in terms of design. The pixel 6 comes in three new color ways: sort of seafoam kind of coral and stormy black, pretty cool names. I got the stormy black colorway, but what really makes this phone stand out from its older predecessors is its subtle yet striking new camera array, which kind of happens to look like a visor. So this phones mainly constructed out of glass with aluminum sides. Its got gorilla, glass, fixtures on the front and gorilla glass 6 on the back. So yes, theres wireless charging, theres reverse wireless charging and its even got an in screen optical fingerprint sensor, which isnt the fastest, but it definitely gets the job done at first. The in screen fingerprint sensor had some difficulties. Reading my fingerprint, but later on, i found out that adding two fingerprints of the same finger made it more accurate and lessened the chances of it failing so yeah. Like many other smartphones, this phone is also a fingerprint magnet, but at least its ip68 dust and water resistance. So if you want, you can just wash it over the sink or you can just wipe it down. But overall the google pixel 6 is a stylish and a modern looking phone Music. As for the display, the pixel 6 has a flat 6.4 inch, 1080p amoled display with a refresh rate of 90 hertz. Now it might not be hertz like on the pixel 6 pro. I dont know why i just did that, but um 90 hertz looks plenty smooth still.

You know, and this one also supports hdr 10, plus its a good looking screen with accurate colors that gets decently bright. It might not be the brightest compared to its competitors like the iphone 13, but you also got to keep in mind this ones like two to three hundred dollars cheaper as well, so other phones might get brighter. But this phone isnt far behind coming in at around 800 nits, i really havent had any issues with the brightness overall. I think the pixel 6 has a good looking screen im coming from an iphone 13 pro max and im satisfied with the screen quality. So yeah good screen, Music in terms of battery life. The pixel 6 has a 4 614 milliamp battery compared to the 53 milliamp battery that youll find on the 6 pro its slightly smaller. But from what ive seen it seems like the pixel 6 has a slightly better battery life than the 6 pro. Now. That might be due to the fact that the pixel 6 doesnt have to push or power such powerful hardware, like on the 6 pro anyways um, but yeah with the pixel 6 im getting around 5 hour screen on time. So that easily gets me throughout the day and yeah. I really have no complaints about the battery life. This supports wireless charging. Its got reverse wireless charging. It takes around 30 minutes for this phone to charge from zero to 50 percent and a little over one hour.

30 minutes for it to charge from zero to a hundred percent Music. The google pixel 6 has a dual camera setup on the back: a 50 megapixel wide camera and a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera with all the new sensors. The pixel 6 is set to capture 150 percent, more light than the pixel 5. from what ive seen its a pretty good camera system, its a good camera system for an android phone youre, basically getting a flagship camera system here same as the one thats on the Pixel 6 pro besides, the telephoto lens, so expect to take some good looking photos and videos, since google is known for having some really cool smartphone features and coming out with one of the smartest, if not the smartest smartphones. This phone also has some really cool features. Obviously um its got. This feature called magic eraser. This allows you to erase any photo bombs or any object in a photo like magic. Basically, it might not always look the best, but for how fast and easy it is to use this feature, it is pretty cool. So far, all the photos and videos ive been taking with this phone have been looking good and id say its satisfactory for the price tag. The only thing i guess you should be aware of is computational photography, so this phone likes to do its own thing and make the photos look like the way it thinks it should look. So sometimes photos can seem a bit unrealistic in terms of color and brightness, but they still look good, somehow, Music, you Music, so Music, hmm, Music, similar to what apples been doing.

Google has also started making their own processor chips for their smartphones, known as google tensor. Its the first smartphone processor for google, which is kind of a big deal. This is the same chip youll find on the 6 pro. So technically speaking, you are getting flagship performance here and 8 gigabytes of ram, just like on the 6 pro. So, in reality, this phone runs like a flagship device from being able to play any games on the play store to checking mail while having multiple apps open. In the background with the new chip, there are some exclusive features like accurate voice typing without an internet connection. Real time, language, translation for captions, faster image, processing and other machine learning based capabilities, my favorite has to be voice typing its like having a real life human that is, writing down what youre saying with punctuations Music, Music Applause; Music. With all that being said, that about wraps up this video, the google pixel 6, is a modern smartphone with modern features with an affordable price tag.