Note 11s talk about its advantages over the redmi note, 11, so that you can decide which one among these two is the better pick for you, hello, everyone amania for mr phone and before we start consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech videos and also Turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates and if you love this video then definitely smash that thumbs up button. It motivates us Music lets address the similarities. First, both the redmi note 11s and the redmi note 11 share a lot when it comes to design hardware and features first and foremost, just like the note 11, the redmi note, 11s comes in this handy form, factor featuring a plastic build and gorilla glass protection up Front i mean visually: both these phones are almost identical and they can easily be mistaken for one or the other if you dont see them closely. The only visual difference between both these phones is the protruding main camera. On the redmi note: 11s, thanks to the bigger 108 megapixel sensor, but apart from this, the physical dimensions, button, placement, stereo speakers and all that stuff remain the same. So theres not much difference between the redmi note 11 and the redmi note 11s. When it comes to the design and build coming to the front, both the redmi note, 11 phones share the same displays. So the note 11s also comes with the superb 90 hertz 6.

43 inch amoled panel with 700 nits, typical brightness, that you also get on the note. 11, and just like, i noted in my redmi note, 11 review as well. This is an excellent panel, not just for the price of the redmi note 11, but also for the price at which the note 11s retails for the multimedia consumption is great. On this thing – and i know the display doesnt – get the hdr 10 certification here, but for whats on offer. The overall experience, while watching videos or playing games, is good things. Look superb theres white wine, l1 certification for watching full hd stuff on ott, and all of this is definitely complemented by one of the best and loudest sounding stereo speakers that you can get in a smartphone in this price bracket. Apart from this, both smartphones run miui 13 atop, android, 11. Sadly, no android 12. On the note 11s as well, but just like the note 11, i havent faced any major issues when it comes to software. Optimization lags and stutter were a bare minimum bloatware and some pre loaded stuff exists, but can be easily uninstalled. So that is great and rest all the features that you get on. The note 11 are your on the note 11s as well, so naturally, most of the mainstream apps are optimized to take advantage of the 90 hertz screen refresh rate. However, the only flaw that i will point out here is again that google chrome only works at 60 hertz, and this was the exact problem with the redmi note 11 as well.

So i believe redmi should definitely look into the matter, so similar design similar display similar software experience. Actually, the battery capacity is also the same. That is, you get a 5000 mah battery under the hood, along with a 33 watt charger supplied in the box more on the endurance part in a bit, but for now what about the differences between these two smartphones? Well, there are two major ones. First up is the presence of the 12 nanometer helio g96 processor inside the redmi note: 11 s versus the six nanometer snapdragon 680 chipset inside the redmi. Note 11. heres a look at the variants and prices of both the note 11 phones. You can pause and take a look so coming back to the socs. Well, both the helio g96 and the snapdragon 680 make sure that day to day tasks are handled with ease on both the redmi note. Phones. In fact, both devices are absolute champs when it comes to dealing with a regular day to day things like checking the web, making calls browsing social media playing casual games and stuff. However, if hardcore gaming is your thing, then you would definitely appreciate the redmi note. 11S. Simply because this one gives you better graphics at your disposal in games over the redmi note 11., for instance, bgmi a fairly popular game in india, among android users, is only able to run on balanced graphics and medium fps. On the note 11, while the note 11s is able to run the same game at hd, graphics and high fps settings, and this i feel, does bring a significant difference in the overall bgmi experience moving on when it comes to battery life and in this area.

The note 11 edges out the redmi note 11s. Now this is not by a huge margin. In fact, both phones are pretty solid in their own right. When it comes to endurance, however, the snapdragon 680 inside the note 11 does prove to be more efficient than the helio g96 inside the note 11s. During my time, with the redmi note 11s, i was easily able to last a full day on a single charge with heavy usage and on lighter days i could even go two days on a single charge with around six hours of screen on time. Finally, lets talk about the camera system which, again on the redmi note 11s, is pretty similar to the setup of the note 11, apart from the main 108 megapixel camera that the note 11s gets here. So the bigger sensor, coupled with the superior isp of the helio g96, made sure that the shots coming out of the note 11ss primary camera looked color rich, had plenty detail and also had better dynamic range. In fact, many times the note, 11s output looked warmer in comparison, same story with the ultra wide angle lens, that is, while the output wasnt the sharpest around from either phones. It was definitely better from the note 11s, both in terms of detail and color reproduction full resolution shots taken at 108 megapixel from the note 11s and at 50 megapixel from the note 11 also show the formers dominance. I mean essentially looking at this sample.

The 11s is leaps and bounds ahead of the note 11 in terms of preserving details, portrait mode shots again looked better from the note 11s, while edge detection was good on both colors highlights and shadows were handled much better. On the redmi note, 11s coming to the selfies once again, the note 11s takes the lead, be it in terms of normal selfies or portrait. Selfies shots were sharper and in fact i also preferred my skin tones in note 11s output. Lastly, these are the photos taken in low light and, in my review of the redmi note 11, i already told you guys about its weak performance in not so great lighting. However, this is where the redmi note 11s steps up with better processing of photos taken at night now, im not saying the note 11s takes the best night shots out there, but in comparison to the redmi note 11 theres a stark difference in the output. I mean looking side by side to the photos taken from the note 11. The redmi note 11s took fine photos at night with decent amount of detail, along with minimal noise in the output. Okay in terms of video recording both the note 11 phones can shoot only up to 1080p 30fps videos and once again, looking side by side at the output. You can clearly see that the 11s output is brighter because of which it looks. Sharper also shadows and highlights, are handled well in comparison to note, 11s output and of course the stabilization is also better on the note 11s, so im recording the 1080p 30fps videos from the redmi note 11s and the redmi note 11, and this is the kind of Quality that you get from uh, both the phones not the best, i would say, but slightly better on the 11s, because the video output looks brighter dynamic range again, not the best on both the devices.

Apart from that ill just show ill. Do a brisk walk. So you can make out the stabilization as well looks the video looks more stable on the redmi note 11s, as far as i can make out in the viewfinder, and how does my audio sound? Let me know in the comments and yeah. What do you think about the overall output share your thoughts with me in the comments below cheers at a starting price of 16 499 rupees, the redmi note 11s might just seem like a pricier redmi note 11. However, it is more than that see if you are someone who uses their phone casually, they want the best in class display and speakers, decent cameras, good endurance and all this without spending a lot of money, i would suggest going for the redmi note 11. However, if you want a little more from your smartphone in terms of better camera performance, especially when it comes to video recording camera performance during the night and also in terms of better gaming performance, you should definitely put in the extra cash and get the redmi note. 11S instead now, i do understand that, because of the pricing of the note 11s and the note 11, it can be a bit confusing for you, if youre on the fence of buying a new smartphone. Specifically, if your choice is narrowed down between the note 11s and the note 11.. But from what i understand, i believe that redmi wants to cater to everyone who wants to purchase a brand new smartphone, irrespective of their budget.

And, of course, redb wants to sell a lot of smartphones and grow their business. I mean come on and there you have it folks. This was my review of the redmi note 11s. If you have any doubts, queries or thoughts share them with me in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.