They actually made an e ink smartphone that you see right in front of you. This is the tencent sc 803 smartphone. That is running an e ink screen. It has two gigs of ram and 16 gb of on board storage. It also comes in a very strange accordion style box that is quite easy to open and unbox. So lets get to it heres the box. It does not come sealed in any capacity if you open it up this way, theres nothing! If you open it up this way, it starts to display things like a book might, and you can actually pull this out a little bit further. If you use google translate on this itll tell you what everything does, but for the most part this is an unboxing video. So were not going to focus on that too much. But you can see from here. You have qq 10 qq and wechat integrated on it because thats. Basically, what the draw is for this phone – slash mini ereader, so we are of course, going to dive into this a little bit more in the review and find out exactly how it all works. Turn it on and maybe put one of those strange sim cards in here to see what happens so you do have a micro sd and a nano sim on the left, but were going to look at the device at the very end. For now, you have a warranty guide, the user manual kind of serves as the little accordion part here.

You also have a sim removal tool were not going to mess with that in case. We have to give this away and you have a usbc cable at the bottom here. You also have your matching imei so hold on to that. If you have any concerns, theres nothing else in the box, thats just a little tray and theres a little ribbon here. So you can easily pull the device out now, for the unit itself were going to keep this all very nice, because we will be doing a giveaway on this. I guarantee it why that is is because we feel that we really cant sell this. Nor will we sell this, so we will be giving this away to one lucky person and it looks like this was obviously a review sample. They sent us so there was already a silicone case that came on the back, which i guess well give away as well. The back is a very amazon, kindle esque kind of hard rubber thats, very, very evident of that. We also have the sim slash nano sim, slash sd card on the left, and i realized that after only one second, we could easily show you what it is. Indeed, however, its not good news, it looks like it is a sim card or a micro sd. It is not a hybrid sim, meaning you cant put both in there because then it wont touch the copper contact. Therefore, it wont function.

You also have volume up and down and a power button, and on the bottom, you have a 3.5 mil headphone jack, a mouthpiece and a usb, and you have the earpiece up top as well. So this is indeed, as we suspected a telephone, an actual cell phone. Its not like an ink palm where it looks like a cell phone looks like a smartphone, but it isnt, because its just a mini e reader were gon na. Do a first time boot up just to show you just to maybe peek to see if it has an english option on it. That would most definitely help and really assist us as reviewers to see if we can figure this out to a deeper level without hovering. Google lens over it for every single thing we do after briefly, looking through it, it doesnt look like theres any english right out of the box, but we do see a lot of things written in english, like kindle, we have internet explorer. The glow light is really nice and it has speed modes as well as about 65 plus developer options. So this is a very interesting piece, no matter what we will review it all the same. For now. This is everything that comes in the box. With the 10 cent sc 803 smartphone running an e paper screen by the makers that brought you wechat, which is, if you dont, know the chinese equivalent of say whatsapp for more amazing reviews, go to youtube.

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