This is the dji om5. It comes with all sorts of neat little bells and whistles im going to demonstrate a couple of the more useful ones here today i was a little skeptical when i first saw this. You know, because traditionally, if im trying to get stable footage ill go for like a gopro or you know something with like built in stabilization ive been using this a lot for um like event. Videography super super good to get some really nice smooth shots and its also very portable and lightweight, and you can you can fit it in your pocket if you really need to, and also just filming everything right here on, your phone makes it so easy to just Upload, your your pictures to google photos or whatever and then download them on your computer and get right to editing whenever youre done using it. You just snap off this little magnet part here and then it folds right up being fitted anywhere. It also features a little tripod mount here. It comes with its own tripod and then set it wherever you want it to be, but since it is a universal tripod mount i usually just mount it to like an actual tripod like the one that im using to mount my camera here. For this video, it comes with this little carrying case this little bag, but its not very protective. You can get a more heavy duty, one like this, which comes with a little foam, insert to keep everything in place nice and secure, and this is still small enough that i can throw it in my book bag or whatever heres the little uh mounting magnet thing.

Super super easy to use its got a little arrow here that says to put the camera this way, you just mount it with the arrow, pointing towards your camera, obviously, and just snaps right on there and its very, very secure ive ive been pretty rough on this Thing and ive never had my phone even think about coming loose its a really strong magnet, so lets go ahead and turn it on and look at some of the features. So here on the side, you have a power button and a mode button, and you also have this slider, which you can use to adjust your zoom heres, a little joystick that you can use to maneuver the camera a little bit. It also goes up and down its pretty neat and heres this little switching button and the record button the switching button you can press it once to switch from video to photo where you can press it twice to switch from portrait to landscape, pretty cool isnt. It people are always very impressed when they see that and on this side, youll see a usbc port that you use for charging and on the back theres a trigger. You can use this to center it if you press it twice, itll automatically center, just like that, and if you press it once it will track an object. That is the selling point of this camera. For me, is the object tracking. You can basically use this as like an automated cameraman.

You can just set it up and point it at you and then press the tracking button and itll just follow you wherever you go, and so i can just set this up and itll. Do all the work for me and i dont even have to worry about it, so you can use the default iphone camera uh. This will the buttons will work for that and, and sometimes i think, its a little bit higher quality. But if you want all the little bells and whistles, then you have to download the dji memo app, which is free and it works really well itll connect right to your camera. Just like this, as you can see – and this is how you can use the objects tracking capabilities while were here ill show you the zoom, you just use this little slider and it will slide itll zoom right in or zoom right up ill go ahead and demonstrate The objects tracking capabilities for you – i just ive – got it facing towards me so im just going to hit the trigger on the back once and it will automatically start following my face and it doesnt just work with faces. You can just use it for any objects too, but it works really well with your face. This is super useful. If you, you know, if you dont have anyone to film you and youre doing something that requires some movement like ive, been using it for some music videos that ive been working on.

Hopefully, you guys will see those sometime soon and then to stop the tracking. You just hit the trigger once again and it goes back to just normal stabilization, gimbal stuff. The memo app has all sorts of bells and whistles its got all these different modes theres. Even some little effects you can play with you can adjust your iso and your aperture and all that good stuff or you can just leave that stuff automatic. It will also show you the battery life of your phone and the gimbal which, by the way, the battery life is very good. It supposedly lasts about six hours so far. I that seems right to me. Ive never had it die on me at all ive. Never even had it get low on me and ive used it quite a bit and it charges really quickly too. It charges in like an hour and a half another really neat feature of the djme. Another really neat feature of the memo. App. Is this gesture control option? You can turn that on and now it will use the palm of my hand to start recording and tracking its pretty cool. If you want to be, you know a little further away and not have to press the trigger to make. It start tracking you move over here where i can see your palm. If itll focus there we go and it starts recording and tracking me its pretty cool and there you can see.

You just use your palm to turn it off again. Its really really neat so ill show you some test footage now. This is a like event. To recap, video that i made for a marketing conference a few weekends ago, and it was super exciting right. Every shot in this video was from my iphone 10 um using the dji 05 gimbal, so youll be able to see the stabilization capabilities, and if you have a better phone than me, which you probably do because mines pretty old, then you can get even better results Than this Music Music Music, so you can see all those shots came out really really smooth and for this shot i used the the just default time lapse mode and um in the in the standard, iphone camera, and i used a little tripod to just set that Set the gimbal up on a desk for a minute while everybody was moving around finding their seats and whatnot, and i got this cool little time lapse: sequence, Music! So, as you can see, all that footage is really really buttery smooth. There is one limitation, though this is a three axis gimbal, and so you will see some movement from your steps, so you just have to kind of like crouch and you know try to walk smooth. You know roll roll, your feet, try not to get any jarring movements, as opposed to a four axis stabilizer, which would account for that as well.

You know with that being said: thats a thats, a really minor thing. You can still get great results, as you can see so. Overall, i would totally totally recommend this. I think its worth the asking price. I think you can get them now on amazon for like 160 and i think thats, where theyre going for about everywhere, and i totally think its worth that especially you know if youre doing event videography or if you need some um, some object tracking. This is absolutely the way to go. You know for the price and also just being able to use your iphone and im assuming it works with android too uh. You absolutely cannot beat the value for this product, so id love to know what you guys think about it. If you have this, please let me know your experience with it or, if youre thinking about getting it. Let me know why i hope this review was helpful. If youd like to see something else reviewed, please drop a comment and maybe ill do it id also like to add im planning on doing a uh sort of a tutorial or a guide to some event videography, if youre interested in seeing that im gon na do Like a breakdown of this video, so that so you can kind of learn some of my my techniques on how i do this kind of thing so uh subscribe, and that should be coming out sometime soon.