. Some of you might have seen it already. It came out last week if you havent and youre really into mobile gaming, then this is absolutely the phone for you. This is a gaming phone and, while some of the specs might be comparable to like a pro device or a flagship, it has the latest processor and a ton of ram. It also has things like advanced cooling and rgb lights, touch triggers and a whole lot more. All those hardware add ons and software extras are tailored specifically towards elevating your mobile gaming experience in every way imaginable. Right from the start, you pretty much know you got a gaming phone, the packaging is pretty awesome and inside youve got a few little extras like an included case which is great to have, but i wouldnt want to put it on the phone just yet because check This thing out, this is the pulsar color combination, its like a shiny metallic purple and blue and its definitely the wildest looking phone that ive seen in person. Also in the box are your charging accessories and depending on where, in the world you live, youll either get 65 watts support or for folks in china, 120 watt charging speeds which can juice this thing up to a hundred percent in just 17 minutes. So because this is very obviously a gaming focused phone thats. What were gon na talk about most here, im gon na demo, eight or nine different titles in real time, so you can see the speed and performance ill show you, the different software, add ons that enhance the gaming experience.

But first let me explain some of the unique hardware features and go over the internal specs, because that stuff really sets the foundation for this phone. Now i dont want to harp on the look of this device too much its a really unique. Looking smartphone obviously – and i think its a love it or hate it kind of a thing, but besides the metallic pulsar finish, you might also notice that theres some rgb lights built in there too. You have the logo light up at the bottom, in different colors theres. Also, a pulsing double light bar on the back. I feel like rgb lights are a gamer, cliche or stereotype, but honestly its kind of cool to have on a smartphone and the lights can be customized to coincide with various notifications and things too kind of like an led indicator. So they do serve a purpose along with kind of being a decoration. You might also have noticed quite a few vents all around the phone, a couple on the sides and one around back, its obviously for cooling and inside the phone theres. Also, a fan which you have full control over to help keep the phone even cooler. The fan will kick in when playing certain games. You can also enable or disable it yourself and it works. You can hear it running. You can feel the air coming out of the vents. It might be overkill, but some extra cooling is never a bad thing and we have seen some smartphone processors over the years heat up, maybe more than they should.

So. Why not have a fan help with dispersing some of that heat, especially if youre gon na push this phone to its limits? The last gaming hardware add on: are these little touch pads on the sides of the phone? These are essentially customizable shoulder triggers or physical buttons. In a way, ill show you how to best utilize them in game in just a second, but they are a phenomenal add on for, like first person shooters, for example, and its probably my favorite thing about the phone overall when it comes to the specs. Not only does this phone pack the latest and greatest chipset, but it also crams in even more than some of the top tier 2022 flagships powered by the new snapdragon 8 gen 1, and you have a wide range of configuration options between 128 and 512. Gigs of internal storage and between 8 and 18 gigs of ram mine here has 16 by the way. But theoretically you could get a 256 gig storage, 18 gig ram option of this phone and youd have double the specs of the 1200 s22 ultra again, probably overkill. I cant imagine ever using 18 gigs of ram on a smartphone, but its there as an option. The other standout feature thats also pretty overkill, is the display, while most phones offer an amoled screen with 120hz dynamic refresh rate. This phone has the option of enabling a 165hz dynamic refresh rate. Now not many apps or games could fully utilize that most of the titles im testing here will try and run at 120 hertz and likely play at 30 to 90 fps, but again its there and its a crazy spec.

Add on that. You just dont really see in any other smartphone by the way it is also a smartphone. It can make phone calls and take pictures. It has a triple lens camera setup with a 64 megapixel lens, but gaming, i think, is the main purpose so lets dive on. In here and ill show you how this phone performs with some real time gaming tests now, first things. First, on the software side of things, zte once again offers their game space sidebar, add on which weve seen before, but this time around offers a few more options and information. Overlays that are super helpful. You can check cpu and gpu performance, for example, and change. The fan speed you can adjust the touch sampling rate and the edge sensitivity to avoid accidental touches. Theres preset display color profiles. You can choose from based on the type of game youre playing. You can boost the dark areas, brighten the colors. Whatever fits best, you can record your gameplay for later throw up a stopwatch to help with timing. Your games enhance the sound, create a custom crosshair layout. Even but most importantly, like i mentioned earlier, you can customize the physical shoulder triggers those little touch pads to be whatever you want and pretty much whatever game youre playing. So here in call of duty mobile, i made the touch triggers to be the aim and fire button, obviously, and the reload that setup works best for me, but you can have the touch pads be associated with anything on the screen.

Any input any button, any movement, and it absolutely is the best gaming add on on the phone. The touchpads are not only super responsive, but they require just the most subtle of touches. I believe its a faster input than you could do yourself on the screen in the phone in most instances and like here in call of duty, for example, its kind of an unfair advantage in a way now in all these games here that i tested out, i Opted for the highest possible graphics settings that each game would offer. Some games are a little more robust than others. Every game plays differently too theyre optimized differently. They run differently call of duty mobile, for example. I consider to be a pretty well optimized game, actually, its graphics, intense theres, hundreds of megabytes of assets to download ive played it on a 150 smartphone with no real issues. I should also note that on the phone itself, ive got the fan running here at max speed. The whole way through the display is also set at the 165hz option. Again, even though, were probably not utilizing it, brightness is set at 65 or 70 and im playing these games one after another. For a few hours straight. I really wanted to push this phone and see how long it could go consistently. Gaming non stop across multiple different apps, also with each one of these titles, like i said, im launching and loading them in real time.

So if you want to pause the video grab, your own phone and do an at home speed test, go ahead and see how your device compares and ill actually show a couple speed test comparisons in just a minute too pubg mobile. Here, i think, is maybe the second most intense game i tested out. I got this running on ultra hd, graphics and ultra high frame rate and the red magic 7 cuts through it with ease. I actually went ahead and played two full matches from start to finish here, which took probably about 20 or so minutes each and through that whole time there wasnt a skip there wasnt a frame drop there, wasnt even a building or a tree or a rock that Wasnt loaded up and ready to go im, not gon na call it console quality, obviously, but for a mobile gaming experience. I think this is about as good as it can get. This is a game that absolutely warrants a certain level of smartphone to play comfortably and consistently and smoothly, but this experience obviously goes above and beyond, even that and once again on a game like this, those customizable shoulder pads there come in handy and really give you An advantage one of the games – ive gotten loads of requests to test out recently, is gentian impact. Now its not a game im as familiar with, but just from a performance and benchmark perspective. I can totally see why this is one of the go to test games.

You end up downloading hundreds upon hundreds of megabytes of game assets before you even start, and obviously this is one of the most complex, most graphics, intense mobile games out there right now and once again, this phone really has no issues playing through it. At some of the highest settings, i actually think out of all the handful of titles. Ive tried a game like this is likely where youre going to get the most out of a phone like the red magic 7.. I dont know that youre going to still utilize 100 of the internal specs here, but from a mobile games perspective. This is about as intense as it gets, and you can see that this phone really has no issues with the graphics heavy moments and having this massive world loaded up and ready to go. One of the consistent perks of this phone that i did notice is that initial launch and load time, whether it be opening up an app from the start or going from like a game menu directly into the game. The red magic 7 just seems to consistently deliver some of the fastest load times that ive seen, which makes the in game experience that much more enjoyable and with cheaper or lower spec devices. Thats, where i find them to be playing catch up, the most mainly going from the home screen into the app or from the menu into the game, this phone just seems to always have everything ready to go.

I should also mention too in playing all of these games and having the fan running, you can absolutely hear it working. You can turn it on non stop if you want on a lower setting or a higher setting, but it will also kick in automatically in certain games, and it almost sounds like your desktop or laptop running its fan, its relatively loud, not annoying just noticeable, and you Can feel that hot air coming out of the vents over the course of two or three hours of non stop gaming? I didnt feel like the red magic 7 heated up any more than any other smartphone. It was warm, but i think the fan and vents helped quite a bit for sure and over the course of six or seven hours of gaming thats, probably where youll find the biggest difference in having that extra cooling. Now, hopefully, in some of these gaming tests, you can at least get some idea of the speed and performance capabilities of this phone. Like i said, everything is being launched and loaded in real time, but if you are more interested in a direct side by side, speed test comparison well, heres, the new samsung galaxy s22 ultra and surprisingly, the red magic 7 is able to load up some of these Games faster and that sort of surprised me, the ultra, of course, is a very expensive device with similar specs, but the red magic 7. More often than not gets there a bit quicker.

So after nearly three straight hours of gaming, i wanted to show you that the phone got knocked down to about 53 battery non stop gaming at the highest graphic settings. The highest fan, speed 60 or 70 brightness 165 hertz thats, not terrible. When you consider this phone has a 4500mah battery inside and its running at about the maximum possible settings and capacity you can set it to now. What did get pretty beat up, for some reason is the built in screen protector. I dont know if it was like my fingernail, maybe or what, but this screen protector looks terrible after that gaming. So i peeled that thing right off its kind of a bummer, but it very obviously was messed up and had to go all in all. If you are specifically into mobile gaming, i think the zte nubia red magic 7 is probably the phone for you, its unique to say the least, and the gaming specific hardware and software add ons, really bring this phone up to another whole level. Just from a value standpoint as well, this one costs between 500 and 600 bucks, depending on where you live, still half the price of a top tier android flagship, but likely still with comparable and, in some instances, better specs. The downside of this phone in particular, unfortunately, is actually the android software experience its no secret that the zte nubia brand isnt, exactly known for its timely updates, proper optimization, app support.

All the google and android and play store stuff is here, but if youre wanting the latest and greatest software updates good support, proper, optimization youre still not really gon na get that here. But if playing games is what you do, then this is still the phone for. You what do you guys think of the red magic 7? Let me know in the comments down below id love, to hear your thoughts, of course, but hopefully you guys did enjoy this video be sure to follow tech daily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel.