Im going to show you the complete and complete description of this smartphone from this brand launch, with a very good price in my opinion. Dont forget to leave that like which is very important, participate in our Social networks, also in our WhatsApp group, I count on everyones participation.. I also recorded the complete one of the Little X four Pro five G and also of the Redmi Note eleven. If you havent seen it Ill, leave some suggestions in the cards and if you want to know more details, if you want to guarantee this model Ill, also leave a link in the description. Ill leave. Some links in the description like this link youre. Seeing now the link looks at the price of this smartphone., Nine hundred and ninety eight reais at the moment. Im recording this video very good grade, lots and lots of orders and shipping is free.. Then you press buy. Now you can choose between these options of four and sixty four gigabytes of storage like this model, or also six gigabytes of RAM and one hundred and twenty eight of storage, then the price is a little different. It stays in one thousand, one hundred and sixty five. You can choose between these options, then you press continue. Then it will open here on the payment page. You can see that shipping is free. It shows the delivery estimate. I thought mine arrived fast. I found the delivery fast, even though it is an imported product, because it is a cell phone you may be taxed, but it depends a lot.

. I found the price of this model very good, depending on the fee amount you pay anyway. I found it to be a good value for money, and here it shows the value that will be at nine hundred and ninety eight. You can buy it with a bank slip or card in up to six interest free installments.. Then you press pay now, and you can also guarantee this model. Ill leave. This AliExpress link among other links in case you want to buy this smartphone and come on lets, see in more detail. Model And lets. Go lets see how this smartphone comes in the box. Look how cool here look very well packed here. The smartphone here too, for you to open and put the chip here. Also comes the manual look, how cool sticker? Oh very cool, a manual that seems to be very complete. Let me see from what Im seeing here. It does have the language in Portuguese, Portuguese, Portugal, and it also comes with a protective cover. Look how beautiful. The material looks good., Unlike the POCO X4 Pro 5G model. It does not come with the protection here on the USBC connector and the smartphone here. Before showing the smartphone lets see. Whats here in the box. Also comes the cable for charging, and here the thirty three watt charger turbo charger. Thats. What comes in the box? It came very well packaged. I also found the delivery very fast. Look how cool this model this new brand smartphone has five milliamps of battery.

Has ninety hertz the resolution here on the screen and a camera of fifty megapixel and the sixteen megapixel front. Camera. Lets remove the protection here and lets see with this model. More.. Look how beautiful this smartphone. Here, the connector for you to connect headphones and the connector for charging the SBC.. It also has the speaker. MIC. Very cute., Look at quality material.. Look how beautiful the cameras here look. This model is very cool.. Lets see here, oh. As it is for you to put the chip you can put the chip here and also the memory card. And thats how this new smartphone from the brand comes in the box. This model is very top. This is the POCO M4 Pro 5G. And heres more details about the settings panel. Look at how many options the flashlight of this model has, I think, its very strong look at this very strong. Also here about Bluetooth about mobile data wifi. Several and several options it has NFT. You can also activate the ultra economical mode. You also have the option here for you to route. It has several options. I found it very cool and the brightness of the screen of this model also found it very strong. I liked the quality of the screen of this smartphone. And this smartphone has a Dimensity, 810. 5G processor.. I thought the speed was very good. It works very fast to lock unlock open applications. The fingerprint I also found it works very fast.

Just touch the fingerprint here. You dont even have to press the button and here more details about the settings. He counts. Twelve point five: it has sixty four gigabytes of storage and it also has four gigabytes of RAM. The processor I told you about is Android eleven. I think this model is very good. I think its working very fast, it doesnt crash. It opens well fast. The applications also very smooth here to the touch of this model. I liked the screen, and also the brightness of the screen of this model, o very strong and lets see some more details here in the camera.. The camera of this model has these pros for you to edit video photo portrait mode and also here in more options. You can choose here the night camera. It also has this option of fifty megapixels short video panorama, also slow motion, and you can edit too. Now here in video options, you can record in HD thirty FPS also HD thirty FPS, and there is also this option for you to record in HD sixty FPS, Very cool this option, and here in the selfie you only have these two options: HD thirty FPS and HD thirty FPS. These are some options of this model in camera and now Im going to show you a little test with the camera of this smartphone and also some videos Im going to record Im going to go outside Im, going to record some videos with the selfie camera and Also with the main camera of fifty megapixel – and I will take some pictures, both in photo mode and in portrait mode, to show a little the quality of the camera of this model.

. And now this video youre, seeing there in HD thirty FPS, with the main camera. Im, trying to show a little bit the quality of the camera and also the quality of the microphone.. This sound you are hearing is from the POCO M4 Pro 5G smartphone., And this video that you are seeing now is with the selfie camera in HD 30FPS, and the microphone is also from the smartphone. A small test that I wanted to show you here about the quality of the selfie camera, a small video here in HD., And this model has thirty three watt turbo charging. Im going to show you a little test Im going to load it here, Im going to Let it load for ten minutes and lets see how many percent it will load. Im going to disable. Everything here also decrease the screen brightness. You can see now its fifty one percent and come on lets. Do this test. Im using the little M three smartphone here? If you havent seen it too, I recorded the complete one Ill leave some suggestions for us and lets: do the test. Soon it started charging Ill leave it charging here for ten minutes and lets see how many percent it will load. Ending the ten minutes here. Im going to pause, pause and take it off the charger and lets see how many percent its loaded.. It was fifty one percent and now its sixty five percent.. This model that has five thousand milliamps of battery and a turbo charging of 33W.

, And this smartphone also has reverse charging. Im going to connect it here and Im going to connect it to this Bluetooth. Headphone, you can see the Bluetooth headphone is already charging using the smartphones battery very cool. This function and now lets see the sound quality of this model. Im going to select some songs here, Im going to leave it at maximum volume, which has this speaker and theres. Also another one here and this one is the main one: This is a small test to show the sound quality. The speaker quality of this smartphone Come on. Now I m going to show you a test in games. Im going to open here the one I found that it loads the applications quite fast, this model that also has the turbo game.. Here it shows. Oh, the percentage of CPU usage. Also, the FPS you can edit some settings here that I found really cool some settings options here. You can edit in the turbo game some shortcuts performance mode, and you can edit directly here in the game, just drag it to the side. There are several options and you can see that it has loaded quite fast. Before showing the little test here in the default graphics settings. It comes here, o high and in HD.. I thought the settings here were very good, and here we go lets see the little test here, Im going to select the training mode ready it loaded. I thought it loaded very fast both to enter the game and to open the training mode here and lets go.

Here. You can see that it marks the CPU usage and also 32FPS. I liked the graphic quality of this smartphone and this is a small test in games. This is a small test here at the Pub. And to that smartphone little M four: five G, a quality smartphone. I found it very good and a great cost benefit costing less than a thousand reais imported. I found this model with a very good price and I believe that now this year, most new smartphones, It must have come with a five G. Five G. That was only for the most expensive smartphone, but now this model, I think, is very good with the five G, a quality smartphone with a very good price.. If you also want to buy this model, I will leave a link in the description of the video. I also found delivery very fast comment: what you think of this smartphone of this model. I also found the design very beautiful, the smartphone of quality in my opinion. Comment there, what you think and also leave in the comments which smartphone you are watching this video and how much you paid for this smartphone. You are using now leave your comment. That is very important and if you have any tips, any video suggestions. Do you want me to record the entirety of another smartphone or do you want me to record a comparison of this model with another model? Just leave it in the comments.

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