com in this video ill be reviewing the galaxy s22, which is samsungs flagship, android smartphone priced at rupees 72. Nine, special thanks and mentioned to channel 9 for letting me live with the smartphone. You can contact mr arjun for more info, so is this the right smartphone for your usage watch till the end to find out and for more videos like this one subscribe to abn world turn on all notifications and follow me on instagram also check out my one Link solution where you can keep track of all smartphones to compare and buy your favorite smartphone all in one place with that being said, lets dive in Applause, the device comes in two variants and three color options which will be released on 11th of march. So what do you guys think about the pricing share your thoughts in the comments Music? The device comes with following dimensions and weighs 168 grams. The build quality is excellent, which also feels excellent in the hand, the display quality is excellent, which also offers quite excellent. Colors contrast, dynamic range and sharpness. Also, the sunlight visibility is excellent. The flickering you see outdoors is due to the camera, but on the white background and in direct sunlight, this display does flicker slightly and is noticeable, which is a little surprising. The device comes with following connectivity options: it comes with all the important sensors Music and the in display. Fingerprint scanner works really well. Music. The audio quality from the loudspeaker is excellent, but the positioning could have been symmetrical for better stereo separation, while the quality from the bluetooth is excellent, but the volume could have been slightly higher.

The device is powered by the latest and greatest snapdragon 801 soc. Yes, thats right. Finally, a snapdragon chip on the galaxy s, series im sure a lot of you guys are excited for this one, including myself. It runs on android 11 with one ui 4.1 interface. The overall general performance is exceptional. The multitasking is excellent. Music and the ram management is quite excellent, which could have been slightly better still, but for majority of you guys its definitely not an issue at all. Also, the gaming performance is excellent from both the games in its max graphic settings, Music, Music, and when it comes to the cooling, the device did manage to stay under 42 degrees. Nothing uncomfortably warm, which is a good thing. The device comes with 50 mp triple rear cameras and a 10 mp front camera in daylight. The image quality is excellent, with quite excellent. Colors contrast, dynamic range and sharpness Music Applause, Music, recording this part of the video on samsung galaxy s; 22s main camera in 4k. At 60fps, the video quality is also excellent, with excellent stabilization, which is much better than before, thanks to vdis, which samsung likes to call it Music recording this part of the video on samsung galaxy s22 front camera in 4k, at 60fps Music in low light, the image Quality is very good, with very good colors contrast, dynamic range and pretty great sharpness: Music, Music, Music. The device comes with 3700 mah battery with wired and wireless charging options.

The battery life is pretty great. These are the following stats during my quick intensive usage. So if your usage is medium, you can expect up to a full day of average battery life with up to 6 hours 15 minutes of screen on time, Music for product rating, i would rate 8.7 out of 10 for vfm rating. I would take 6.8 out of 10, so tg rating is 3.87 out of 5. Music. After considering all the pros cons and ratings, the samsung galaxy s22 is an excellent smartphone at a pretty good price. So is this the best compact flagship, its certainly one of the best for sure? What do you guys think about this galaxy s22 share your thoughts in the comments thats it for this video. I hope you found this review useful, also stay tuned for the galaxy s.