Its been stretched out to a massive 14.6 inch 120 hertz super amoled display, which is great for graphic designers and artists. This is simply amazing having a thin lightweight tablet of this size, giving you the perfect canvas size with a top notch display in portability. Now, thanks to having this larger screen real estate, that opens up the door for better split screen multitasking, especially for you reference artists out there. Now you can now pair apps together, which you could do previously, but now with having such a larger canvas. It makes that so much easier, no longer being cramped due to having more screen real estate and that wider aspect ratio allowing you to push your reference to the side and still have a sizeable amount of screen space to draw your reference. Art and all of this is being powered by qualcomms latest snapdragon, 8 gen 1 processor. It is underclocked to help with thermal temperatures, and this also comes with 128 gigs of storage, 256 and 512 gigabytes of storage, ranging from 8 gigs of ram. All the way up to 16 gigabytes of ram, i would say i guess you could go for the higher 16 gigabyte of ram model if you plan on using second screen a lot using your tablet as a second screen to your desktop computer or monitor – and this Is also running the latest android 12 one ui 4.1 and the display resolution is 1848 by 2960.. So everything is super sharp on the super amoled display colors are very vibrant in those deep inky blacks.

You will see because of the oled panel, making everything you draw. Look almost like a sticker on the tablet. The tab, s8 ultra also retains the micro sd card slot for additional storage, unlike their phones so im assuming they want you to have as much storage as possible using this as a possible laptop replacement, especially knowing that this comes with decks and you can get the Optional keyboard, which is in the higher price range of around 300, the battery size is 11 200 milliamp hours and it has 45 watt fast charging via usb type c 3.2. Now whats new with the s pen. Nothing really nothing has really improved with the s pen, but the technology within the screen, in conjunction with the s pen has improved. Latency is now at 2.8 milliseconds versus the 9 millisecond latency. Before with the latency, now being at 2.8 milliseconds, you get instant incredible, quick feedback when using your pin when it hits. The canvas is almost paper like when youre writing and im not sure what they did differently with the nib it itself. But it has a slight more rubbery resistance, so it really has that tactile feedback that you get when youre drawing on regular paper. So i personally recommend definitely not using this with the screen protector as it might mess up that feel that you get using it naturally and now, with using emr tech. Still the lines are straight and since its powered by the screen technology youll get the same results, regardless of, if you use the z fold, pin or an s pen pro youll get the same exact excellent experience now samsung does say there is some ai technology that Works with the pen to predict where youre gon na go, but i believe this will only work in samsung applications so using something in clip studio paint.

I dont notice it guessing where im going, but you still get that great latency with excellent line, quality and no jitter in the line at all and as usual, you can place the pin on the back to charge it. It only can go a certain way or definitely will fall off and not charge, and you can magnetically set it at the top of the tablet. It wont charge, but i havent found a good spot yet to keep it where the magnetic connection on there is strong enough for it to not fall off now. One of the things that i was highly interested in was this new companion mode in clip studio paint. So now, if you have one of the latest samsung phones and the latest tablet, you can now connect your phone to the tablet and use it as almost a painters block that you can choose your colors from move the canvas and have quick action shortcuts off to The side this can be very useful, especially if youre trying to just clear up as much space as possible and its very great that they did this. But i still will voice the complaint that i wish that the license from clip studio paint would transfer over to the android tablet. Therefore, you dont have to pay a monthly fee just to access something thats as neat as this now, for my final thoughts, ill say: this is absolutely the best android tablet hands down for creatives and artists, truly theres, nothing competing with it.

Besides itself, the size and its weight, dont really bother me and the canvas size is a joy to draw with theres honestly, like i said, no other android tablet on the market that competes with the small notch. It doesnt interfere in your drawing space and sometimes the palm rejection isnt perfect, but its not bad at all. Android is picking up steam with getting better apps geared towards artists in the app store, but i would really like to have seen this same tablet but created with windows 11 just for those extra desktop applications. Now. Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely if youre going to be a die, hard, android tablet user, but i only say it will be worth it if youre willing to do a trade in because the price is a bit high. The only problem i have with such excellent quality product is android still can be very limited, and what i mean by this is it would be nice to have something like adobe, animate, fresco or even toon boom come over and show some support towards creating an android Application, hopefully, this tablet will eventually bring those types of applications such as lumafusion is already on its way. So maybe that means theres hope for the future so as usual ill speed. This part up faster for those who want to see my drawing process, Music, so Music. So i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did leave a thumbs up, subscribe and drop a comment.