Excuse me, while i just fish it on out for you. Ah, this shiny wii motor right here is offers fresh new find x5 pro its a super premium flagship smartphone costing over a grand here and blighty. So as much as your samsung galaxy s 22s and your iphone pro max billy big bollocks whatevers. So, if its so expensive, why would you buy this over an s22 or an iphone or whatever? Well, oppo is promising next level camera performance from the fine x5 pro thanks to its snazzy new image processor, while the rest of the specs are just as tantalizing. Now, following on for my unboxing and hands on two of the oppo finex5 pro, i actually stuffed my sim card inside of this thing, ive been using as my full time handset for the past fortnight, so heres. My final frank review, including an in depth, look at that camera tech and for more on the list and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so. First up, this phone has endured a fair few bumps scrapes, scratches all the rest of it, and that ceramic unibody is certainly tough enough to handle everyday existence. Absolutely no blemishes whatsoever on that back end at all. Once you give it a bit of a polishing up, it looks box fresh, but the problem is, you do have to give it a polishing up, because it is an absolute smudge fest seriously. The mirrored finish on this black model is just awful.

If you finger it for more than a few seconds, it will look like youve, basically smeared lard, all over that back end, and i got ta say this – is one slippery bugger as well. Its a combination of the fact that its quite heavy and also super smooth, even the camera bump, theres just nothing to really add any friction there whatsoever so place this thing at the edge of a countertop or on the arm of a sofa at your own peril. Luckily, if the oppo f5x5 pro does take a bit of a wii tumble, well, youve got a gorilla glass invictus screen up front that tends not to shatter upon impact with a hard surface im glad that theres a pre installed screen protector, though because it does tend To scratch up rather easily and no complaints with oppos smart antenna, 3.0 design as well. It doesnt matter how you clutch this phone youll get clear, wi, fi and mobile networking signals at all times. It seems to do its job absolutely perfectly whether youre clutching the phone in portrait mode landscape, whatever i never saw that signal take a tumble now, as you would hope, for certainly from a flagship smartphone in 2022. Youve got android 12 fresh out of the box here with color os 12.1 slathered on top now already banged on about color os. Quite a bit in my in depth. Unboxing of this function of some of the best features like the more in depth.

Customization options that youve got compared with just straight up: stock android ive also done a separate color s12 video. If you really want to know more about like the best features and everything so i wont be repeating myself in this review. Just go. Watch those other videos. Instead and then more views for me hooray, the good news is that two weeks on, i havent really noticed any software quirks whatsoever. Apart from one. There was one occasion when i had a little facebook messenger bubble, uh up on the screen. I tried flicking it away and it would just keep on popping up again, no matter what i did until i finally just rebooted the phone and that sold it. That, aside, its been absolutely flawless, youve got 256 gigs of storage space for all your apps and media and whatnot no microsd support, though, like most other flagship phones, so thats a bit of a shame. Youve also got an in display optical fingerprint sensor, which falters when youre using hand gel on your hands are just moist, but the face recognition is usually a reliable backup. Occasionally this even works when youre rocking a face mask. That does mean it isnt, quite as secure as what youd find on some rivals, like samsung smartphones, for instance, but its handy when youre out and about if and when you need it now, the display on the oppo f5x5 pro. Definitely still one of the highlights an absolute stunner in every way matching the biggest rivals launched in 2022.

Thus far, this amoled panel boasts a wqhd plus resolution. You got hdr 10 plus and 10 bit color support on there, so those visuals, ah big fat chefs kiss and all of that, certainly when i bugged it off to barcelona for mwc. I spent a lot of time watching netflix and disney plus on this thing, especially hanging around airports went to see if my flight would be cancelled and spoiler alert yeah. It was thanks beer, you massive bags, you know somehow the hatred burning in my very soul was calmed when i just chucked on some anime on this thing and just drank in those lush visuals, absolutely stunning stuff and its tech as well. So youve got the full adaptive refresh rate, all the way from one hertz up to 120 hertz to get those silky silky, smooth visuals on that top end and then, when it drops down to the lower levels that help preserve your battery life, if youre just you Know checking out a photo or some sort of static image. The stereo speakers are perfectly good, but i got a lot of play out of the bluetooth 5.2 near flawless stream into speakers and headphones. I had aptx adaptive. Support on my headphones sounded, absolutely fantastic. Suddenly those high fidelity tracks streamed via diesel sounded absolutely lush. The only problem i had was a slight bit of sort of distortion, a slight sort of weird crackly electronic sound uh. Sometimes when i hibernate the smartphone, while i was streaming music to my headphones didnt happen.

Very often it was generally only when i was in a crowded area out and about uh, so yeah minor ball lick it best. Thankfully, now performance comes courtesy of a four nanometer snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset, one of the beefiest socs. You can get right now, backed by 12 gigs of ram, and i didnt experience a single jutter. Basically, the entire time ive been using this phone, at least that my admittedly alcohol soaked memory can actually recall the fine x5 pro. Definitely still does the biz for gaming. No worries, kenshin impact just runs like a dream, and even if you go to town with the detail, levels bumped right up to the highest end 60 fps level, and everything like that. I didnt find there was much heat build up at all. Clearly, the vapor chamber and the graphene layers really do help to shift that heat away from the internals back got ever so slightly toasty after like an hour of play. But that was it, and this was with the dedicated gaming mode locked on the performance setting as well, so already pushing the resources to make sure i got that nice smooth, stable frame rate. You also got handy tools like do not disturb, and naturally a good bit of 5g and wi fi 6 support as well, which you can actually find on a lot of smartphones about a quarter of the price of this thing anyway. Now another thing i got to really push to its limits on the fine x5 pro of the last couple of weeks is the battery life, because i was out about in barcelona for mwc very long days.

We talking getting up at sort of 6 30 a.m. Im not going to bed again until generally about sort of one or two a.m and yeah the fine x5 pro almost ran dry on a couple of those occasions, but it really held up. Well, i found generally, i could get these five to six hours of full on screen time on a single charge, and that is with a lot of audio streaming in the background with the screen hibernating as well, so pretty much full on constantly in use and thats With the screen set to 120 hertz mode as well, so definitely no holding back. You dont have the always on display, active and all that good stuff as well. And if you do find, you need to top up the oppo f5x5 pro in a bit of a jiffy. Well, no worries. Youve got support for 80 watt super v fast charging on these things. You know plug it in for 20 minutes or something like that, while youre you know doing what you need to do and then youve got enough juice to last you hours and hours no problem whatsoever. Youve also got support for 50 watt airvooc wireless charging as well. If you have to have a supported charger so yeah, if youre a heavy user, you want something thats not going to. Let you down well definitely recommended so last up on to one of the other highlights of the fine x5 pro the camera tech, spearheaded on this phone by a 50 megapixel sony imx 766 sensor that sony sensor has proven incredibly popular in 2022.

Realme is basically used in pretty much all of its recent smartphones, including the real me 9 pro plus, which only cost around sort of 350 400 quid here in the uk. You might be thinking hang on how come this is using the same sensor when it costs like over twice as much as that. Well, fear you not, because oppo has chucked in additional hardware to really elevate it over the rest of its rivals and really make that sensor sing so for one youve got some next level. Five axis image stabilization built into this thing supposed to help you out with your low light photography youve also got a lens which is constructed from glass thatll help prevent any. You know halo and effects from the light based shenanigans that might bugger up your shot and, most importantly, photos are processed by uppers on maro marisilicon imogen mpu, rather than this snapdragon chipset. That runs the show, but does this actually make for more realistic, good, looking picks? Well, the oppo phone x5 pro is a very dependable snapper, at least nine times out of ten. The majority of my test. Shots taken in auto mode came out remarkably true to life, with similar results to googles, excellent, pixel, 6 smartphones. Hdr situations are generally well handled with plenty of details still popping up in those darker areas and not much flaring in the lighter bits, although i definitely did see some saturation in some of my test photos.

Those colors occasionally come out a little bit, bleached, nothing extreme, but it definitely does make your pick. Look less pretty good news if youre a night owl, because i got next to no blur in my evening – shots thanks to the excellent stabilization, even after id quaffed. Quite a few shandies, although if your subject is moving as you take the shot, this will result in some blurry shenanigans, but colour reproduction is again close to natural, even when the light is rather sparse and you still get a good amount of detail crammed into every Frame the camera software has actually been updated a couple of times since i started testing out the oppo f5x5 pro, although i havent noticed any real change in the performance to be perfectly honest, im kind of hoping that they do manage to deal retroactively with some of The saturation issues, though now one of the snazzy exclusive new features here are the three new hasselblad master style filters as designed by a trio of pro photographer dudes, and they are radiance, serenity and emerald. My favourite is definitely radiance, because this turns the sky, a crazy cartoonish color that makes every outdoor photo really stand out. Youve also now got the lovably bonkers hasselblad x, pan mod, which replicates a vintage shooting experience with a panorama style, 65×24 aspect ratio im, not sure when this would ever really come in useful to be honest, but whatever it is fun to bugger about with occasionally the Oppo f5x5 pro also serves up a 50 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens with a 110 degree view, and the image processing is once again powered by mara silicon, like all the other cameras here, if the lighting is strong, youll generally capture natural tones again, although you do Often end up with colder photos in sort of lower light, but even then youll generally still get crisp photos stuffed with detail and it is a proper lifesaver when youre trying to shoot touristy pics of massive buggers like this thing and last up is the 13 megapixel Telephoto lens, with its two times, optical zoom, you dont get any periscope tech here, unfortunately, so this isnt as effective as some rivals like the s22 ultra this maxes out at a 20 times zoom and to be honest, theres, no real point in going above 10 times.

Zoom level, because at that point things are generally starting to look a bit fuzzy and occasionally not quite in focus. Still at that 10 times level i found i got pretty much always a consistently good shot of a distant subject. You could also punch in towards a living subject like a fluffy kitty cat without intruding in their personal space. Now lets shift onto video, which you can capture up to 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second, even at that ultra hd setting youll get smooth visuals when youre moving and shooting thanks to the excellent stabilization. While the image quality in general is crisp and appealing the fine x5 pro works well in hdr situations, capturing stronger detail in the lighter and the darker areas, compared with some of the competition you can zoom in and out easily enough and the phone automatically swaps between The lenses to suit without too jarring an effect noise levels are minimal when youre shooting at night, as well courtesy of that good old mazer processing unit. Although this does tend to drain the battery life quite quickly and no real complaints on the audio side, the phone captures everything going on all around without much wind distortion when things do get a bit gusty and last up that 32 megapixel selfie cam is another solid Effort, snap away in sunnier, climbs and youll still enjoy sharp well balanced, picks, no worries. Those filters are back in action as well, although radians aint, quite as effective with this lens.

Sadly, in more ambient light, you will get softer results and once again, some blur as well. If anyone actually dares to move so you definitely want to pause and freeze, but the oppo finex5 pro can automatically switch viewing angles to fit in extra heads when needed, which is a nice touch, and you can shoot up to full hd resolution videos using that front Facing camera as well, and its really really good for skyping zoom and all that kind of stuff as well. I skype with my fam up north quite a bit and they were actually genuinely impressed by the video quality at the point where they pointed out that it must be a really good phone that im reviewing, because i look less crap than usual. So there you go. My beardies, that is my full final frank review of the oppo f5x5 pro after using it as my full time, smartphone for a fortnight and even going on holiday with a bloody thing. Didnt think that was even going to be possible any time soon but hip hip. Hooray, i got ta say if youre a power user – and you want you – know, really really strong battery life. You want a gorgeous screen. You want strong gaming chops and you want cameras that arent going to fail. You as well. Well, the fine x5 port. Definitely does the job its not perfect by any means theres, you know subtle, headphone, jack or expandable storage like pretty much all flagship smartphones, unfortunately, and that telephoto lens aint as strong as some of the periscope zoom efforts.

You will find out there, but these minor grumbles aside, i really really enjoy using this. My full time phone, of course, its just not very cheap, is the uh is the sad reality. If youre, on a bit of a tighter budget, highly recommend checking out the real me gt2 pro, because that also offers the snapdragon 8 gen 1 experience and some really strong specs, including a gorgeous display all for just 600 pounds or considerably cheaper anyhow. Those are my thoughts. What do you guys reckon of the oppo f5x5 pro be great to hear from you down below im going to be reviewing another smartphone next, which is under embargo, so stay tuned? For that dont forget to poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more the latest and greatest. I can have yourselves a wonderful rest of the week.