. The Moto G200 5G is Motorolas newest flagship model of the Moto G series, equipped with the Snapdragon 888 8 GB of RAM and either 128 GB or 256 GB internal UFS, 3.1 storage. The Moto G200 5G weighs 202 grams about half a pound and comes in either green or blue., Both the back and the frame are made out of plastic, which is very noticeable.. Generally, the workmanship of the Moto G200 5G isnt bad., The IP52 certified Motorola smartphone, has a flat IPS display.. The physical keys have a very crisp actuation point. In the wireless category. The Moto G20 supports Miracast Users can watch HD video content on streaming services without problems.. Our test sample was equipped with 128 GB of internal UFS storage. There is no microSD slot.. The USB C port supports USB 3.1 speeds.. My UX is a clean and optimized user interface and complements Googles. Android 11.. The Moto G200 5G supports Wi Fi 6 home networks and the fast ax standard, with the option to use the 6 GHz band, causing fast transfer rates during our measurements. Geolocation could be better overall.. Despite the small inaccuracies in the recorded track, the Moto smartphone is suitable for navigation purposes. We, like the call quality during our test. Voices, are captured clearly, which was also confirmed by our test person on the other end.. The quality of video calls via Skype, and the speakers is satisfying thanks to the dual microphones.. While the 16 MP front facing camera takes solid selfies for social media content, the degree of sharpness could have been higher.

. The ultra wide angle, camera isnt convincing.. The resolution of 8 MP is pretty small. Neither the ultra wide angle camera nor the main camera has optical image. Stabilization. Motorola uses Samsungs 108 MP camera sensor.. This Moto uses pixel binning technology, resulting in lack of sharpness. The main camera of the Moto smartphone can take 8k videos at 30 fps.. The manufacturer offers a 2 year standard warranty for the Moto G200 5G. The very fast refresh rate of 144 Hz is the reason for the pleasantly smooth scrolling on websites. Inputs. On the 6.8 inch IPS display respond precisely right up to the corners of the touchscreen.. The 6.8 inch Full HD Max Vision display has a resolution of 1080 x, 2460 pixels and an aspect ratio of 209.This results in a pixel density of a solid ‘6 PPI.. The sRGB color space is mostly covered. According to our analysis, with the CalMAN software. Outdoors, the Motorola smartphone makes a solid impression. Even in sunlight, the display is still recognizable. The viewing angles of the Moto G200 5G are mostly stable. The Motorola smartphone is first place compared to mid range competitors in our benchmark. Results., On a daily basis, the Moto smartphone runs fairly smooth and with barely any delays.. The system performance is superb and the loading time of applications really short.. This is also ensured by the fast read and write speeds of the UFS storage.. The gaming performance we tested with our partnerGameBench leaves something to be desired.

. Pubg Mobilecan be played in HD with 60 FPS at high details, while nothing stutters. Our second test. Gamearmajeton the other hand reveals thermically based crashes in performance.. There is fairly high heat development of the Motos smartphonecase, but maximum temperatures are still within limits.. The Motorola smartphone offers one single speaker, which is a bit quiet compared to its stereo competition. For everyday use, videos and movies. The quality of the speakers is definitely sufficient, but nothing special for this price range.. The Moto G200 5G has a 5000 mAh battery that allows wired charging at up to 33 watts.. The Moto G model can be completely recharged in one hour.. Wireless charging is not possible.. The Motorola smartphone achieves really good results in our real world. Wi Fi test and with a disabled, Wi Fi module when playing videos at 15 hours and 25 hours respectively. Under full load. The G200 5G quickly runs out of power.. The Motorola Moto G200 5G is a solid up per mid range smartphone and could be an interesting choice. With a 144 Hz panel and UFS 3.1 storage. The Moto G200 represents a solid everyday smartphone with fast performance.. Unfortunately, there are a few setbacks concerning the Qualcomm SoC, which are most likely caused by inefficient cooling and, ultimately, result in frame rate drops during longer HFR gaming sessions.. The current flagship of the Moto G series compromises on features such as OIS stereo speakers, wireless charging, a high IP rating or enhanced haptics.

The IPS panel is certainly a disadvantage in this price range, since the liquid crystal display is significantly darker. In addition to the familiar downsides of a LCD., Furthermore, our measurements prevent us from giving the all clear for PWM sensitive users., Pros good battery life, fast performance, fast storage, solid 108, MP, Camera fast Wi, Fi, 5G Cons, ultra wide angle, camera no stereo speakers flawed IPS Panel plastic case, If you want to learn more about the Moto G200 visit, our detailed review on Notebookcheck.net.