Just again, why apple? Why the black shark 4 pro is supposed to be designed to suit the exact needs of mobile gamers, with a way better display quality and sound system attached to the phone. Now this phone retails for 2499 – and i would guess that is reasonable. Remember the times where you can get the most expensive phone for 2000 ringgit and now the cheapest good phone is around 2000 ringgit and the best one are the same price as a pc, the overall look of the phone. Well, it isnt really my style. It has a metallic backplate that looks holographic, or else i personally prefer something that is more slick or elegant. Looking very minimalistic, i would say, but thats just me, i know its a gaming phone, but you dont have to make it look so much like a game before, because it only caters to a very, very specific market. This phone would have been perfect for my hammer, but she wouldnt use it because the design is just too much its too blingy. I know shes in there, but she doesnt like this much of bling. However, something interesting that this phone has is trigger buttons, calm down twitter, calm down. When i push them, the trigger button falls out through their magna lift technology. So it is really nice to have actual physical trigger buttons when youre playing games, but it is a learning curve because youre so used to touching the screen instead of actual buttons, i think with any gaming phone.

The one thing i look out for is the display. So how does the black shark 4 pro hold up? Well, the refresh rate is able to go between 60 to 144 hertz, which basically means its super smooth and super responsive. They also have graphic enhancement, which brings out the most out of mobile gaming for pair that, with the upgraded sandwich. Liquid cooling system is just amazing and i honestly dont know what the sandwich has to do with anything, but apparently it prevents the phone from overheating. So i played about two hours on this phone on full battery and the phone was completely cool the entire time. Now, going off that point im going to talk about the sound quality, it is exceptional for its price im honestly impressed because i did test it on music and games and im telling you the quality of the sound and bass that i can get from this phone. Its so good that nicki minaj will be so proud of it, but hold up. I did find a major flaw on this phone. The camera quality on the phone is only decent. They do have a triple camera system, which is okay, but the photo quality is pretty average. I would say i think, if youre looking to buy this phone, your main priority should be the gaming expect of it. But if youre looking to make content or take nice really instagram photos high quality, instagram photos, this phone is not for you now there are some big claims about this phone say get fully charged from 0 to 100 in just 17 minutes to me.

That sounds way too good to be true, so i did put it to test. We waited for the phone to be completely maxed out, and then we put it to charge. Unfortunately, these guys had some really ambitious clips that they would not able to pull through on because the phone took one hour and 15 minutes to charge honestly thats, not too bad. In fact, i would say this pretty quick, but just dont tell me you can charge under 17 minutes, okay, because i did wait for it to be 17 minutes and i was disappointed so do i recommend this phone Music for its price? I do want a phone that is well rounded and can excel in every aspect. At least just do the best it can and not just gaming. To me, this phone would not be very useful because i definitely dont give enough for me to justify buying a phone. Just to game, if youre anything like me, you might as well just get a samsung phone, but if youre not anything like me and youre a gamer, let me know in the comment down below if you will get this phone solely for gaming with that being said, Dont forget hit the subscribe button and share this with your friends and family and ill see you on the next one im juvent take care.