Oh my sides, im too good with the punnery, say hello to the samsung galaxy s22 ultra now before i dive into the good, the bad and the ugly with this new phone. We need to address the elephant in the room. My thick juicy vienna, sausage like, but apparently no good for piano playing fingers. Yes, its okay, dont cry for me. I learned the head of that instrument anyway, but there is one thing that consistently stands in the way of my lovable stubs, one massive obstacle that has drilled deep down into my psyche and caused me daily frustration touch typing on a smart phone screen. I just cannot do it not two thumb typing nor gesture swiping, my fingers, arent svelte enough, so want someone. Please scoop up that physical keyboard patent from blackberry and save me already. Until that day comes, i have samsung to thank for providing a solution to a problem. No one talks about the companys s pen or what wed call a stylus in normal human speak is a digital pen that lives inside of the new s22 ultra. This phone by the way currently sits at the top of samsungs flagship smartphone line with an 11.99 starting price and theres a reason for that. Its got this beautiful, seamless, curved 6.8 inch, wqhd plus amoled display, with a 120 hertz refresh rate, a monstrous quad camera system. On back and a considerable selfie cam on front, i know i know theres a focus on the cameras lets all feign shock, but this time around samsung claims the ultra can make nighttime shots that look like daytime.

Okay, thats, not exactly what it claimed. The companys horrendously obvious marketing term for the ultra software. Imaging powers is knightography, but well get to all that in just a bit. Lets focus on this babys body much like last years, s21 ultra, the in display fingerprint sensor, has made a comeback, and this time its actually usable, like impressively so in fact, id like samsungs engineers to have a word with googles, pixel 6 team, because the experience is Just so so much faster and more responsive on the s22 ultra ive, never not once not even for a second had to think about resorting to a pin code or attempting a second or third fingerprint press to unlock it. Just works so brava samsung. Now can you get those same engineers on the team that decides on the phones branding? What im not too thrilled about is the actual design of the phone, its anonymous thats, really the best way to describe it there arent any signature flourishes that make this device stand out in the crowd, its a cold, sleek, metal and glass slab with edges that are So smooth and rounded that it actually makes gripping this thing a little difficult, whats more its a slippery little sucker. Do you know how many times this phone almost went flying out of my hands and onto the cruel freezing cold by the way and unforgiving nyc streets? Ten times i counted, it happened 10 times so long story short put a case on this thing.

That way, you can give it a little personality and protection. Oh, and i should mention that it comes in phantom white phantom black. These names, green and burgundy, but just get it in black and cover it up some other things to note its 5g, no surprise there and wi fi 6e, capable, which just means faster wireless speeds. If you have a compatible router, you probably dont and its rated ip68. So you can get grimy with it. I mean please dont, go diving with it in your pocket or dance with it in a dust storm at burning man, it should survive those activities but like what kind of a money to burn monster? Are you if you self identify with that statement, then please ping me after this and ill send you my venmo. The s 22 ultra, as you might expect, comes in a variety of configurations, but do take note that the 1199 starting price will only climb higher and higher. As you kid out, your ultra with more memory and storage and yes, its got a generous 5 000 milliamp hour battery to back up that massive and power hungry screen. The ultras got enough juice to definitely last you until bedtime and then some depending on your phone habits, youll wind up with just about a half charge left. If youre like me and just spend your time scrolling through twitter, browsing on chrome or reading links on pocket and watching youtube clips to help, you beat very difficult and frustrating sections of video games or watching clips of tom holland on graham norton.

If you make even moderate use of the cameras, well expect to have about 20 charge left by the time you slip into your pjs, to grab some zs, but no matter how you function day to day, you will not have to plug the ultra in. Until some point, the next day, all right – fine since were already on the topic, lets talk about the cameras. They are, as you might expect, awesome. On the back of this austere phone youre, getting a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera with a field of view, thats 120 degrees, a 108 megapixel main camera with a field of view, thats 85 degrees, a 10 megapixel telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom and 10 megapixel telephoto Camera with 10x optical zoom and on the front is a 40 megapixel selfie camera with a 80 degree field of view. I tested this absolute overkill of a setup on the worst kind of winter day in nyc, a deceptively sunny one and my nose fingers and toes paid the price. But the photos were gorgeous im, pretty good with snapping shots on my own, but i felt especially skilled when id review literally anything i took with the ultra. The main cam takes shots with such balance, colors shadows and highlights its also true to life, which is something i very much appreciate as im team, human realism and theres such crisp detail. Even when you zoom in on a regular shot even 3x and 10x telephoto shots have excellent detail.

100X space zoom will net you well the same sort of blurred, impressionistic image and thats. If you can even stabilize your hands to snap the shot, samsung, also added in some fun editing, options like object, eraser, which can wipe out people and things that are up your otherwise perfect shot. A remaster photo option which does auto retouching, like the name implies, and even some face effects if youre the type who believes in what you look like on instagram. As for those knightography shots, theyre good, not amazing and def, not worthy of some tired marketing term theres. A yellowish hue to shots youll take in this mode and the lighting is somewhat overdone its almost like those overlit studio shots. You had to take as a kid. You know for school again, its not bad, but when i took a nighttime portrait shot, i looked well. Bizarrely shiny it enhanced the brightness on my dewy skin. Yes, it was literally about to rain and made me look like. I was wearing shimmer powder, no hate there. Shimmer powder is dope, but thats, not my look, samsung, not anymore hard wink. Now, if youre in the market for the s22 ultra, which is to say you like to spend the moneys honeys, then im also assuming youve used or are aware of other similar high end phones like the iphone 13 pro and the pixel 6 pro. I mentioned these phones because really image quality is an absolute banger all around no matter which phone maker you pledge allegiance to its just well, you can get those other two phones for hundreds of dollars less.

So keep that in mind before you add to cart. Okay, i think ive s spent enough time on the cameras lets talk about that s. Pen. This little thing makes you feel like a boss when youre using the ultra seriously, you can be doing absolutely nothing of importance, mindlessly consuming tick, tocks and somehow, using this s, pen to scroll just confers a sense of power and importance its a nice ego fluff, but Thats not what makes it so great and so essential to an oversized smartphone experience. When you drag the s pens tip across the screen, it manages to somehow feel absolutely silky and yet necessarily rubbery gliding about when you need it to and coming to a hard confident. Stop so you can affect gestures or tap on icons or buttons or links. It also helps to relieve any hand cramping you might get from double fisting a phone of the size, as you can calmly grip it with one and lazily navigate to the outer reaches using the s pen. There are even sweet bonuses like the ability to hover over a photo comparison, slider on a web page and move it left and right without touching the screen, as i did when checking out ps4 and ps5 graphical comparisons of horizon, forbidden, west or even scrolling down in An app by just hovering the s pen at the bottom of a page and yes, latency on this thing is low, which is clutch if youre keen to scribble your very own brand of chicken scratch on screen and convert that to text for note taking.

But you can also use the s pen for screen. Selection, live messages ar doodles translation and more i mean sure you can do all that if you want, but i think thats missing the fundamental point of this thing. It lets you swipe type or gesture type like a friggin pro gone are the days when id have to constantly redo my clumsily banged out text, messages or emails, because i couldnt see which letters my swollen fingers were blocking on screen with this magic wand. I could neatly and gracefully connect letters and form sentences and, as a result, i actually found that i was using my phone more often than i normally do to take notes or even write, long emails plus – and this is a big one for those of you who Live in places that experience four seasons, it is crucial in cold weather. You can leave those smartphone friendly gloves at home, because all you need to keep on using your phone like normal. Is this slim little wand, but wait theres more samsung, as it is known to do, has packed enough load of features for the s pen and they are known as air actions. This basically means that you can control certain apps or launch functions using the button on the side of the s pen so say you want to snap a shot, but you dont want to hold the ultra in hand. You can just press that button to launch the camera and then press again to snap a shot or, if youre listening to spotify, you can use it to skip music tracks and even set other app specific actions.

Its neat, its handy and its gon na, require you to sync some time digging into all of these menus and thats the galaxy s 22. Ultra. In a nutshell, if you couldnt already tell i like this thing, i do, i think its ugly but thats what phone cases are. For i mean it works like a charm, the display and refresh rate or a match made in heaven and youre gon na love. The results you get with those cameras and then theres the splendid s pen, which really every large phone should have as a standard nowadays, its just such a quality of life enhancement and once you get used to it its hard to go back to relying on just Your i dont know im assuming long spelled vampiric like fingers. The thing is, a starting price of 11.99 is just obscene thats laptop territory, people and you can get a phone thats just as excellent for cheaper. If you do choose to opt for the s22 ultra.