They should have written seo over here with snapdragon triple a 128 amoled display 66 watt fast charging and 48 megapixel ois camera. So the question that has to be asked is: should you consider i could nine sc over iq nine and whats the right price for ico nine se and whats up with the se series, since we already have the unboxing of both ico nine and ico nine pro Over here, the box content – here you see, is more or less the same, get the phone a case: 66 watt charger, usb type, a to type c, cable, type c to 3.5 on dongle. So no headphone jack and some paperwork sim ejector tool and you get dual sim card slot. This video is different and well talk about key points that matter to you and more of one day experience which helps you decide the best phone for you and yes, this video is made in collaboration with iq, but you know it. I know it. The opinions are mine now, first up to me, the ico, 9 se looks a lot similar to iq7. Last year you have a different color, this time, which looks different from different angle, reflective colors. You also have a space fusion, black color, which looks gorgeous to me. Now i, like the in hand, feel of the device. It reminds me of ico 7s curved back now, its not a one handed device, but not even huge. Now you get a 1080p 120 hertz amoled display just like last year.

You also get squad sensation, glass, protection. Now the display gets really bright up to 1300 nits, but that is peak brightness, which you will only get during hdr movies. Now here have a look. You can see the phone quite well, even under direct sunlight. Also, you get wide one l1. So you get 1080p video playback on netflix. Also, i checked prime video and you get 1080p playback on prime video as well. Now the display color contrast, the viewing angles all are good, but what i noticed is you get an in display fingerprint scanner, which is fast enough, like a normal in display fingerprint scanner, but the scanner is too low like it should have been somewhere over here, but It is bottom here, so you have to reach it out a bit but its fast, and you also get dual stereo speakers here. Listen to the audio now the volume from the stereo speakers are not equal like the bottom. One is a bit extra loud, but overall, its loud enough and the clarity is really good. Now performance is where you will find the difference between. I could nine and i could nine se. I could nine comes with snapdragon triple eight eight gb lp ddr5 ram 128 gb, ufs, 3.1 storage, so snapdragon triple eight is last years. Flagship processor and triple a last year had a lot of heating issues, but this year youre seeing more phones with it and they are well optimized like here.

You see in the cpu throttling test ico 9ac, throttled only 80, which is good for snapdragon triple eight and even the average score you see here is really good. Now ico 9sc has put up a 1551 millimeter square vapor cooling chamber, so lets put that to test and play bgmi. So you can play extreme graphics at smooth balance. Hd hdr or you can go ultra hd and 40 fps, but well place extreme fps in hdr graphics, because why not snapdragon 8 now see. One of the reasons i like to play in hdr graphics is because see i step into the shadow. The shadow is properly over me and i step out here in light. There is good amount of highlight the touch response rate is so good in this leg, see here like the fire respond now it might be because of the thousand hertz instant touch sampling rate, but i can actually feel that the game play and the touch response is Very smooth, but of course this is like first impression so so ill play for some more time and we will have a really good video now. Iko 9 gives you the option to play 90 fs in bgmi, one of the few phones, but here on ike 9. Se, it is only 60 fps, but ico has this option called frame interpolation? It increases your 60 fps game to 90 fps like ill. Try to explain it to you in a very simple way.

I have multiple pictures of my hand. Im continuously changing this picture. It gives you the illusion of a video right now, i know my hand is moving from top to bottom now, using software and algorithm. I can estimate my hand position and create more photos of my hand, movement, and then it will start looking like this, like it looks in the video see so smooth thats. What frame interpolation is like bjmi here is playing at 60fps, but when i turn on frame interpolation software adds 30 more frames and makes it 90 fps. So this 90 fps only works in bgmi free fire, but free fire is banned in india, so bgmi only now. Camera is really interesting on the iq. 9Se, like you, get a 48 megapixel main sensor with ois and a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera plus macro camera and 2 megapixel monochrome sensor. So now in this frame you see we are shooting against the sunlight and once we take the photo, it does some hdr processing. And now you can see everything in the background here and here and even the details on the face is maintained now early impressions. I feel the camera sensor is same as previous year iq7, but this year they have worked on more photo processing, but it looks close to natural in real life. So we took a bit of architecture, wide angle, photos and you get this 13 megapixel ultra wide angle. Camera and in good daylight conditions, the photo come out sharp and even the dynamic range is good.

Now, the ultra wide angle camera also acts as a macro camera, and it takes good photo like i like taking photos of flowers of zoom and any day. It is better than 2 megapixel macro camera. You would agree with that, and this is the 16 megapixel front, selfie camera and just like the rear camera photos. This time looks close to natural and even the skin tone looks close to natural, not saturated or boosted or made extra white, and this is a video to the front camera. So you can have an idea of the mic quality as well as the video quality. You can only shoot up to 1080p 30 fps. It should be 4k like come on. Iq can now start giving 4k from the front camera now. This is first impression and i would need some time to review and understand the iq 9sc camera, but i feel, as far as i can understand, ico 9se is the phone. Most people will be looking to buy, so we would do at least a performance or camera review of both the ico, 9 and ico 9sc. Let me know what do you think about that video now one good thing about the software? Is you get android 12 right out of the box now? The thing is ico is promising two years of android updates and three years of security updates. So the point here is ico: 9se will get android 13 and 14 with one extra year of security updates.

Now you do get all android 12 features. You get this weather feature where you can check the entire weeks weather if youre planning for a vacation by the way we are, you can also customize fingerprint animation. All of that and last year iq7 had frame drops in animation, but this fanta os 12. They have worked on the animation and if you see here, i can do it multiple times and still there is no animation lag or jitteriness one more thing. I noticed this. If you keep the display to auto refresh rate or smart switch, it restricts 120 fps game, like altos odc to 60 fps. But if you set it to 120 fps, then you can play it at 120 fps, which is odd. Now there is some bloatware like very, very less. You have baijus phone pay, you can uninstall all of them and theres hot apps and hot games as well. So you can go to settings turn off. You do get google dialer now, so you will have this. This call is now being recorded, call recording announcement. Now the battery is same as the previous year. You get a 4500mah battery and you get a 66 watt flash charge now the ico 9 se does not support pd charging. So if you have to fast charge, you have to use the inbuilt charger now in terms of sensors. You get all the important sensor. Gyro compass, you also have nfc. So if you have a nfc, headphone or tws, you can just tap on them and boom connected uh.

Nfc is helpful. Rest, you get eight 5g bands and i also put my geosim inside it, so you get good stable, 4g plus carrier aggregation as well. Now, as far as i can understand, ico 9sc is going to be priced at ’90. Now this is the offer price with card discounts, but iq7 launched at 31 990 last year and with discounts. It came down to 27 28 000 and i would say it was a good selling phone for aiku in 2021, so they took up the same winning formula, packed it into ico 9se with marginal improvements here and there, but thats a good formula like for someone out There looking to buy a value for money phone, what would be your requirements? Performance check, camera check fast, charging check good display check, so it seems like one of the best 30 000 phone.