got. That lovely me ui experience. If thats your bag, so let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more the latest and greatest tech therell be lots more coming out of mwc 2022, so definitely check out all my other videos from the expo and have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week.