. It was the first folding smartphone that came in at a much more competitive price than previous generations and has such a cool, unique look.. But after six months does this phone does it still hold up to the hype? How has the screen held up over the past six months And is this a phone Id recommend to somebody over a more traditional phone form factor Im gon na answer. All of those questions and more. And first lets start off with the biggest downside. I found using the Z Flip 3 over the past six months, and that is the crease., Because the Flip 3 folds in half, when you open the phone up, you have a crease that runs across the middle of the screen. And the more Ive actually used this Phone over the past six months, the more Ive been annoyed by the crease., Its annoying to constantly feel this divot in the screen. When scrolling and when you try and read text on the screen, itll create a slight distortion. Where text looks like its behind other text and if you use dark mode to try and mitigate this effect, youll run into issues with the crease showing reflections of lights in your background., then a typical phone without a crease would., The crease picking up reflections can also Be suboptimal when youre trying to watch a video on the phone as well. Its just not the best screen to read on or watch videos on compared to the flat mainstream form factor, weve become used to.

, So thats been the largest downside for me using this device Over the past six months. Now, if you can get used to the or youre the type of person that just doesnt read a ton on your phone or watch a ton of videos, then I think youll enjoy a lot of the benefits you get with the flip Threes form factor., The most obvious benefit you get is being able to fold the phone in half, so it takes up way less space in a pocket or purse compared to a phone with a regular 6.7 inch display.. For me, over the past six months, the screen is held up in terms of its durability.. Now I know thats not the case, maybe for every flip three owner out there. I have seen some reports that the screen protector that is installed on the phone that has had some issues with some cracking.. I havent run into that personally, but if you do, it should be covered under the phones one year, warranty.. Now, if it cracks, you know like three years: later. Yeah. Thats, a repair youre gon na have to get.. So do keep that in mind when thinking about getting this phone., Another cool benefit you get with this form factor that I quite like is the cover screen its a great way to check and dismiss notifications without opening up the phone. If you dont have a smartwatch to help you with that already. Overall, I think the aesthetic and two tone look of the phone, especially in the cream color.

I have looks really sharp. Six months in its still one of the best looking smartphones on the market today and one of the most customizable in terms of its overall look and colors. You can really make your Z Flip 3 match your own style with the Bespoke series on Samsungs website, which is quite unique in the world of smartphones.. Another great part of this phone is its screen.. Samsung is often known for giving it smartphones the best displays on the market, and this phone is no exception. With fantastic colors crisp text, a 120 Hertz display.. This screen is exactly what youd want out of a phone screen in 2022.. Another thing Ive liked about this phone that helps with its portability is its weight., Its significantly lighter than most phones. You can find, with a 6.7 inch display weighing a total of 183 g. As for battery life Id rate it about average. Im. Typically, a light phone user. So for me the 3300 milliamp hour battery its been adequate for me and I dont need to charge it before the end of the day. Im, typically seeing around 25 battery left. But if youre a heavy user youre likely going to want to charge this phone before the end of the day. Next cameras, what is the camera quality like Overall Id say? The cameras are decent on the Z, Flip 3.. You get a 12 MP main and 12 MP ultrawide. That should be fine for most people in 2022 and the low light performance is actually pretty decent.

However, if youre really into smartphone photography – or you want a telephoto lens or you just want the best cameras that Samsung puts in a smartphone youre going to want to opt for the S22 Ultra. Now the last main benefit you get with the Z. Flip 3. Is the Samsung device ecosystem., You can pair your Z Flip with a Galaxy Watch thatll match your cover, screen animation, quick pair with a set of Galaxy Buds and get your text messages on your Samsung laptop or tablet, and you can even now copy and paste from Your phone to your Samsung Galaxy Tab and so much more. In the world of Android. If you want a comparable experience to the Apple ecosystem right now, Samsung is the company that can best deliver that for you., And the thing that helps bring all of these devices together is One UI. Over the course of the past 6 months. The Flip 3 has received quite a few software updates, including One UIs, take on Android 12, which allows you to customize the color theming on the phone, a bit more, which I like. One UI, is a solid version of Android with a lot of extras built on Top and now that Samsung has taken ads out of their apps, I dont really have any qualms or downsides while using One UI, except, I still think stock Androids app drawer implementation, like you get on the Pixel, is a better experience.

. So those are all the pluses and minuses Ive found with using the Z Flip 3.. But do I recommend it? If you asked me when I first got this phone, I would have been way more likely to recommend it to everyone., But now after six months, my answer is really it depends. I think this phone is perfect for people who are on the go and will benefit from the smaller form factor when closed in a pocket or purse. But to me those are people not looking at their phone screens for long periods of time, watching videos or reading articles.For those tasks. I think having a phone like the S22, S22 Plus or Ultra is going to be a better experience, because you dont have to deal with the crease and the reflections. It picks up, which I personally find a bit distracting for those tasks.. But if you want to be unique and show off your futuristic, stylish phone or you just see the benefits of the flip threes form factor and want to pick one up. You can check out purchase links on the side of this video and in the video description below to learn more.. If you have any further questions about the Galaxy Z, Flip 3 or share your experience with this phone leave, a comment below and check out. Some of our other videos, like our six months later, review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and why Samsungs top of the line camera system continues to impress.

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