Review of this doogee x, 55 Music whats happening people yep today were going to take a full look at this x55 by doji. If you didnt see my previous video, when i did it, unboxing then make sure you check it out. This phone does look similar to the leading brand iphone x, but anyways enough of that. First of all lets take a look at the price. Now, as the title says, is this phone value for money? The cost of this x55 by doji is around 60 pounds, maybe including delivery or free shipping. Whatever you get from so its around about 80 in america and in here in the uk, its around 60 pounds. So it is a cheap phone to be honest, but is it value for money? So this is what were going to check out today. Now, to be honest, i i am in the middle of another video with this phone. As you can see here, ive put everything uh what i had on my iphone x onto this phone and im starting to use it because im doing a one week, switch from iphone x to android and youre, probably thinking. Why am i doing it with this phone? Well make sure you subscribe as youre going to find out on my next video anyways, taking a look at the phone. If you didnt see my unboxing, it does look same as the iphone x with the dual lens camera. Going vertical and youve got your volume rockers on the side, sim card slot with also micro, sd youve got your power button, and also you have your fingerprint sensor.

As this phone does not come with a face id, it does come with a fingerprint scanner. So you got your mic and your speaker and your usb slot for your charger and the headphone jack, but yeah thats overall, what the phone looks like and from the exterior lets take a look at the operating system of this phone now. First of all, the good thing i like about this phone is the fingerprint sensor now lets take a look to see if it works properly. Ive synced it with my thumb, right thumb and also my left index finger as when i pick over my left hand. I can just simply unlock it like this if it does unlock and if i pick it with my right hand, i can unlock it with my right thumb. So another good feature. If the phones on standby, you can just put your thumb to the fingerprint sensor and it will actually unlock instead of you pressing the ombre tail and then unlocking it from there so thats another another good thing so lets just try it with my left index finger And there you go its unlocked theres a bit of a timeline like today, but who cares 60 pound? What more do you want? Anyways lets see if it works on my different fingers, so im going to try my middle finger on the right hand, its not recognizing it as you can see right there and lets. Try my thumb on my left hand, as the thumb is singing.

So the fingerprint sensor does work on this phone and it is really good. I am going to say, as i do ive been using this phone, so i dont want to give you too much information on my next video, so you can have to subscribe for that and anyways moving on. If you dont want to use the fingerprint sensor, you can actually swipe up and you can actually put a code in and then once its unlocked, you can actually use the phone itself. It doesnt have a menu button as all the apps are on the front screen. So you just got ta swipe to um, choose your app and also, as you may know, it is an android 7.0, but overall the phone itself is really good. I think it is value for money. What do you think make sure you? Let me know in the comment section below um yeah, but just looking at it its a decent phone. It looks really nice feels really nice in hand. The fingerprint sensor does work now lets check the first thing. First, is the camera lets check a quick clip on the camera here, weve got the camera for the doji s, 55 got the all source car here and some lovely flowers in the background, so its a back facing camera supposed to be dual lens, but im not Too sure – and here is the front facing camera, so i dont know if theres much difference than the flowers, but overall the camera looks quite decent and probably better than the fakes that i do anyway.

So thats one good thing about doji, good camera. Moving on now, you might think what the uh geekbench scores are. I did do a geekbench a couple of days ago, so lets just check what the uh results are for the geekbench. So here we have a single score of 427 and a multi score of 1243. A decent amount for the value of this phone, but you know what more do you expect? It does come with the 7.0 android operating system x55. The memory is just about 960 mb left and this phone is 16 gigabytes. So you can actually extend the memory from there anyways, that is, the geekbench results on this phone and all overall, the speed of this phone im not going to light here coming from a iphone x to this phone is a really big drop. But if this is the first phone for you, then im pretty much um, i pretty much think youre gon na like it as its a decent phone, its pretty slow for me, as ive just tried to use it from my iphone x but uh its not working For me to be honest, but you know if its a sidekick phone, its not its, not bad. To be honest, not bad! Every app works on it, as you can see here, i dont want to put you too much into it as im doing another video on this phone, but, as you can see here, everything still works on it.

What more do you want to check on out? I mean i am using this phone anyways, so i dont want to go in each app as ive got my contacts messages. Everything is in use on this phone, but overall um everything works on it, its decent. You can download any app from the play, store and yeah. What more do you want if you want to see any other videos with this phone water test so etc? Let me know in the comment section below but yeah that was the geekbench results and uh the camera on this phone overall, i do think it is value for many 60 pounds. What more do you want? The fingerprint sensor, its got a decent camera. Everything else in between is really good, its just a bit slow for my liking. But what more do you want for 60 pound anyways guys? I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to see any other videos with this phone make sure you comment below and let me know and also make sure you subscribe as ill be doing one more video with this phone, where i downgrade from my iphone x To this phone to see how long i can last um its up to one week, maybe i dont want to last a week. Maybe i do make sure you subscribe for that video anyways guys. Thank you for watching make sure you subscribe to old souls and ill see you again for another video iphone x and it comes with a cover as well so thats, one good thing about it comes with a cover, so theres no need to go out to the Shops and buy one i dont have to do access with the shop.