What makes a doji s98 amazing is the adoption of an eye catching dual screen design, so its got a one screen on the front and the other on the back, which you can manipulate and you can customize up to your needs in addition to the main display. It has a unique smart red round display and this red round display background is customizable using any picture of your choice. Common uses include checking the time controlling music checking battery levels and so on. Theres tons of them bear in mind. The phone is not out yet, but if you go in the links in my description below, you can have a chance to win this phone or you can get it at a discounted price. Now the price of the phone will be around 300 to 400 dollars, but there will be a substantial discount once you click on the link below and register yourself up without wasting time lets go into the detailed review of this phone and let you decide whether you Need to buy this phone or just skip this video first off lets speak about the processor. Now the new s98 would run on the mediatek helio g96 soc, with a clocking speed of 2.05 gigahertz. The octa core processor is paired with 8gb ram and 256 gb storage. As a standard, the storage can be expanded using a micro sd card expect fast performance since the mediatek g96 is a processor designed for incredible gaming experience.

The phone will sport a 6.3 inch lcd, fhd plus display with corning gorilla glass protection. The top of the phone will have a small punch hole to house the 16 megapixel front camera. Okay, now speaking about the cameras on the back of the doji s98, there is a three camera setup around the red disc. A 64 megapixel sensor is the main camera supported by 20 megapixel night vision, camera and a 8 megapixel wide camera. A primary led, flash light and infrared light complete the setup on the back. The night visions is a fun one and it allows you to take pictures and videos in pitch black with this. The subjects of pictures taken at night are very visible and understandable by the human eyes. Now, a bit about the battery the juice running, the show comes from a 6 000 mah battery, which can be charged by a 33 watt fast charger that comes in the package. I have to say, if youre, a regular iphone user youd be very impressed by what doji s98 gives in the package, because there will be a tons of things that normally, if youre an iphone user, you have to buy for additional 1000 dollars. Compared to this phone, which gives it all for free another good feature of the phone as it supports a 15 watt wireless charger now, this is extremely amazing, because some of the good phones also dont have a wireless charger in it. Like you know, the expensive phones with oneplus and all that it doesnt come with a knife.

Wireless charger and thats really really uh no go show there, but the doji s98 will have that and it will also run android 10 out of the box with the company confirming at least three years of security and android version updates, wow thats, a booster and also You can guess that doji s98 is ip68, so you can dip it in the water and its ip69k rated, which means that you can also use it in source, snow and extreme heat and extreme cold. Now this means that you can take it on a swim or a wash and its also a mill scd 810 g man. This is like completely a rocket certified show if you dont know what a mill std810g means. It means that its a rugged phone with military standards – you can drop it from the height of one meter and nothing happens to it, but this is just for testing and im sure that you can drop it from a higher height and still nothing would happen. Other features include nfc dual band wi fi, bluetooth, 5.1 side mounted fingerprint sensor, among others. Doji hasnt confirmed the exact launch date of the s98, but the information reaching us is that we can expect the device in the later part of march. Until such time, we will keep updating on developments related to doji. S98 fans can also take part in the giveaway which is currently going on on the companys official website mentioned in the description below.

So all you have to do is to register yourself and answer a few questions and you have a very good chance to win the s98, because not many people are have actually taken part and theres a lot of phones to win. There are a lot of phones to win so guys. You cannot miss this chance at all, so thats all about the phone. If you have any question, please dont forget to mention in the comments below ill try my best to answer many questions as you want, or i can also take it up with the manufacturer. If you have any special doubt for buying links, we will post on our channel very soon and well have a detailed review on the phone once we have more information on it. So until then thank you so much for watching this video. If you like it, please please hit the thumbs up button im asking you to subscribe, my channel, but if you do watch my videos, i normally talk a lot about tech, videos and you know new products, especially chinese products, which see which i see potential in. So i dont know me for the cliche, samsung and iphone products, and that makes the channel somewhat different than the others so guys. Thank you so much for watching.