Ultra im super excited about this. I just got it in the mail, so the box that comes in samsungs really got some different kind of packing material going on inside the box. Okay, so its a really thin box that it comes in now, so we got to break the seal here and here. Okay, so im pretty excited about seeing what it looks like all right, be careful getting it out. Oh its a nice phone. I got the one terabyte edition. What comes in the box? Okay, theres, the tool for opening the um Applause. The sim card slot looks like right here. Maybe what else do we got in here? We got the cable, so it does not come with a chart wall charger. This is all it comes with. You got to supply the wall, charger and ill ill. Show you a good wall charger that im going to like for it. Okay, so lets take some protective coating. There looks like theres one on the back those cameras. Those are pretty neat okay, so there is some more plastic, its a little tricky to get off. Okay, so once you get, it started, lets peel it off: okay, okay, so the plastic on the side is kind of tricky to get off its these little pieces and theres another piece underneath the power button and then on the other side, theres another piece of plastic. On here, okay lets: take it off its one, big long, one then theres one on the top.

We got ta get off okay, so the one on the top is pretty hard to get off, but it comes off now. All the plastic is off okay. So this feels like a really nice phone, its got a different feel to it. Now i will be doing a comparison with the. I have the s21 right now and ill be doing a comparison with it. Theres theres the pin, so you press that button and this little thing pops out that looks nice. Its got a little button on it. This thing, pops in and out theres what the end looks like and it just slides in there push that little button. You oh looks theres the theres, the sim card slot on the bottom, so yeah. This is nothing on the side here, yeah, oh thats, a button. I think i dont know theres buttons there. I dont know what that is wow its got a different. This is a different look to it, but man does it? Look. Nice got a good feel to it. Yeah, if its in your hand, so theres a close up of the cameras again back to the cable. This is the usbc its the same on both ends and you can plug a usbc in either way so either this way or you can turn it around this way, but youre going to have to find a wall charger. Now i really like this anchor nano. 2. 30 watt, this will do super fast charging on this samsung phone.

This is a really nice charger and its got the usbc out so youll plug this into the wall, plug that and then plug this into your phone. This is a really nice charger to have okay, so im super excited lets turn it on lets press a button. I think thats, the power button yep so right, theres the power button. Youve got your volume and your power buttons right below it, so press it until it kind of vibrates a little bit. Okay youre going to hit the start button, so it looks like out of the box. It comes with 49 percent charge, so youre going to have to agree to the agree to all hit agree. Give it all permissions hit agree now its gon na want so pick your wi fi network. So pick your wi fi network and then youre going to enter in your password for your wi fi network. Now the screens not doing that in real life, its nice and steady thats, just the film the video camera doing that, okay, so its checking for updates. Okay. So this part is taking a little bit were up to about two minutes already: okay, so if youve got a previous samsung phone, this is where you can transfer everything over im, not going to transfer everything over. I had problems last time i transferred everything over some of the bluetooth stuff didnt work, so im going to set this up as a new phone, so im going to hit dont copy.

Okay, so its going to want you to sign in with your google account your gmail account. Okay, so after you sign into your gmail account, i want you to give it a face: recognition, fingerprints, pattern, pin or password, so you got to click on each one of those to give it each one of those okay. So i gave it a pin and a face recognition. The face recognition went really quick, um, so take your glasses off. When you do it now, it says getting phone ready im, also going to do a separate video on how to put the sim card in. So you got the little tool that was on the on that box. That came with the cable thats, what youre gon na use to open up the sim card door? Okay, now i want you to sign into your samsung account. I have a samsung account so ill sign in okay, so after i signed into my samsung account, it says youre all ready. I can do like a explore. The galaxy phone or just hit finish okay, so the screen looks amazing wow. It looks nice Music, very nice, screen very clear, very like in depth. Okay, so im gon na go to settings swipe down from the top hit the little gear icon. Okay, so under settings lets go lets, go see how much storage its got Music battery device in care, its checking. I got the one terabyte edition 930 gigabytes available, so the system requires 85 gigabytes.

That seems like a lot. This is straight out of the box. Lets check memory, 12, gigabytes, ive got available, 12 gigabytes and i can – and i can expand that a little bit too. I think i can add some from the the virtual storage, but you got to restart your phone to do that. Okay, so it comes with user interface, 4.1 android 12. play system update september 1st 2021, but the security patch is january, 1st 2022, and if you swipe down from the top, it says its completing setup, so theres gon na be quite a bit of stuff here. To do okay so lets play huh. You know whats interesting, so something i just realized. So you got you hold your phone like this. The s pen is over here. I originally thought it was going to be here so its on the left hand, side thats, different. Okay, so theres the note okay, so its got a little button on the note or the pin click it see how you can see the little dot now. Click that button lets make a note, create a note. Okay, so yeah. It feels really nice. Its got very good touch and when i press down really hard its thick and when i go its really light Music, it feels it glides really smooth on there and i can press the button. If you press the button it erases thats pretty neat, then you can do like oh thats, a quick huh, pretty neat and then, when you want to stow it so theres this little icon up here it tells you see theres an icon right there.

That tells you something about the pin im, not sure what that is, but with when its out that or when its in that icon goes away. So thats interesting. So its got that the screen does wrap around the edge a little bit, not much its definitely kind of square or not really square but square like that way. But then its rounded so very nice ill be doing lots of camera reviews im going to compare the camera to an iphone 13 pro im, also going to compare the camera to the older s21 ultra, so im pretty anxious to get started with all this stuff again Check out my next video im going to show you how to put the sim card in right.