That market was amazing, shes the perfect person to judge our three budget, smartphones on quality and value for money. Chelseas often found in far flung exotic places, but what adventurous location will we be exploring today, and here we go were in coventry, chelsea, hello, hello? How are you great wonderful to see you nice to meet you? Why are we in coventry? We are in coventry because its a great city destination here in the uk. It was a recent city of culture and theres. Also, an art museum with the turner prize, wow, um thats, perhaps a good place to start testing the phones, i think so lets go and talking of phones, ive brought along three of the latest budget blowers all under 100 pounds. First up is the updated version of the alcatel 1s, which, despite being our cheapest phone, still packs 3 cameras on the rear. My mid price model is from nokia once a leader in phone tech. This c20 is one of the companys entry level, smartphones that still comes with an octa core processor and last of our three contenders is the most expensive phonon test, the motorola e30, which boasts a sizeable 5 000 milliamp hour battery Music. So there are the phones now on to test one Music. Your task is simple to say, which you prefer on the basis of how they look and feel uh. Maybe youd like to look at the alcatel first, its the one s to keep costs down.

All three phones have plastic bodies rather than glass or aluminium, which also makes them lighter, oh its very light, compared to what im used to the color itself, its like a navy blue isnt, it its actually quite nice, grayish blue. Yes, i think its a good looking phone a strong starts for the cheapest handset on test. How will it stack up against the nokia which shares the same size 6.5 inch screen, but with thicker bezels? My first impressions are: it feels very similar to the alcatel im really impressed with how big the screen is, and i actually do prefer the casing. Thats going on here, its a bit more of a matte finish. Another case of plastic, fantastic with the nokia then so lets move on to the motorola. The motorola is marginally thicker than the others on test, but its the only phone that comes with usbc, oh and that blue is a bit of a cheap blue. It is also available in gray. It has got the grooves in it, which you know is a nice kind of design touch feels a bit more weighty, and i actually really like that with a phone, because i did find the other two a little bit flimsy overall uh. Whilst i dont like the colour of it, i hate to be boring, but its quite a nice looking phone too. They all look very, very similar, but have any of them impress chelsea enough to win our aesthetics test? I think id have to go for the motorola.

So when it comes to design, it seems you get what you pay for, as the motorola takes an early lead Music to keep costs down on budget phones, manufacturers often use cheaper components like lower powered processors, less ram and older screen tech next well see how well These features work together in test number. Two, then, about you, im seeing a bit peckish, navigating us to an al fresco budget lunch on the other side of town Music right were ready to go while all three phones run android. The nokia and motorola rely on a cut down go version designed for lower powered handsets theres, someone sending us out down there. This is because they have a gigabyte, less ram compared to the alcatel and its not long before they start struggling during our stroll through the grounds of coventry cathedral Music. These two in terms of navigation are pretty static, uh. Well, yes, the the nokia and the motorola, but the alcatel is pretty good, actually well its good, its actually orientating itself according to where were facing, which is which is good. All three phones have comparable processors, though, as we headed through coventrys historic center thats, where the similarities ended. So the motorola is saying goes straight on theyre all saying, theyre all saying different things: theyre not moving theyre, not moving im, definitely going with the alcatel its the only one. That really makes any sense when it comes to screens all have 6.

5 inch. Lcd displays with hd resolution, but once again the differences soon emerged actually the way motorolas got the brightest yeah. You can see whats going on a lot better. Nokias got good viewing angle in terms of screen quality. The alcatel is is worse its dimmest. So despite the spec sheets, our navigation test has highlighted that all three phones perform differently in the real world time for a quick bite while chewing over the details. Alcatel was really good for navigation yep, much more responsive, but not as bright in terms of the screen. The nokia it was just pretty average in general yeah and then the motorola i mean i love that screen its super bright. However, when it came to navigation very frustrating, it was quite frustrating so, in spite of the similar specs, its a mixed bag of opinions from chelsea, with none of the phones really impressing through our jaunt across the city, but with the alcatel and motorola performing best. They get a point of peace going into the last test of the day, with many budget phones now boasting more lenses and megapixels than ever its time to see if they can take decent snaps chelsea had planned to take me to the ruins of the 14th century Cathedral, but with the heavens opening i suggested an alternative: the coventry transport museum Music. I love a good car museum and i know when chelsea sees beauties like this 1973 triumph. Dolomite sprint, shell be dying to start snapping away.

These should be ideal subjects, starting with the alcatel right lets, give it a go. The alcatel comes with a 13 megapixel main camera alongside a depth sensor and a macro lens for close up snaps. The colors popping actually really quite nicely. But how does it look when i zoom in you can see the details there yep. Do you know what considering i know, the price of this phone im actually quite impressed with that photo another strong start from the alcatel, then? Can the nokias solitary rear camera keep up already thats, looking a little bit sad for me, but come on positive thoughts, maybe its better than were thinking the nokias single sensor is a disappointing 5 megapixels. But despite its lower resolution, is it as good as the alcatel? No, its not im right its okay, it will do, but i certainly wouldnt be able to use any of that on my website. The motorola also has three lenses on the back, but its main camera boasts a much higher resolution of 48 megapixels straight away. The color is back a little bit better than the nokia, so that excites me to see its really picking out the details. A lot more than the nokia is. However, i cant believe im saying this, but i think the alcatel did. It did pop a little bit more. Oh really, why would you zoom into the pictures, but you know what that is actually good detail, though considering this is a budget phone im pretty impressed with that level of detail going through there right.

Overall, though, with its brighter more accurate, colors and strong contrast, the alcatels main rear camera is the best time for chelsea to work her magic on the front facing cameras recording a vlog its from me, chelsea and john here at coventry transport museum, where theres amazing cars To be seen, yes, theres a remarkable collection of cars and bikes, while the nokias 720p front facing camera has the best colour balance. All three are rather grainy, despite the alcatel and motorola having full hd resolution. Fantastic collection of british cars yeah despite its disappointing front facing camera, the best rear facing camera means the alcatel wins our photography round. So the alcatel and motorola share the victory overall, with the nokia being well and truly sent to coventry. You know i was really impressed with all them that they do not look like budget phones yeah. That was my immediate reaction. When i saw them, i was like wow. They look like decent smartphones. I guess my question is is like: who are they aimed at? Who wants to buy an 80 pound smartphone if youre, a parent when youve got four teenagers, yeah yeah yeah or if youre, an older parent, 55 and up, is having to go with you again john and you? Yes, i mean there are little compromises to be made. I think which one you go for depends on your priorities. If you watch a lot of video want a decent screen go for the motorola.

If, on the other hand, you want a decent camera – and you want to do quite a bit of navigation – go for the alcatel, though the screen isnt, quite as good, it is cheaper.